Here is what you get today with our Pure Leverage Marketing system product line


Elite Coaching Program

Value: $297.00 per month
Coaching Program

Are you tired of paying thousands of dollars or more for proper internet marketing coaching?

Here at Pureleverage we will teach you everything you need to know to build a very comfortable business from home in the direct sales industry. In fact, we guarantee you can be in profit in less than 30 days.

You will be recruiting new prospects into your business without ever making a single cold call guaranteed!

Proven attraction marketing techniques that will have all your prospects calling you.

How to leverage your team to create predictable monthly and residual income for life.

Learn the steps on how to pick up 18 paid signups into your primary business everyday without having to make a single call.

How to motivate your team and increase their stick rate from months to years.

What to say to prospects so that you know you have the "right type" of people on your team.


Easy Lead Flow - Lead Capture Auto Responder System

Value: $49.95 per month
Lead Capture AR

The very first thing and the first tool in your PureLeverage marketing suite you will need is a very high quality designed lead capture system. If you are terrible at web design, if you hate all the “techie” stuff and your skills in adcopy writing are less than desirable, then worry no more.

Our team of marketing specialists along with Joel’s experience and guidance have put together what is unquestionably the best converting optin pages online. This system will automatically capture the name, email and if you want a phone number of people who are interested in joining your home based business opportunity.

Once you register a prospect, the system comes with a pre written auto responder series written by our adcopy specialists designed specifically to get your prospects to know, like and trust who you are. When your prospects come to trust you, they will naturally want to buy from you and join your team.

Build your list to 10 000 subscribers.

Complete turnkey autoresponder and lead system targeted for your primary MLM or direct response business.

Simple “point and click” system, no “techie” experience necessary at all.

Tons of professionally designed squeeze pages that convert as high as 50%!

Complete ad copy and autoresponder series written for you designed to get your leads to know, like and trust you.

Track your open rates, click through rates and conversions in one simple graphical interface.


Video Email Service

Value: $20.00 per month
Video Email

So now that you have the traffic sent to your high converting lead capture pages and your professional blog, your leads list WILL grow and your downline will build itself, it is then time to keep your team motivated by leveraging the power of our video email service. You simply choose your template, record your video and then send your video message to your whole team with 1 click of a mouse directly to their inbox or by posting it on your blog! Being available by a pre-recorded video provides the best form of communication.

A great video allows your downline members and leads to come to know you at their convenience. You may shoot your video at noon today, but a team member in singapore may only watch it at 3am your time. This is the real power of leveraging our technology, you build your brand and your downline while you sleep! A picture may say a thousand words, well a video says a million more.

Video email autoresponder.

Professional custom made video mail templates.

Make a deep connection with your prospects.

Stay in touch and build rapport.


Authority Blog

Value: $19.95 per month
Authority Blog

The second thing Joel has used to build an 8 figure business that we will build for you, is your very own personal and very professional authority blog and website.

In recent years, blogging has created more millionaires than almost anything else online. With your blog we will teach you exactly step by step how to become the leader and the authority with the leads you have generated with your lead capture system. You simply blog about your opportunity 3 times per week, then send an email to your list inviting them to come and comment on your new blog post. Don’t worry about how to build your blog or get it live, because we will do that for you!

Google and all the other major search engines LOVE blogs and the user generated content in that blog. Blogging alone will generate you a ton of traffic. But why stop at a ton of traffic when we will show you how to get a ton more!

Your very own high converting blog and website designed to make you the “leader and go to person” in your primary business.

Tips and tricks on becoming an instant authority and leader in your marketplace.

Generate maximum conversions into leads, traffic and sales!

Sleek, Professional Done For You Designs.

Keep 100% profit.


Live Meeting Room

Value: $49.00 per month
Meeting Room

As we all know, gone are the days of hotel meetings for live presentations in the network marketing industry, especially when you use the power of the PureLeverage marketing suite of tools.

As you team grows exponentially and globally, you will find that your PureLeverage recruiting and live meeting room will be one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. This amazing system allows you to communicate in real time audio and video, conduct presentations, share your desktop or files with all your attendees.

The best part is your attendees will be able to join your live meetings with just a pc and internet connection! There is nothing like live, yet convenient interaction with your team and your prospects to keep your downline motivated and exploding!

100 seat Meeting Room.

Push PowerPoint.

Share your desktop.

Engage Multiple speakers.

Broadcast video and movies to your attendees.

Take live on the spot polls.

Record full audio/video of presentation.

Compatible with ALL operating systems.

Chat, videochat and voicechat with your attendees.

Are you ready to...

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PureLeverage Income Opportunity


Yes! We pay out an unheard of 100% COMMISSIONS on all product sales — All Day, Everyday!

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On Month One You Make a Full 100% of All Your Direct Referrals.

Here's How Our 50% Matching Check Powerline Pays You on Unlimited Depth.

Here's How Our 50% Matching Check Powerline Pays You on Unlimited Depth

* This is an example only. Results may vary.

Your regular commissions: $1000.00/mo


Collect a 50% matching check on all YOUR direct sales.

Total amount of sales made by your direct sales. EX: $1500.00 you would collect 50% of this total monthly.

Making YOUR monthly commissions a Whopping $1000.00 + $750.00 = $1750.00/mo

Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson

To date in just a few short months working the PureLeverage system I have made over $80 000 part time! AMAZING!

Mike Filsaime

Mike Filsaime

I send over 800 000 emails a day, many of them through the Pureleverage system. My open rates and income rates are the best I have ever had!

Armando Montelongo

Armando Montelongo

Joel introduced me to the PureLeverage way of marketing. Before it I did not make a dime online. Now I have made millions online alone!! Thank you Joel!

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Product Value
1. Elite Coaching Program $297/month
2. Easy Video Producer $49.95/month
3. Video Email Service $20.00/month
4. Leverage Authority Blog $19.95/month
5. Live Meeting Room $49/month
A compensation plan
that is unmatched
Total Value
$435.90 Per Month!
Our Price ONLY
$24.95 Per Month!
You save $410.95 Per Month with us!

There's truly no comparison!


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*I understand that if I make a serious effort that the PureLeverage System can help me to achieve results and I am excited to get started! I also understand that $24.95/mo pays for the Pure Leverage 'Product' suite of tools. In addition, to become a reseller, you will be required to activate your reseller status ($19.97/mo). Qualifying you for 100% commission payouts for all products you OWN! See our comp plan video above for all the details!