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Looks like our Video Guru JB has figured out how to stream a live HD video feed to Facebook so…
Watch the replay now it came out awesome!!

Where? LIVE on the Fan Page at:

Last week Joel got hundreds of great questions and he will answered more of them LIVE at 2pm Central.

Enter, the Fan Page System is EXPLODING!

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Remember… the Fan Page is a 60 to 90 day commitment. As member Tim Green put it yesterday but why stop at 90 days?

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What is

Well first of all the value of what we offer is unmatched and you get 100% residual commissions as a reseller!! is a suite of tools that allow anyone to effectively market their business online and create their own brand… it includes:

[+] Your own web site and a domain name (value $20 a month)
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[+] The ability to capture 10 000 leads (value $30 a month)
[+] Your very own video email and streaming (value $30 a month)
[+] Your very own video webinar meeting room (value $100 a month)

You get all the tools to build a massive business online at a total value in the marketplace of $210 per month but we are only $25 a month total!!

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The Key Elements Of Your Success In Network Marketing

If you have $10,000 to start a business then this is probably not for you.  However if you want to get to the point where you have $10,000 that you are willing to spend without worrying, then this is for you.

Here is Joel explaining what the Facebook fan page system is

Now see the Facebook Fan Page system in action for FREE


Or The Fanpagesystem will generate leads for your business of choice however if you don’t have a business why not make money by promoting Joels other business Pure Leverage you can get started here for only $1


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Quick and Easy Solo Ad Guide

NormalAppImage(0)Solo ads are the quickest and easiest way to grow your list.  How do I know?  I paid $1000 to find out how a cubicle monkey went from $0 to $50k a month and his answer was solo ads.

Now this blog isn’t going to give you all the nuggets he shared with me but SOLO ads was the reason he went from $ to the top of his company in a short amount of time.

What are solo ads?

A “solo ad” is where you pay someone to send your ad to their opt-in email list.  People are willing to mail out your offer for money.  They do it as it’s another stream of income that doesn’t interfere with their main source. Imagine you have signed 10 of your list into your biz opp what do you do with the other 90%?  Yes send them offers from other marketeers

Where can I find solo ads?

There are literally 1,000s of people that will do this for you, and it’s a GREAT way to start getting TONS of referrals FAST if you’re willing to spend a few bucks.

Solo Ads generally aren’t very good for promoting expensive products or high-end offers, but they still work great for promoting a free trial or a giveaway.  Make sure though that you capture the email address before giving anything away.  TOP TIP:- give the givaway away through a followup email and not redirected from your email opt in.  This stops people imputing false emails getting your stuff.

here is an examples of ones I use

Fan Page System
The only real “secret” to solo ads is to start small and test. When testing out a new provider always buy the minimum number of clicks they offer in order to test their traffic to see how well it converts. (here’s what I use to test, It’s also what the 50k a week marketer used as well)

>>Here is a free guide to tracking <<<

Buy Solo Ads

There are several sites to help you find good “solo ad” providers …

1. Solo Checker – The Internet’s first and only real-time solo ad marketplace. This is our favorite because it takes most of the tedious and time-consuming “grunt work” out of buying solo ads.

2. Safe-Swaps – The original. Still a popular site, but only buy from members with good reviews

3. Solo Ad Marketplace – A newer site like Safe-Swaps. Same rules apply.

4. mysolodex – A newer site like Safe-Swaps. Same rules apply.

5. Warrior Forum – Spend some time looking around on the Warrior Forum, and other popular online marketing forums, and you’ll find plenty of people offering solo ads or “ad swaps.” A good place to start is the Warrior Joint Ventures sub-forum.

6. There are over 50+ groups on Facebook dedicated to buying and selling solo ads. Just do a search for Facebook groups using the phrase “solo ads” and you’ll find TONS.

7. Search Google for phrases like this:

“internet marketing solo ads”
“make money online solo ads”
“work from home solo ads”
“biz opp solo ads”
“mlm solo ads”

… and you’ll find many additional sources of solo ads. We don’t want to list specific individuals because if all our affiliates were to use the same provider(s) the results would be crappy for everyone.

Have a wonderful day!

Here is a great front end product you can send your solo ads to


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What Is The Attraction Of A Home Based Network Marketing Business?

Many of us dream of packing our jobs in. we would love to tell our bosses to take this job and shove it. Many of us are frightened of doing what we most desire. The fear of leaving that secure source of income stops most, those who get past that fear that don’t have the capital to get a business up and running.

A home business does take money to start. However, starting a home based network marketing business is a completely different kettle of fish. Setting up a home based network marketing business is relatively easy and there are several factors that make it very attractive. Continue reading

Facebook or SEO Interesting Infographic

foseoSo which one is best Facebook or SEO.  Well if you are in the UK and like harry Hill there is only one way to decide. “FIGHT”.  However we are not in tv land here and this excellent infographic from is a great starting point.

The truth is you should focus on both.  Facebook for quick results and SEO for long tern cheaper results.  This blog for example is my SEO hoping bit gets found in Google Continue reading

The Truth On How To Make Money Online Right Here!

Joel put his heart and soul into this webinar. If you really want to know what it takes to make money online in MLM watch the replay now.

We had another truly amazing webinar last night. This time Joel went though his whole story of getting online

He shared things like:

  • What it really takes to make any money online at all.
  • How long it takes to replace your full time income
  • Why most people never make it (how to change that)
  • Why its only hard at the start.. until momentum kicks in
  • And a whole lot more!!

This webinar is highly “Educational and Motivational” so I suggest you watch it all :-)

As always I love your feedback so please post it here on my blog!

Have a wonderful day!


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31 Affirmations For Success

successaffirmationscoukThe idea for this blog post came from a question I was asked regarding my Millionaire Blueprint.  One of the key
elements is daily affirmations.  If you the phrase you are what you think”, then the quality of your life stems from the quality of your thinking.  However we cannot rely on thoughts alone to manifest our reality we must put those thoughts into words.

Continue reading

10 Facts You Might Not Know About FedEx Billionaire Fred Smith

I was trying to find a recording about how many parcels fred Smith s fed Ex sent out on its first night.  It was something like two.  When Fred Smith was asked if he was disappointed he replied No, I’ve 2 found out how to send out two parcels very well”

The moral of the story is of course to learn and take the positives out of failure.  In my efforts to find out this information I did come across these other 10 interesting facts.

As described below Fred Smith’s overnight delivery service was anything but an overnight success. But now he’s worth $2.3 billion, FedEx FDX -2.76% ships more than 10.2 million packages daily in 220 countries.

Below, ten things you might not know about Smith,


Born in 1944, Smith is crippled by a bone disease as a small boy and watches sports from the sidelines. Regains his health by age 10, becomes an excellent football player and learns to fly at 15.


Enrolls at Yale in 1962. A disagreement with a professor leads to his developing the business model for an express EXPR +% delivery service. Decides it will need to carry small, high-?priority packages at night, when airports aren’t congested.

3. G.I. Fred

Joins the Marines in 1966 and does two tours in Vietnam. Narrowly survives a Vietcong ambush after losing his helmet, grenade and gun. Brings his attacker down by aiming at his head but then hitting him in the knee.


Returns to the idea he developed at Yale and founds Federal Express in 1971 after raising a then astonishing $91 million in venture capital.Operations start in 1973.


In his first 26 months in business he racks up $29 million in losses.Desperate to pay bills, he flies to Las Vegas, wins $27,000 at blackjack and wires it back to FedEx. Yet by 1976 FedEx is flying smoothly and bringing in $75 million in revenue, though it remains heavily indebted. It goes public in 1978.


Looks east to Asia in 1989 with the $880 million purchase of the Flying Tiger cargo line. Integrating the two is difficult, and FedEx’s net income drops from $185 million in 1989 to just $6 million in 1991.


In 1998 introduces the only next-business-day express cargo service from Asia to the U.S. It pays off. An international priority delivery brings in more than three times as much revenue as a domestic one.


Buys Kinko’s for $2.4 billion in 2004 to compete with UPS’ recently purchased Mail Boxes Etc. Kinko’s is later reorganized into FedEx Office.


The Great Recession batters FedEx. The company barely ekes out a $98 million profit in 2009, down from $2 billion two years earlier.


Belt-tightening, international growth and e-commerce help the company surmount the financial doldrums. Posts a $1.6 billion profit on record-high sales in 2013.

This post was originally inspired and owes a lot to this article at Forbes