Karatbars – The Top 6 Questions Answered

Karatbars is growing off the scale!
In two weeks I have managed to register 19 people, sell four packages and those people have gone on to recruit a further 80+ people!
Karatbars is duplicating like mad which is often one of the hardest things to achieve!
Just check out the company Alexa rating for the past month!  http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/karatbars.com#trafficstats
I am speaking to a lot of people and the same few questions keep coming up…You will get them too so read this post in full.
Q1. What happens if you don’t stick to the plan/don’t find two affiliates to join your team per week?
A. Nothing….. its a plan, a target, something to aim for. It doesn’t matter if you get two in a week or two in a month.
It could have been a one per week plan or three per week plan… Two was just an easy target.
The twelve week plan is only something to focus the mind. If you do get two per week the plan shows you what you can achieve.
I have been asked this by everyone…. please make sure and state this when talking to people…

Karatbars 12 Week Bronze Plan

Q2.  What is the risk if you join Karatbars
The only risk I can see in this business is how much Gold do you want Karatbars to store for you. If you are happy for Karatbars to store
four  Karatbars before they deliver your risk would be €200. 
Outside of that there is no risk to either you or your customers. 
Q3. What happens in you don’t recruit anyone.
You still earn from every gram saved by your customers and all purchases of products they make. Karatbars does not require you to recruit anyone. 
I do think that is completely and utterly impossible though given the speed at which people are signing up to be affiliates. 
There are seven ways to earn… Learn them on my site  https://karatbarsuk.com/Karatbars_Video.html
This is the Karatbars marketing plan pdf.   https://www.karatbars.com/docs/affiliateplan_en_new.pdf
Q4. If I do join where do I find affiliates or customers. 
Given the fact this has only launched the entire spectrum of online and offline is open to you. All the pdfs, brochures are in your back office for download!
Newspapers, Gumtree, Ebay, Linkedin, Facebook, Google ads…. Karatbars is new… you have very very little competition…. 
Take advantage of this before loads of people start advertising….go mad!!  
Don’t forget that I am also building half your team for you too if/when you join !!  Check your downline under “dual system” when you login. 
Q5. How does Karatbars work?
If anyone asks me this I ask them to watch the video FIRST…    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUeS5WIbDXM
That video will answer more questions in 10 minutes than you will in 1/2 an hour.
If they want to know how the 12 week plan works I tell them to get to their computer at 5pm and click www.karatbarswebinar.com  FOR THE LIVE WEBINAR.
I also have a recording on my Youtube channel if the time doesn’t suit  –>>  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qu3_OkzgM0w
Then I answer questions…. The videos are meant to be used…
I’ve uploaded ten to my You Tube channel to help you…  http://www.youtube.com/user/algarveauctions/videos
Q6. How can I get started. 
2. Upload your passort/driving licence and utility bill and get approved. 
3. Buy a package. (I recommend silver at €249 because you get a Karatbar in the post) 
4. Start saving 1 gram per week. (do this manually each week) or set up a monthly amount. 

My Karatbars Card

That’s it for this update.
I have worked in a lot of businesses over the years but i’ve not seen anything as easy as Karatbars.
Anyone of any ability can do this online or offline with a clear conscience.
The product sells itself… takes no explaining and the potential is enormous.
Ask 100 people would they like some gold…. how many will say no?
Until next time…. Get in touch if you need help…. that’s what i’m here for.
Brian McGinty
Tel: 0044 75 11 650 427 
Freephone:  0800 0488 131