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Karatbars Products


You do not need to be an affiliate to take advantage of Karatbars Products. Anyone can register as a customer on the site now free of charge and take a look around the expanding range of products.






KaratBars International makes it possible for people to purchase Karatbars gold product cards without having to create an account and having to supply (upload) documents to prove ID and proof of address.


.Karatbars 2.5Gram Card

karatbars 2.5Gram



.Karatbars 5 Gram card

Karatbars 5Gram




 Karatbars Special Cards

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Karatbars are adorned by the LBMA stamp, which is a symbol governments and individuals have come to respect around the globe for Refineries that meet the stringent Good Delivery practices.



Karatbars E-Shop Site great for acquiring Product cards as gifts.






The clear advantage with Karatbars lies in the ability of resale. With the certificate, the hologram and the contained gold, which is exclusively produced by suppliers and refineries, that are listed on the LBMA, we offer our customers a high level of security for Karatbars gold bars.



Collector’s cards



Collector’s cards are offered with different motifs. The decisive factor for achieving collector’s value lies on the demand side, is the popularity of the collector’s field and the specific collector’s object, but also the condition (level of conservation) of the object. The rarity of the object corresponds to the shortage in offerings. However it also has an effect on the demand, as rarities often seem attractive to collectors solely due to their rarity, whereas the shortage raises the price more than is usual with consumer goods.



In case of Karatbars cards, attractive picture objects are chosen and printed onto the card. We offer a high level of security to our customers, who collect Karatbars gold bars, through the certificate, the hologram and the contained gold, which is exclusively produced by manufacturers and refineries, which are listed on the LBMA.



Karatbars gold shop site

Branding Cards



Branding Cards are very popular with companies and enterprises that want to create their own design with their logo.



Here we are also talking about a “genuine” Karatbars gold bar. With the certificate, the hologram and the contained gold. These are produced by suppliers and refineries that are listed on the LBMA.



Karatbars  offer customers a high level of security for the branded Karatbars gold bars.



1-gram-Karatbars cards include:


1. A certificate / lamination with UV protection film
2. ATAkulche gold bars stamped and valid trademark



Karatbars gold bullion cards guarantee stability and to serve in times of economic upheaval as a possible payment and also a medium of exchange.


Owning gold in smaller, more transaction friendly weights are strategically important. It is wise to buy our small units-karat bullion bars to protect capital.



KaratBars E-Shop Site attractive cases for gold.


karatbars gold shopping site



The Karatbars E-Shopping site is a doorway to creating your free account and getting started in the business.


Check out the chart and see why you should be saving in gold. Karatbars have provided an automatic saving system with which you can set up and forget.

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karatbars gold shopping site,


Financial experts agree, acquiring a little gold at a time over a long period of time is the way to accumulate wealth. Karatbars helps you make it possible with these small affordable gold product cards with all the added benefits that come with owning Karatbars.



Notice how chart is trending upwards! This is why gold is in the news today. More details button takes you E-shopping!



karatbars gold shop site