MMO Cashout Review February 2014

MMO Cashout Review February 2014


I have been getting a lot of people send me information on MMOCO or Massive Multiplayer Online Cash Out.




MMOCO MMO Cash Out Review


I have been in this industry long enough to know that immediately this is just people jumping on the fact that there are a lot of gamers out there.


So what? There are a lot of starving people out there but i’m not going to set up an affiliate business based on that am I?


Lets look at MMOCO logically for a minute….


Gamers play games, its what they do. People who make money online make money by working. Online business not an easy game to be in. It takes a lot of hours and a lot of work to build a successful online business.


I do not know ONE SINGLE SUCCESSFUL online business person who plays games!


Moral of the story is that people who play games do not make money. People who make money online don’t play games.  Fact, period, end of!


MMOCO – MMO Cashout is somehow trying to say that you can make money by bringing the two together. I personally feel that this is one of the worst online business ideas I have seen for a while.


I don’t need to review MMOCO any further than that, the product, the compensation plan are irrelevant because the who concept I feel is a complete non starter.


The average person who works online has a few hours free per week and wants to create a second income. They want to make money online, they want to earn a residual income. I help thousands of these people so I know.


None of these people I work with on a daily basis play games online


Should you join MMOCO – MMO Cashout?


Loads of people are going to jump on this. Loads of people are going to find that the massive target market they think is out there doesn’t actually exist. After a few months of subscriptions going out and nothing coming in they will cancel and move on to the next HYPED up business idea!


3500+ of these “pre-launches” came and went last year alone. If a business is good enough it will still be good enough to join in twelve months!


There are plenty of good solid businesses out there with long successful track records!

You do  not gain any advantage by “getting in early”

second mouse

Think about that!!!

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