Which Words To Avoid When Starting A New Online Business

Words To Avoid When Starting A New Online Business

Everyone who ever starts an online or home business starts of brand new. We all start with a “Clean Slate”, ready to take on the world and make something big.

Many people are nervous and may have doubts still if they can make it or not. That’s ok…it’s perfectly normal to have doubts about your new venture. Over time you will learn the ropes and become an expert and have massive success!stop

There are however certain words you can avoid that will you attract more people to your business and help you have success faster.

Words To Avoid

“I’m New or I’m a Newbie”
Yes of course you are new but you really don’t need to shout it from the roof top! You may say this for the first few weeks but get over it. You want to get out of “Newbie” mode as soon as possible. People will be more attracted to you if you are confidant and know what you are doing…or at look like you are doing. Bottom line… stop telling people you are new.

“I Don’t Know What I’m Doing”
That may be true at first, but if you say that to people…why the heck would they want to join you in your business if say that? Again you need to tell yourself that you DO know what yo are doing…because you will learn fast…you won’t be perfect but everyday you will learn. You want to portray confidence. I’m not saying “Fake It Till You Make It”…I’m simply saying you need to know what you are doing and fast if you want to grow.

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