How to use Facebook to Engage Your Audience

Engage Your Facebook Audience With Powerful Status Updates

People Talking about This Facebook

Learn How To Market Your Business/Products On Facebook!

Are you using Facebook as part of your strategy to build your business online? It’s an amazing tool and when you think of the number of people using Facebook – now well over 1 Billion People Worldwide – you can easily see where it is a great place to find those who are right for your business and products.

Here’s the #1 question, though – What do I say; what do I do; what attracts people?

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How To Get That Slight Edge And Change Your Life!

How The Slight Edge Can Change Your Life

Have you heard about “The Slight Edge”?

This is the principle that small things we do in our life (both good or bad)…done over a long time can lead to monumental change. There is a great book by Jeff Olson called “The ¬†Slight Edge” that I highly recommend you read but let me give you a few real life examples to explain.compas

Earlier this year one of my mentors decided he wanted to lose some weight… in fact it was January 1st when about 99% of the rest of us want to as well!

Instead of doing the usually diet or joining a gym, he decided to use “The Slight Edge”.

Here’s what he did…

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Authenticity in Social Media

Authenticity In Social Media

Let’s talk about Social Media.

When you interact with people, friends, co-workers…are you being authentic? What are your motives in your interactions. Are you really there to interact with, help and uplift others or is your main focus the dollar sign on people’s forehead!likeunlike

The true is… if you treat people like dollar signs in social media (or anywhere) it will become very apparent what your true motives are and instead of attracting people to your business…you will do the opposite.

My advice… Just be genuine. Tell the truth. Reach out to people in social media because they are people. Be genuinely engaged in THEM. Recognize birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions because you care…not because of a business motive.

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