Doubt takes you out of action, action takes you out of doubt

Doubt takes you out of action, action takes you out of doubt 

Have you ever questioned yourself on your ability to run a successful business?

                                                                                                            confused bus man

Have you ever questioned the products you promote or the leadership of the company you work with?

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How To Get That Slight Edge And Change Your Life!

How The Slight Edge Can Change Your Life

Have you heard about “The Slight Edge”?

This is the principle that small things we do in our life (both good or bad)…done over a long time can lead to monumental change. There is a great book by Jeff Olson called “The  Slight Edge” that I highly recommend you read but let me give you a few real life examples to explain.compas

Earlier this year one of my mentors decided he wanted to lose some weight… in fact it was January 1st when about 99% of the rest of us want to as well!

Instead of doing the usually diet or joining a gym, he decided to use “The Slight Edge”.

Here’s what he did…

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Invest In Yourself

Why Invest In Yourself?

People are sometimes strange creatures…

We many times invest in:

– Watching hours and hours of TV
– Play mind-numbing video games
– Education to get a college degree in something that doesn’t help our career
– Gambling
– The Stock Market (Can be another form of gambling to a point!)
– Drinking to excess

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