Karatbars VIP Package Review

Thinking about buying a Karatbars VIP Package?



karatbars vip package


If this is your first look at Karatbars I suppose its good to give you some background.



Karatbars International have been selling a range 24 karat gold products for four years. It is NOT about investing in the price of gold!  


Anyone can register for a free account and check out the amazing product range at www.karataffiliate.com


Karatbars has over 100,000 happy customers and affiliates in over 100 countries which a simple Google search will confirm for you.


There are several different Karatbars packages from the Bronze Package at €99 up to the VIP Exclusive Package at €7595


You can read more about each package by clicking the following links.


Bronze        Silver        Gold      VIP       VIP Exclusive


In this post I am going to focus on the Karatbars VIP Package



karatbars VIP Package

Kartabars VIP Package Review



It is very important to understand that with Karatbars the package you buy always represents more value than the price you pay. When I say value I mean in real products delivered to your home.


The most important things to remember about Karatbars Packages!

Once you buy your package there is nothing more to pay! There are no monthly fee’s, you will not cancel your subscription in three months time because there is no subscription to cancel.


What do I receive in my Marketing Package?


The Karatbars VIP Package for example include three grams of gold, 20 bonus cards and 10  x  3% discount cards. The bonus cards cost €80 each to buy and the discount cards are €20. You also receive brochures and a smart presentation pack.



Karatbars Vip Package



Put that together with the gold and your VIP package bought separately would cost you €1938 today. The Karatbars VIP Package only costs €1595

Karatbars Bonus cards.

Karatbars Vip Package


Karatbars VIP Package – How can you earn with it? 


If someone buys a bronze package they earn 5% commissions on direct sales and €10 per cycle in the Dual system. (I explain this in the video below).



If they buy a Karatbars VIP Package they will earn 20% commission and €80 per cycle.



Just having one cycle per day as a VIP Package holder will earn you a minimum of €2400 /$3000 per month.


Do I have to buy a Karatbars VIP Package?


Anyone can start at any level and upgrade to the higher levels by paying the difference in package cost at any time. If you can afford the VIP then I advise starting there and getting on with earning the highest rate of commission possible.


The great thing about Karatbars is choice. You can do whatever you feel comfortable with and there are no time constraints. Upgrade whenever you like and if you like.


Bronze €99   –   Silver  €230    –  Gold  €595    –   VIP €1595   –   VIP Exclusive €7595


Karatbars VIP Package Webinar



How do I buy a Karatbars VIP Package?


That’s the easy bit… Just register at www.karataffiliate.com  , click on “Product Purchase” and buy it by credit card, ezybonds or bank wire transfer. It will take less than five minutes to do and you have nothing else to pay.


Karatbars VIP Package – I buy it…. What Next?


Once you have bought your Karatbars VIP Package you just need to:


1. Get some popcorn and get on my YouTube Channel… Start at the first video and watch them all. Everything you need to know is condensed into those short videos. Click HERE and bookmark my channel now.


2.Get in touch with me at info@karatbarsuk.com   or on Skype at onlinecompanyreview


I help over 650 people in many countries around the world and will put together a PERSONAL plan based on your experience and the time you have to spend on your business.


I will not only help you grow your business but also your downlines… I help everyone in my team.


I will also be doing a live webinar EVERY THURSDAY at 7.30pm UK time at  www.karatbarspresentation.com



If you have any more questions about the Karatbars VIP Package or need any further help with your Karatbars business please get in touch.


Karatbars VIP Package

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