Facebook marketing tactics : identify your niche market first

The first thing you need to do is clarify what your business is all about, what your brand is, and what your purpose is in the marketing facebook world. The following questions will help you to clarify and understand what the marketing vision of your business is all about.

What kind of people are you trying to reach?

I’m really sure you already know the type of people that your services are directed to. You see them constantly, they contact you as well if necessary, and that will tell you what kind of person are they and how you can treat them. What do they look like? Are they fat or skinny? Male or female? Old, young or middle-aged? What are they looking for? What is the final goal they are after based on the service you provide? What feeling are they trying to reach with it? Do they need it to feel happy? Do they need it to survive? A lot of needs must be taken care of for a person to survival. What do you actually do for them? Maybe you are already offering a service for that audience. That will give you a great vision of what exactly you need to inform any new people that fit into that same audience.

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How to create a Facebook viral video page ?

If you already have a Facebook page and plan to use it for the Viral Video pages, you can skip to the next step. Implementing this strategy in an existing page has an advantage – Because, you will get some immediate traffic from your existing followers and friends who already liked your page.

But creating a brand new page is also a good idea, because you can start a new facebook page exclusively for selected niches and post relevant videos. This way, you can create multiple facebook pages for each niche market and build separate opt- in subscription lists.

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