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Karatbars Training Information For Affiliates

*It includes vital training and information so please read it in full.   *Get a coffee 🙂 
Karatbars Training
There is a complete Karatbars Marketing suite available. 
It costs $29 per month and the first 7 days are free if you want to check it out. Banners, extra landing pages, solo ads, capture pages and much more. 
Click HERE  for seven days free trial.
Karatbars Training
Guarantee your Karatbars success by following these steps….
1. Know your numbers!  Sales is just about ratios.
I have shown my link to hundreds of people in the past 5 weeks, 40 of these people have registered and 12 have bought packages.
10 per day is 300 per month… its about consistency. 
If you have registered 1-10 people you may have sold 1 or 2 packages.
About 1 in 10 will actually purchase in the first week. If you keep in touch and show these people your success over a few weeks that will increase to 2 in 10.
MY RESULT – 12 packages sold from 40 registrations is 1 in 4 over 5 weeks.   
The other 30 may never buy…. that’s OK…. That’s just the numbers!
100 customers enter a shop… not all of them buy… Your landing page is your shop… not everyone will buy… that’s ok. 
2. Finding Registrations
If you are having trouble getting registrations you are simply not asking enough people to click your link.
ANYONE can be a customer, EVERONE would like to own gold. YOUR target market is ENORMOUS!
I have never seen such a high click to registration ratio in any online business before. 
EVERYONE  I speak to, email, skype, meet on the street gets it…
It should be saved on your desktop/smartphone etc…
3. Do you find the landing page link hard to remember… shorten it….
Use Bit.ly… its a free URL shortener…  https://bitly.com/
eg ive chosen  bmggold    If i’m speaking to someone on the street or phone I can remember www.bit.ly/bmggold
http://bit.ly/bmggold     The great thing about Bitly is you can track how many clicks it gets too 🙂
I give everyone the chance to say no. 
Remember… You do not have to do any selling! The video on the landing page does the work.
4. I have also found a FREE place with 1000’s of warm leads for you…
IBO Toolbox has tens of thousands of people looking for an opportunity like Karatbars..
Have you registered yet? Have you logged in every day and asked at least 10 people to look at your page? Have you written a short press release?
Don’t forget 90% of people will say not interested… that’s ok… 10% will like Karatbars and register.
**This week I have tried Facebook ads, £20 – zero result, Adhitprofits banner ads $50 spent.. zero results. adclickexpress $10 zero. 
If I find something better than IBO I will be the first to let you know. 🙂
IBO Toolbox is FREE and gets me results every week. Why look anywhere else online. 
Karatbars Questions
5.  Remember your product!  You are selling 24karat Currency Grade gold and at the best price I can find anywhere. It is stored free or delivered for €13.50 / €18.50
You have a brilliant unique product so don’t loose sight of that fact.  How big is your market size?
1 Gram is €49   
2.5 grams is 108  or  €43 per gram 
5gram card is €194.55    or   €38.91 per gram
Put an advert on Ebay, Gumtree… You have a brilliant product and once people become customers they WILL become affiliates by default… Customers will tell their friends. And you earn from all your customers purchases.
100 Customers saving 1 gram each per week will earn you over €700 per month! 
Karatbars banner

Karatbars Training

3. Daily Checklist – What should you do every day. (Print this off and stick it to your laptop)
1. Have I logged in and know my gold prices for the day. 
2. Have I checked www.onlinecompanyreview.com for any updates, banners, links, training. 
3. Have I asked 5-10 people to click my link. online/offline
4. Have I called (not emailed) anyone who has registered in my team and  introduced myself. (if your referrals have questions I am happy to speak to them for you too) **Use skype for free / cheap calls.
5. Have I placed 1 advert per day on Gumtree/Ebay/Loot/local paper  
Affiliate advert:  “Distributors Wanted – Proven Profitable Franchise – Low cost and includes full support & training. Please call 07511 650 427 
Customer advert: “24 Karat Currency Grade Gold For Sale. 1 Gram €49 , 2.5 Gram €43 , 5 Gram €39 etc… Please contact 07511 650 427”
(No mention of Karatbars and no emailing… you want to actually speak to people) 
6. Have I watched at least 1 webinar this week?   www.karatbarswebinar.com  5pm UK time. 
7. If stuck have I called/emailed Brian and asked for help? 
Karatbars banner
The most important things of all are…. 
*Have you made the decision to actually do this? 
*Have you committed yourself to the 12 week plan? 
*Have you dedicated 30 minutes per day to make this work? 
*Have you decided that… Yes… I will find two people per week for 12 weeks… 
I’m on week 5 and I have made over €800 so far… 🙂 Just because I made the decision 5 weeks ago.

Karatbars Bronze Plan

If you start today you will have completed your task by 5th December. 
There is nothing in this email that will cost you any money to do, (except maybe an ebay/paper advert and an optional marketing suite)
The only think you need to do is set aside 30 minutes per day to complete your checklist. 
That’s all for this update…. If you need so extra inspiration please have a look at these 5 short videos… They are from a trainer called Eric Worre….
 I’ve followed him for years and he knows how to get you in the right frame of mind…
Until next week…. 
Brian McGinty
Tel: 0044 75 11 650 427 
Freephone:  0800 0488 131

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