Karatbars Customers – How Much Commission Can You Make?

Karatbars Customers – How much can you earn with your customer base?


Anyone can become a Karatbars Affiliate for free and start finding Karatbars Customers.



Anyone can also become a Karatbars customer for FREE.


Click here for your free account...



Anyone can go to the site, set up a free account and buy as much or as little gold as they like. 1gram, 2.5 gram, 5 gram bars…etc. You can buy €10,000 worth if you like.



karatbars 2.5Gram     Karatbars 5Gram


Karatbars will then either store it securely for them with Prosegur or they can get the gold delivered by Fedex.  All storage, delivery information is on the site.


No risk to the customer at any point!


Karatbars need affiliates to help them tell the world about this great service. 


I have been asked by three potential affiliates this week what… “the worst case scenario is?” …… So I thought i’d write a blog post on it!




If you do become a FREE affiliate and start building a customer base this is what could happen.



Karatbars Customer Income Example 

Imagine over the next few months you manage to find just 100 customers to save 1 gram of gold per week.



Remember they are not buying anything, just exchanging paper money for a better currency so it is not a hard sale!

In fact it’s not even a sale!




100 Customers saving 1 gram per week is 400 grams per month.


At today’s price of €51.17 that’s €20,460 of Gold per month.


That would then equate to  10,234 points in the compensation plan below.


ranks and percentages



Worst Case Scenario this would leave you on 3.5% commission in the compensation plan.



Worst Case Scenario none of these customers would become affiliates. (Impossible in my opinion but lets run with this).


karatbars commission



Worst case scenario you would be earning earn 3.5% of €20,460 which is €716 per month.

€716 residual income every month and it cost you nothing to get started in this example. 

If you got to 6% that would be €1432 or $1800 per month!


This example doesn’t take into account anyone becoming an affiliate, It doesn’t take into account you being in the dual system or anything else.



This is just a free affiliate who finds 100 customers who save 1 gram per week.



I don’t live in Worst Case Scenario Land Luckily! Laughing


I did decide to become a paid affiliate which got me into the dual system of commissions and I am busy finding customers and affiliates.


Someone else is going to tell your friends about Karatbars… It might as well be you.


dual system




I have found just nine more affiliates and customers who have started saving/working in four weeks.


My personal goal is two new affiliates / customers per week. You can chose your own target if you want. (I find its easier to reach a target if you set one!)


I have earned over €500 already and I get my commissions every Friday which I can withdraw on my Karatbars Mastercard!  **Your Mastercard is posted out free as soon as you earn €35.



Karatbars mastercard



So my advice is join Karatbars as a customer AND affiliate. My advice is to buy a minimum of a bronze affiliate pack for €99. 


I actually recommend that you buy a €249 silver pack which will get you a full marketing pack and 1 gram of gold delivered to your home.


My Karatbars Marketing Pack




In my experience after one month……With a Karatbar in your wallet it is impossible not to build a business. 

Everyone I showed it to wants one!… I just direct them to my replicated website and it takes them a few minutes to register and make a purchase.


My Karatbars Card



The choice is yours….


If you want to live in worst case scenario land its pretty good as you can see.  €716 or $1000 per month with only 100 customers.

Finding Customers isn’t difficult either…




If you want to join me and build an exciting large business with a massive passive income watch this video and learn how you can make $4500 per week in the next 12 weeks!


If you have any questions please contact info@karatbarsuk.com or Skype  myshoppinggeneeurope  or Telephone 004475 11650 427


I provide seven day support for all customers and affiliates in my team and it is completely free of charge. 



More information on Karatbars commissions HERE



Karatbars Webinar 

Karatbars UK  http://www.karatbarsuk.com