Multi level marketing trick

Integrate a Facebook page in your multi level marketing arsenal,This is where I must give you some very important advice. I strongly recommend that you find a unique keyword to use as the web address for your Facebook page. If this is a page for your offline business, simply use the name of your company.

If it is about a topic, you can use various freely available keyword tools on the web to perform keyword analyses and pick phrases which people search for often to multi level marketing companies.
I recommend Google Keyword Tool.

Once you find your unique keyword, you can use it as your Facebook page name as well.
Now you can do two things: you can go right now to the Google Keyword Tool and find a unique and highly-searched keyword, or you can just click on the “skip” button for now and do it later.

If you do it now, the username will be set up instantly, but If you decide to do it later you will need to have 25 likes before the username is set up. Either way, you will only be able to change that username once.

Because Facebook knows your page about network marketing is brand new, it will prompt you to set up your payment information so that you can start advertising right away to get “likes.” You can do that later, however, because we need to take care of some other things before we begin advertising. Click the skip button.

Now you are done with Step 1. Let’s go to the next step and create the cover image for our brand new Facebook page.

Step 3: Create your Cover Image… not breaking the rules…
This will be the first thing your visitors will see once they get to your Facebook multi level marketing Page, so for that reason you really need to be really good at it so people may get an appropriate first impression.

There are some extremely important tips you really need to be aware of on creating your cover image:

People will need to see what your Facebook Page is all about in just a few seconds.
Avoid the use of call to action or any kind of advertising material in your cover image. Facebook don’t like desperate advertisers using their services at all, so be aware of that and use only images to get people to know what your Facebook page is all about.

Use images that show what your clients or customers really want, show the end result of your services right there in front of them. Just sell the benefits using images and not words at this spot.

Use colors related to your company logo, product or any other kind of object you would be working with in order to satisfy those needs. Everything will need to be related to what you are offering or selling.

If you have a website related to your multi level marketing business or services, it will be a great place to put the address right there in the cover image, as that will tell what that Facebook page is representing online.

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