Facebook marketing tactics : identify your niche market first

The first thing you need to do is clarify what your business is all about, what your brand is, and what your purpose is in the marketing facebook world. The following questions will help you to clarify and understand what the marketing vision of your business is all about.

What kind of people are you trying to reach?

I’m really sure you already know the type of people that your services are directed to. You see them constantly, they contact you as well if necessary, and that will tell you what kind of person are they and how you can treat them. What do they look like? Are they fat or skinny? Male or female? Old, young or middle-aged? What are they looking for? What is the final goal they are after based on the service you provide? What feeling are they trying to reach with it? Do they need it to feel happy? Do they need it to survive? A lot of needs must be taken care of for a person to survival. What do you actually do for them? Maybe you are already offering a service for that audience. That will give you a great vision of what exactly you need to inform any new people that fit into that same audience.

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How to create a Facebook viral video page ?

If you already have a Facebook page and plan to use it for the Viral Video pages, you can skip to the next step. Implementing this strategy in an existing page has an advantage – Because, you will get some immediate traffic from your existing followers and friends who already liked your page.

But creating a brand new page is also a good idea, because you can start a new facebook page exclusively for selected niches and post relevant videos. This way, you can create multiple facebook pages for each niche market and build separate opt- in subscription lists.

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Explode your business using the power of Facebook!

I am wondering if you saw this… I am selling one of my very best top selling facebook courses for just $2.95 cents!!

It is truly INSANE.. here is why… Originally I was going to sell it at $197.00.. but then I decided to sell it at $2.95 cents!!! Now.. many, and I mean many have said..what’s the catch, what is the upsell? Here is my very simple answer :

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Let me help you build your business, I want to earn your trust (for FREE)

You spoke and we are listening..

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And I also admit, with excitement comes “Hype”

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Do you know you should be a skeptic?

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You should be a skeptic because of the countless
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Well let me get rid of your skepticism by asking permission
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Nothing will ever really work, you have to change your mind.

I know you want or at least you did show some interest to make more out of your life. If that’s still the case… so you was not kidding… I’m kinda shocked you not even want to try what I send you in the last 7 days or so a couple times. It’s really weird… because there are not many companies that have a 14+ years history… pay on time… have a great chance for anyone to make more without paying even 1 cent.

So what is holding you back?

If I can do this, you can too.I failed a lot but I never gave up.I know you maybe tried a 100 times… I tried a 1000 times… just not give up EVER…

Take it easy… you can only win here.

You just have to believe in yourself and have some trust to others like me or this company or owner which has a solid track record…Everyone who has a name online and their mother is in this… you gotta be kidding me not even giving it a try.

That pretty much say you are in no way, not even a little bit serious to do more out of your life… because if you not try this… holy s… how you even think you can try anything else?

What I’m doing wrong here? Why you not paying attention?? If you serious… you pay attention?

I know not everyone is serious… just curious… but with curiosity you want change your life ever to the better.

You want to have freedom, you want to have more of everything… but you not do something… not even can try something out without paying a cent.

HUH? Come on…

If you are to skeptic or not believe at least a little bit in yourself… yes…you won’t make it. You don’t need to have fear… this is a legitimate company.

This is not a sc… okay… do your research before you speak out things or think things which are not true. I say this because some people send me back a reply crying “Sc..” OMG…

You know why some people think this way… because they failed and it’s just another excuse because they failed. It’s easy to say something is not legitimate… but it’s very hard to never give up and change the mindset…

Documentation beats Conversation my friend… so… do your research and not just think something and then it’s even wrong.

Be smart buddy.

If you not like this deal, you simply cancel it and even you do it more and stay in for 30 days, you still can get everything back. It can’t be more easier and simple than this.

Just do it… here... now Have some faith in yourself and the world. Not everything is bad… there is a lot of good things in the world and good people too.

It’s all in your mindset… what you think is what you get so of course if you think negative you get negative stuff… start think positive… you will attract positive.

It’s that simple… but I know it’s not so simple to change your mind because we have been told all our life what not to do and don’t take risks, don’t believe in big things, don’t try this… and not do that and bla bla bla bla.

Brainwash in a negative way. We just don’t know better so I can even understand you… because I was there too until I changed my mindset and I never gave up. I failed a sh…load of times… oh boy. But I’ve known… if I never give up I will make it… and I did… and sometimes big time, sometimes smaller… it doesn’t matter…

Nobody is perfect… even leaders fail, even successful people made millions and lost it all.. but they did not give up… so they made it again. One life… damn… give it all… and stop thinking about past failures and disappointments.

Now is the time! I have been disappointed a 1000 times… who cares… never give up!
I say always… if we die… it’s the end… or maybe even not who knows… but you know what I mean. Why I have to say this all… this not cost you a damn dime for now so… come on… have some faith and go for it now.

Have faith… join here now You can dot it… I know you can if you have some faith and some will. If you of course take a bath every day in your bad thoughts and feelings it’s not working… nothing will ever really work… you have to change your mind… to be successful and sometimes this can take a long time… sometimes it can be fast.

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