Karatbars Live Webinar and update 6th March

Karatbars Live Webinar and update 6th March


Some great figures to give you this week…


Over 950 people in my team now in over 80 countries around the world. 


Over 120,000 happy customers and affiliates in Karatbars in 116 countries. 


Karatbars moving to larger logistics offices in Germany to cope with demand. 


New products and features being added to the site all the time. 


Record numbers of people earning $10,000 and $20,000+ per WEEK!





If you are one of the people out there who has been throwing money at businesses like Bannersbroker, Pennymatrix, MMOCashout, Bitcoin, DSDomination, Rocketcycler, Justbeenpaid, Chartfords, adxperts, bankontraffic, myadvertisingpays etc etc etc….. Then it’s time to forget all that nonsense and join a legitimate real business.


There is no NEXT BIG THING…..  Timing is nothing…..  If a business works you can join it anytime…


Karatbars has a 4 year successful history, Karatbars has a zero cancellation rate, Karatbars pays its affiliates every Friday on to a Mastercard, Karatbars supplies every affiliate with every tool they need to make money, Karatbars affiliate do not have to learn the product, your customers won’t ring you up saying their gold doesn’t work!


There is no more simple home business and when you watch this short Karatbars presentation you will understand why…


Karatbars Live Webinar March 2014





Become a Karatbars Affiliate 

Registration is free and easy at www.karataffiliate.com Register, buy your marketing pack by bank transfer or credit card and that’s it. Nothing else to pay. No monthly fee’s, no autoships, nothing!

Profit from here on…….


Promote Your Karatbars Business

Again… easy…. Just ask people to click www.karatbarspresentation.com on Thursday evening at 7.30pm GMT.   If they can’t make it they can watch a recording on either Youtube or vimeo..


If they have questions send them to me until you become more confident. That’s what a mentor/manger does. Karatbars is your new job… It’s ok to pass new customers to your manager at the start.


Karatbars Vimeo Recording:

Karatbars Generic Business Introduction from Brian McGinty on Vimeo.



No links in that one anywhere so feel free to share it with prospects.


Karatbars Support…. again this is easy….


I have a 24/7 worldwidesupport desk on Skype  at ID  onlinecompanyreview


My email is support@onlinecompanyreview.com

Telephone is 00351 967151719


Karatbars Affiliate