Karatbars Commission Explained.


How to earn Karatbars Commission



This is a breakdown of how you earn commission with Karatbars. If you have any further questions please give me a call or email info@karatbarsuk.com


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2 x Direct commission:


Karatbars offers a direct commission from both the Unilevel plan and from the Dual System Pay Plan.
In the Dual System, you can receive up to 20% direct commission from those you personally refer into the Dual System business builders plan and up to €80 per cycle for all purchases within your organization .
In the Unilevel Pay Plan, you can receive up to 6% direct commission depending on your rank or volume. This means that you can potentially receive 26% direct commission on ALL Karatbars products. The potential weekly and monthly commission earnings with Karatbars has proved to be extremely lucrative.






Dual Team Business Packages:



Bronze package, you will receive 5% direct commission and €10 per cycle
Silver package, you will receive 10% direct commission and €40 per cycle
Gold package, you will receive 15 % direct commission and €60 per cycle
And with a VIP, you will receive 20 % direct commission and €80 per cycle





No matter how large your organization grows, you will always maintain every unit earned in your organization.


All you need is to refer a minimum of two partners and place one on the left and one on the right. The next step is to help them refer their two or more partners.


Every product that Karatbars offers has a unit value attached. A cycle is generated once you have 50 Units on one side and 25 Units on the other.







Cycle pay outs are paid out EVERY Friday! All remaining units stay in place to qualify for the next weeks income.



Karatbars Affiliate Plan Summarized:



Unilevel plan pays direct commission 0.5-6.0% plus a differential commission from deposits within your organization based on your affiliate rank.
In your Dual System, you can receive 5-20% Direct commission + 10-80€ in Cycles bonuses from the activity in your entire organization.
Karatbar Bonus Pools are also available based on the volume generated by your organization
Gold Bonus Pools are also available.







With Karatbars you can become financially free by simply referring others to save real money! Karatbars mission is to provide 999.9 pure gold bullion to the masses at a price point they can afford.



Karatbars offers an avenue to create generational wealth for our customers and affiliates as well as many future generations to come. The top financial experts in the world recommend putting 10 to 25% of your assets into gold to hedge against inflation and the devaluation of currencies.



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Karatbars is timely and a valuable asset to own in today’s economic uncertainties.


You cannot buy a gram of gold cheaper … Karatbars is making gold available to the masses.


Karatbars Commissions are paid onto your Karatbars Mastercard

You will receive your Karatbars Mastercard automatically when your commissions are greater than €35 . Mine arrived after my second week.

Karatbars Mastercard



Brian … info@karatbarsuk.com   http://www.karatbarsuk.com



Join Karatbars now  :  http://www.karatbars.com/landing/?s=premierteam


1. Register, upload your proof of ID, buy a package, start saving. …. That’s it.. Nothing left to pay, no subscriptions or monthly fees. 

2. Have your gold stored or delivered so no risk. 

3. Tell a few friends and show them how to do step 1. 

 There is NO easier business than Karatbars.



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