Karatbars Gold – How to Find Leads, Referrals and Sales

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How to find Karatbars Gold Leads, Referrals and Sales


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Hi again,
              Just a quick “training” email today.
Don’y forget I provide everyone in my group with Free training… All you have to do is contact me and we can have a one to one training call at a time that suite you.
Free, no cost, nada, no strings, complimentary help and training 
Need leads, referrals and sales?
1. If you want more leads than you can handle you need to be using the Karatbars Marketing System. (It’s free to try and you can use it for other businesses as well as Karatbars!)
If you are unsure how it works you can find out EVERYTHING by clicking –>  HERE   (It’s Free to try so you would be crazy not to at least check it out)
2. Once you have set that up you will receive dozens of landing pages such as this one… I’ve just added it to my youtube channel.
  (if you haven’t seen this yet watch it now!).

3. Once that is set up you just need to buy your clicks from a reputable solo ad seller. ($34 per 100 clicks HERE   (I’m getting about 20 leads per 100 and 3-5 sign ups for about $35 / £20)
I have over 300 personal referrals and 2300+ in my team so I don’t need to prove it works because my figures show it does. 
My skills/experience also count for nothing as this is an automated system anyone can set up and implement. (Plus Ill help you if you ask me and it only takes 15-20 minutes)
$30 per month for a complete marketing system and $34 per 100 clicks is very little to grow a business on autopilot. 
Karatbars is the easiest, safest home business I have seen in eighteen years and it continues to amaze me every week!
This market is bigger than health, wellness, technology combined… Name me one other product that every person over the age of five knows… (exceptCoca Cola! lol)
The only catch is a little hard work to get your team going but once its done you can reap the rewards every Friday on your Karatbars Mastercard!
You don’t even have to learn anything as i’m here to help you with every step…. for free… can’t be a bad deal?
P.s My next live meeting and all previous recordings are at www.karatbarspresentation.com as usual.
P.P.s   Today’s Product and Price list attached.
Brian McGinty  – Global VIP Karatbars Team Builder
Email:  latestnews@karatbarsuk.com
Tel: 0044 75 11 650 427 UK   Or    00351 967151719 (Portugal)

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