Karatbars Countries – Which Countries are open for Karatbars?

Karatbars Countries – Which Countries can you be a Karatbars Customer or Affiliate in?


Karatbars banner


One of the great things about being a Karatbars affiliate or customer is that many countries around the world are already open for business.


This means that you can become a Karatbars Customer or Karatbars Affiliate in many parts of the world.


87 are open now with many more planned in the next twelve months!


Gold is a worldwide commodity with worldwide interest. You can ask anyone in any country what gold is and they will be able to tell you. Ask them if they would like to own some and they will always say yes.







Karatbars is giving everyone this opportunity for the first time by offering 24 Karat Currency Grade Gold in a safe format and in small usable quantities.


Remem ber, opening a Karatbars account is free and without obligation for both affiliates and customers. Click the image below to register now.

Further information at support@onlinecompanyreview.com

and Skype onlinecompanyreview



karatbars customer                            karatbars affiliate



More information on Karatbars commissions, pay plan, 12 week plan, prices etc can be found at www.onlinecompanyreview.com



Karatbars Countries List


Total Active Countries : 87
Countries Delivery Storage Notice
Albania yes nein
American Samoa nein nein
Anguilla nein nein
Antigua and Barbuda nein nein
Argentina nein nein
Aruba nein nein
Australia nein nein
Austria nein nein
Bahamas nein nein
Bahrain nein nein
Barbados nein nein
Belgium nein nein
Benin nein nein
Bermuda nein nein
Bosnia and Herzegovina yes nein
Brazil yes nein
British Virgin Islands nein nein
Brunei Darussalam nein nein
Cambodia yes nein
Cameroon nein nein
Canada nein nein
Cayman Islands nein nein
Chile nein nein
Colombia nein nein
Costa Rica nein nein
Croatia nein nein
Cyprus nein nein
Czech Republic nein nein
Denmark nein nein
Dominican Republic nein nein + Sales Tax will be charged
Ecuador nein nein
Faroe Islands nein nein
Fiji nein nein
Finland nein nein
France nein nein
Germany nein nein
Ghana nein nein
Greece nein nein
Guam nein nein
Guatemala yes nein
Hong Kong nein nein
Hungary nein nein
Iceland nein nein
India yes nein
Ireland nein nein
Isle of Man nein nein
Italy nein nein
Japan nein nein
Jersey nein nein
Latvia nein nein
Liechtenstein nein nein
Lithuania yes nein
Macedonia yes nein
Malaysia nein nein
Malta nein nein
Mexico nein nein
Monaco nein nein
Montenegro yes nein
Netherlands nein yes
Netherlands Antilles nein nein
New Caledonia nein nein
New Zealand nein nein
Nigeria nein nein Gold delivery maximum 1000 USD
Norway nein nein *¹ 25% Taxes
Panama nein nein
Philippines yes nein
Poland nein nein
Portugal nein nein
Puerto Rico nein nein
Romania nein nein
Russia yes nein
San Marino nein nein
Serbia nein nein
Singapore nein nein
Slovakia nein nein
Slovenia nein nein
South Africa nein nein
South Korea nein nein
Spain nein nein
Sweden nein nein
Switzerland nein nein
Taiwan yes nein
Thailand nein nein
Trinidad and Tobago nein nein
United Kingdom nein nein
United States nein nein
Vietnam nein nein

All International transfer fees will be incurred by the buyer.
*2 Buyers from Switzerland: Please note that any customs regulations implemented by your country such as any import duties or taxes are your responsibility.

More countries will be added shortly!

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