Karatbars Review – 12 Week Plan – Week 3 Results

Karatbars 12 Week Plan – Week Three

I started in direct sales when i was 17 so that’s 18 years year ago this year. Ever since I have earned 100% commissions in every job I have had or it has been 100% my own business. I have made over £12,000+ in single months for two different companies in two different countries and have been sales trainer in several others.



Why am I telling you that?


Well the reason is just to explain that I have dealt with hundreds of thousands of customers over the years and have heard every objection under the sun….But…


I have never worked in any business with as few objections as Karatbars.



I ask people to look at my personalised website:  http://www.karatbars.com/landing/?s=premierteam



They watch the videos and some want to know more so I tell them to watch one of the live Karatbars webinars at 12pm and 5pm EST  EVERY day. www.karatbarswebinar.com (5pm and 2am Uk Time)



If they can’t make those I ask them to watch a recording on my You Tube Channel.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qu3_OkzgM0w



People then naturally do their own research and because there is no negativity about Karatbars online they always come back to me.



The most common Karatbars questions are:



1. How much does it cost.  a. Free to register,  €99 for a bronze pack, €249 for a silver pack.



Karatbars Packages


To start you simply buy your package under “product purchase” and that’s it. A one off payment. The next thing to do is set up a savings amount.



You click on product purchase and either buy 1 gram of gold when you can afford to or set up a monthly amount. EG: I have mine set up to save 4 grams per month.



monthly or weekly saving



2. What’s the risk?


This is where Karatbars is Genius. There really is no risk. You are exchanging €50 of paper money or FIAT Currency for 24 Karat Gold of the same value which is a superior currency.



Money is paper… gold is currency. 

What if Karatbars run off or close down?  Hardly likely as they have been operating for two years already but lets imagine they did!



 The gold you save is kept by Prosegur in a separate vault from Karatbars. This storage is free of charge and is audited yearly. See more on that here -> https://karatbars.com/index.php?page=storage_karatbars



If you are really really want zero risk just asl Karatbars to deliver your gold to your home. I am getting them to send out mine once I have saved ten. My maximum risk factor is therefore €500. You can do 2/4/6 whatever you choose.



What is a Karatbar anyway? 


karatbar described



Can you buy gold cheaper? 

Yes you can buy gold cheaper but only by the ounce. (around $1100) The whole point in Karatbars is that it is in small amounts and therefore available to the masses. there are other companies offering 1gram bars but are more expensive than Karatbars


EG Bullion by Post at €57 per gram.  http://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/gold-bars/1-gram-gold-bar/heraeus_1_gram_bar/



So Karatbars for customers is a secure, affordable and easy way for them to own Gold. Objections simply don’t exist as to why you shouldn’t use them.



Karatbars as a business



I joined Karatbars as a way to make money as well as to save money so lets look at that for a moment.



First you make a one off payment to buy your package. Then you set up your savings amount.



Now you need to tell others. This is the bit everyone gets scared about but with this business there is no need. 



Remember… there are no objections or risk… so why not tell everyone you know. What have they or you got to lose. Its not a HYIP, Its not a money making scheme, its not a scam.






Every affiliate gets a really smart replicated website like this:  Just ask people to watch the video and they will register.



From registering to buying a package the conversion rate is around 25% already!       http://www.karatbars.com/landing/?s=premierteam



If you don’t want to talk to family or friends there is a solution to that too!



There is a  site callled IBO TOOlbox (Internet Business Owners Toolbox). Thousands of people from all around the world… who already own online businesses and who you can share your landing page with.  Imagine Facebook but for internet business owners!



And its 100% Free to use….


http://www.ibotoolbox.com/teinvited3.aspx?jid=38800  (Register and use it,  it is a goldmine for referrals)



One person in my team has already got seven referrals in two weeks just by using IBO Toolbox and his Skype account. He doesn’t even have a phone!



The Karatbars 12 Week Plan – Week 3 – My Results. 



When you join Karatbars you can track your results by following a 12 week plan. It basically says that you just need to register two people who buy a package and start saving like you. Then they find two and so on.


Please note and remember – It is only a plan, a guide, a target.. something to aim for. If you don’t meet it it doesn’t matter or affect anything. 


I’ve adapted it to actually finding two people every week and building a personal team of 24 in 12 weeks. My reason for that is that sometimes people do well and sometimes people don’t.



By acquiring two new team members per week I feel I am eliminating that risk. I also have the time to managed these people as I work full time online.



12 Week Plan – I bought a silver package and aim to find two people to do the same every week. It also works with Bronze the same way.




Karatbars Bronze Plan



I am now just finishing week three and I am happy to say I am ahead of target. The plan does depend on duplication but the key is that Karatbars does duplicate and here’s the proof.



I started  3 weeks ago with a silver package €249 



My marketing package, Karatbar and Karatbars Mastercard have all come in the post as promised.




My Karatbars Marketing Pack



I have been advertising my link every day on IBO, doing Gumtree ads, putting it on Facebook, Linkedin etc. I show between 20-30 people every day. 


I have registered 25 personal referrals. 


8 of those people have now done their KYC and bought packages. 7 silver and 1 bronze. (33% conversion) 



My team have gone on to refer loads of people and now I have 69 people in my total team. 



Referrals coming from above now number 81 so my team is over 140 strong! 



My commissions from selling the seven packages plus dual system payment have already pushed my commissions to over €400. This has already put me very far ahead of the plan!



2nd September Commissions




If you want a business that is easy to run and manage and is extremely profitable this is it.



To run any new home business you need four things to happen.



1. A company that keep their word and fulfil promises. (Done)


2. A system that is easy to duplicate. (Easiest I have ever seen) 


3. A brilliant product. (24 Karat Gold cannot be bettered, everyone knows what it is and everyone would like to own some) 


4. Daily support, training & encouragement. (Webinars & me!)


I think you will have gathered by now that I think this is a special company and a special product.


 There is no better or easier way to make an income online in 2013 


I will continue with my plan and update you next week.


Its easy if you keep it simple.



1. Register and upload your id.


2. Buy your package.


3. Start saving.


4. Share your link. http://www.karatbars.com/landing/?s=premierteam


Watch the daily training at 5pm  www.karatbarswebinar.com

Further training and updates on my blogs www.karatbarsreview.blogspot.pt and www.onlinecompanyreview.com



Call me any time on 004475 11 650 427  or support@onlinecompanyreview.com





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