AdhitProfits Scam or Genuine PPC Advertiser?

Adhitprofits three month review – scam or not?


Update 21st September – Look like Adhitprofits really is heading south…  Charles Scoville has joined IBO Toolbox and is promoting it heavily. he has in under a month bought a load of traffic on IBO and is desperatley trying to drive traffic to adhitprofits.

So much so he has even written 132 wall posts and 13 press releases.

Not behaviour of someone with a successful site of his own. And you will notice he hasn’t added his Skype ID or telephone number.


Why would someone with his own advertising site now be promoting IBO Toolbox to his members?  (Because IBO works and his site doesn’t would be my guess)


He has also decided to block me from his Skype group and attack me on there… now I can’t see it. (Well he thinks I can’t see it lol)



If you own a site with hundreds of thousands of views per day and you can only get a few dozen sign ups for IBO Toolbox is really shows how bad Adhitprofits is.


Why why why would anyone pay Adhitprofits $100 for some sign ups on a FREE to sign up website?


People are paying Adhitprofits money for traffic that will turn into sales. Which it won’t.


Message between Charles Scoville and another Skype group member.

[21/09/2013 03:01:04] Charles Scoville: xxxx — I noticed you’re on IBO ToolBox :)  So is Brian McGinty.  I just tested AdHitProfits ad services to get me referrals to IBO ToolBox — I’m now a top enroller on there 😀

I used the guaranteed traffic, so lower quality than PPC — and still getting sign-ups with it 😀  Which just goes to show, even with a lower quality service on AHP, still great results 😀 😀
[21/09/2013 05:08:20] Charles Scoville: something I thought was a little funny.. Brian MicGinty was on the top enroller list with 4 referrals to IBO ToolBox.. I’ve now pushed him off 😛 using a service he blogged was a scam. lol I sure showed him. lol
[21/09/2013 11:45:55] Charles Scoville: (chuckle)

.He sure showed me… lol… Charles… are you still at school? 


Update… 17th September… It looks as though Charles Scoville does not like anyone telling the truth about his site. I just tried to log in and this is what I found…

blocked account...

Got something to hide? I repeat again that I gave him many opportunities to defend his site and back up his claims. He ignored me. 


AdhitProfits – 3 Months Review 15th September

I review many advertising sites and joined Adhit profits in June of this year. Normally if something doesn’t work I forget about it but in the case of Adhitprofits I feel it is my duty to let the world know exactly what they are getting into.


When I joined Adhitsprofits on 1st June I bought one 728×90 banner for $25 and received over 200,000 views in one day. :) :)


Needless to say I got a load of leads and clicks so decided to buy $1000 of advertising….This apparently included a revenue share as well as the advertising so it looked like a fantastic deal.


That was my first mistake. 


After only two days with my money in the account Adhitsprofits changed their entire system and no long did I have what I thought I had paid for.



The new system meant that I paid $25 for 100 Geo Targeted clicks which turned out not to be geo targeted at all!


I track everything in Google Analytics so know where hits come from.


My 23 active shares suddenly becomes 1 share making a few cents per day.



In effect I have paid over $1000 for 3000 visitors and a load of useless advertising.

AdhitProfits – My Account 

Ad Hit Profits   Overview



I contacted Charles Scoville on Skype and by email to demand my money back and received no reply. They then decided that Payza was no longer a withdrawal option so there was no way I could have my money returned.


I decided to use the money I had in the account to persist and try different campaigns. I tried Pure Leverage, Myfunlife, Karatbars and Flexkom banners.


There was no point in throwing away the $1000 in the account…



I decided to try easy to promote businesses where the offers are excellent and the sign up rates are very high….   Indeed Flexkom, Myfunlife and Karatbars offer FREE registration.



AdhitProfits – My Results

Ad Hit Profits   My PPC Campaigns



5 x 728 x90 Banners which cost $100 each on the site. 


**3 of the banners now look the same but they were not during the actual campaigns as it was possible to change the urls while they were live. 


Total campaign impressions  – 764,000


Total clicks – 550 


Total registrations 0  Total sign ups


Total clicks recorded by Google Analytics –  18  (not 550)





Do I think Adhitprofits is a scam?

I do not write negative reports without exhausting all avenues first…

Today I went on the Adhitprofits Skype Group and tried to find someone else that Adhitprofits is working for. I spoke with one person who has bought 700 clicks and she has had zero sign ups or registrations.


I asked Charles Scoville, The site owner,  DIRECTLY on the group why he is the only person who seems to get any results?


I told him I was writing this review and he had nothing to say to me except to try and give me marketing advice?

I asked him for facts… nothing… I asked him for third party testimonials and he started waffling on about motivation and asking me to watch motivational videos about athletes.


He is filling his members heads with mumbo jumbo and smoke & mirrors.

People need to stop putting their fingers in this dam and run away with their money in their pockets.


If you definition of an online business as a scam is that you pay your money and get nothing then Adhitprofits is a scam!



I have personally lost $1000 and got nothing from it.

I made that elsewhere so could afford to loose it… Many people can not afford to lose $10!


I threw 18 years of experience and $1000 at it and got nothing so anyone reading this post would be well advised to stay away!


If you are someone that Adhitprofits has worked for PLEASE let me know.


There is no such thing as free money! 


Adhits profits only has a high ranking on the web because everyone who registered before the changes is now forced to click at least ten pages each per day otherwise they will loose the couple of cents they might earn from their directory listing.



Adhitprofits does not work and until I hear from someone other than people who work for the company tell me different I will be warning everyone away from that site.


If you want a genuine advertising webiste try IBO Toolbox. Its a genuine advertising website and it works. I have been using it for two years.


1. Its also FREE!  Advertise free.   Click HERE for free registration.


2. It’s full of genuine online business owners and isn’t a get rich quick scheme.


If you want to get loads of leads and referrals and advertise you business..


Forget about Adhitprofits and banner advertising sites….  Write a blog… Own your own website and write about your business. It only costs $25 per month and once you set it up you just need to write.



It takes minutes to set up!  Find out how easy it is to start your own website HERE


There is no easier way to build a home business. Anyone who says blogging isn’t for me doesn’t know how easy it is! 

If you want a genuine home business opportunity…..


Try Karatbars. Karatbars is a free to register business and will be around for many years. Its safe, has a great product and the company is a genuine registered business.


Anyone can make money with a free account! Then upgrade to different levels starting at €99 once you start making some money. Find out about Karatbars HERE


Adhitprofits is NOT a business!

Adhitprofits is NOT an advertising site …. Save your money!




I have given Adhitprofits three months of extensive testing and have given he owners fair chance to reply and had nothing but waffle from the owner.

I imagine it will have closed by the end of the year once people realise they are wasting their money

If you have had a different experience please let me know and I will add it to this blog…