Karatbars Review 28th August 2013

Karatbars Update – August 2013


I have now been with Karatbars for three weeks and in eighteen years I haven’t been much more impressed with any other company. The concept of making currency grade gold available to the masses is fantastic.


Someone said to me they could buy an ounce of gold cheaper… Yes.. And I can buy a can of Coke cheaper if I go to the cash and carry… But I have to buy 36 cans!


The whole point in Karatbars is that you can save in affordable weekly or monthly amounts that suit.


You cannot go and buy currency grade 999.9 Gold by the gram cheaper.






Karatbars Business – Can you make money? 


Karatbars as a business is one of the safest I have seen in eighteen years. You earn commission on every gram saved in your organisation.


When I say organisation you can have customers and affiliates in your team. You can just find customers but while Karatbars are building across the world you can help the company find affiliates too.



Karatbars are currently in 85 countries and intend 194 in the next 12 months! That’s a lot of affiliates and you can help find them!


Building a team in Karatbars is easy! 


I have registered 20 people on my Karatbars website in three weeks and they have gone on to register 45 as of today!  15 of these people have already bought packages and are up and running. Duplication is so easy with this business.


The process is simple.

1. Register free http://www.karatbars.com/?s=premierteam

2. Upload your KYC documents. ID & Utility bill.

3. Buy a package, €99 bronze or €249 silver for example.

4. Set up a weekly or monthly savings amount.


That’s it… done.. Karatbars is no more complicated than that.


Karatbars isn’t about “getting referrals”


If you show people a way to take €50 in one pocket and swap it for €50 of currency grade gold in the other pocket that’s not selling! Its helping…


You don’t need to explain the product… there own’t be a better product along next week! 24Karat gold is what it is and always will be. The difference is now that everyone can own some thanks to Karatbars.


karatbar described



I will build half your Karatbars team for you!


That’s correct, If you join my Karatbars team I will build half your network for you. I will also show you easy free ways to find the other half.

You do not need marketing experience!

You do not need to be great on computers!

I was in a restaurant yesterday and showed someone my Karatbar… it was passed around the tables and everyone said it was a great idea!

No one said they wouldn’t be interested and I think that’s the key with Karatbars.


A three year old knows what gold is…. and everyone would like to say they own gold!  Karatbars make it possible for the average person for the first time. 


You will earn from all the people I place in your team too!   It doesn’t get much easier than that!


Remember….  There are seven ways to earn with Karatbars… Team building is only a part of it you can chose to take part in if you wish. 


Karatbars Dual System



How do you get paid with Karatbars

Once you earn €35 euros with Karatbars you will be sent your very own Karatbars Mastercard which has won an award in 2013! You get paid on the dual system every Friday and you can simply go to any ATM and withdraw your money!

Karatbars MasterCard


Karatbars Video  – Learn all about Karatbars


Still have questions?  Contact info@karatbarsuk.com

Karatbars Ireland    www.karatbarsireland.com

Karatbars UK  www.karatbarsuk.com

Karatbars Portugal  www.karatbarsportugal.com

Karatbars Australia   www.karatbarsaustralia.com