Karatbars 12 WeeK Plan – Week 10 Results

Karatbars 12 Week Plan – Week 10 Results


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The idea is simple…

I joined a new online gold savings company called Karatbars. Karatbars is a simple gold savings club where people buy gold and you make commissions.


You can join for free and without obligation and there are no monthly fees, targets or anything like that.


You can even introduce more affiliates, (If you want to), and earn on the business they do.




My Karatbars Plan 


My aim was to build a team of 24 customers over 12 week and report back on how much commissions I have made.


That’s finding only 2 affiliates per week. If I didn’t have a thousand other things to do I could probably find ten per week so 2 sounded like an easy target. (For me and for you the reader if you are new to this business!) 


If my two found two and they found two for twelve weeks below is the theory on how much you could make.




Karatbars 12 Week Plan – My Results. 


As Karatbars is completely free I have been asking everyone to register and check out the site. Everyone knows what gold is and the product does not need explanation.


Free Registration   www.karataffiliate.com



Karatbars also has the best prices for gold so there is no chance of them having cost as an objection.


Customers and affiliates can both have a FREE account.


Karatbars Questions


My Karatbars Team


Out of the hundreds of people I have asked to register 65 people have decided to register for a free account.


From this 65 a total of 20 people have decided to buy a marketing pack and begin promoting the business.


Marketing packages cost  €99 Bronze, €249 Silver, €595 Gold… I recommend people start off with a silver as I have done. They include brochures, discount cards and also actual Karatbars so you can show your friends and customers what they look like.



My Karatbars Marketing Pack


These 20 people I count as active affiliates and these people are what I base my team building target on.


The great news is that these 20 people have gone on to build a team of over 400 people in the past ten weeks.




Not all of these people will become active affiliates and buy a package but they may decide to buy some gold at some point and become a customer.



The great news is that I earn on all 404 of these people.  I earn from all the people in my team, even if i didn’t introduce them myself! 

The reason just 20 people are able to grow the business so well is because Karatbars is simple.

The product is fantastic, it can’t be bettered, the price is unbeatable, it is free to register on the site AND the help and support you get is THE BEST I’VE EVER SEEN!

Who can be a Karatbars Customer of Affilaite?


Karatbars Commissions – How much have I made? 

This is the bit everyone is interested in! Fair enough!

Just to recap…

I bought a Silver package for €249 Ten weeks ago and 65 people have registered for a free account in my team. Out of the 65, 20 of these people have decided to buy a “silver package for €249 and copy my 12 week plan.


So I have made €72.31  per active affiliate or €22.25 per registration… depends on how you want to look at it.

Another way to look at is that I have made 600% return on my initial €249 costs. Just by asking for a few people to register for free on my website.

Karatbars has no monthly fees so everything I make is profit! 

Do you want to Join Karatbars and get on the 12 week plan?

All you need to do is register at www.karataffiliate.com  and follow the easy steps.

Register, upload ID, buy a package and promote your link to others. 

No selling, just ask people to look at your site, Karatbars really does explain itself.  Once people do their own research on Google, You Tube etc they will still come back to the business.

There is no negativity towards Karatbars which is fantastic after three years in business.

There is no easier business than Karatbars.  You get my support and the full support of the company!

support@onlinecompanyreview.com   Skype onlinecompanyreview

Live Karatbars Webinars Twice A Day – Every Day!

Just click www.karatbarstv.com and check out some of the recent daily webinars.

Stop looking for a great home business because its here.

Karatbars is a business you could recommend to your granny as a customer and she could actually run it as a business!


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