New Karatbars Cards AND In 0.1gram Multi Packs

New Karatbars Cards AND In 0.1gram Multi Packs

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New Karatbars Cards AND In 0.1gram Multi Packs

New Cards And A New Way To Buy Karatbars.

A fantastic selection of new products to share with you today.

Karatbars Christmas, Birthday, Celebration cards have always come in 1 gram format but now you can buy packs of six 0.1gram! Six cards for the price of one!

We will sell tens of thousands of these in this format…To families, gift shops, wedding planners etc etc..  I love it and i’m putting in my first order today.

Here are a few of the new additions…


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Give The Gift Of Gold This Christmas

I gave away five Christmas cards last year and four of those people are now customers! Not only are they a great gift but also a fantastic way to grow your customer numbers.

Buy six of the new cards and give them to family and just see what happens!


New Country Cards

As Karatbars grows around the world new country cards are also being introduced! I am delighted to see the new Irish card which is the image at the top of this update. Canada, Mexico, Germany, Ireland and Taiwan also added today!

See the full range in your back office HERE


If you wish to buy any Christmas cards I recommend that you order them this week to guarantee Christmas delivery. All Christmas card orders go on a priority shipping list.

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Everything is simple and straightforward with Karatbars
The Karatbars product range, the number of countries we can sell in, our offices, languages available and reputation is growing by the day.

What a great time to be a part of this amazing company!

If you need anything feel free to get in touch on any of the channels below. I am in the office and waiting for your call.

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New Karatbars Cards AND In 0.1gram Multi Packs

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Are Karatbars Expensive? Karatbars prices explained

Are Karatbars Expensive? Karatbars prices explained





Karatbars are expensive! Karatbars are overpriced! I can buy gold cheaper!


Just three of the sentences that I am sure to hear every week as a Karatbars affiliate. The reason i her these same statements over and over again is not actually the public’s fault. Its not the averages persons fault they do not understand gold prices and why would they. 90%+ of the population have never even had 999.9 gold bullion in their hands never mind in their possession!


The reason for this is that governments took all the gold 150 years ago and replaced it with the devaluing fiat paper currency we all seem to value so much today.


The fact that an ounce of gold has been able to buy a nice suit for 2000 years should be enough evidence that gold holds its monetary value. $1 would have bought a nice suit 50 years ago but wouldn’t buy you a shoe lace today!


Karatbars Gold


So anyway rant over but that’s the reason why people think Karatbars is expensive because we no longer as people understand how gold is priced. So let me unravel the mystery in the following video..


Are Karatbars Expensive? Karatbars prices explained



Now you should understand that Karatbars are not in fact expensive at all. You also by now should understand that Karatbars prices are in fact unbeatable. Like for like I don’t know of any other company that can sell me the same quality of 1gram, 2.5gram and 5gram card, stored for free, delivered by Fedex insured courier, branded, hologramed etc for a better price.

Even if a new company did start this year.. and there are copy cats popping up, and they were selling for a bit less… Why would any person with any common sense buy from an untested unknown company?

Karatbars have been delivering without fail for nearly five years, Karatbars have over 200,000 customers and affiliates in 121 countries. You would be mad to risk your money on some new online company.

The quality of product, service and support from this company is the best i have seen in eighteen years.



Karatbars Prices

Are Karatbars Expensive? Karatbars prices explained

If you want to buy gold by the ounce or kilo and you happen to have the cash you can buy gold cheaper than you can with Karatbars. That is true. Problem is that 90%+ of the population do not have $41,000 for a kilo or even $1200 for an ounce and even if they did they would have no idea where to go to buy it safely.


Karatbars is the solution for those people. You can buy from a reputable company AS AND WHEN YOU CAN AFFORD TO AT AFFORDABLE PRICES! That’s the key to Karatbars. … Gold for the masses.


Not only that… Karatbars are opening exchange centres all over the world so people can now take their Karatbars to these centres and exchange them for goods, services or cash at the rate that day! Gold is once again being used as currency as it has been for 5000 years.


Karatbars card selection

Karatbars card selection


It is also very important to remember that Karatbars are giving the public the opportunity to set up their own Karatbars business and make money promoting this fantastic service. No one is going to bring out 25 karat gold next year so your customer will never leave you to buy a better gold somewhere else. It is scientifically impossible.


Gold is a product that is known by every person in the world over the age of five and is desired by many people in many countries. Just imagine then how big your market is!! How many people would like to be able to change some of there devaluing paper money for gold in a simple and convenient way!





Are Karatbars Expensive?


Well, I think that your own common sense has now answered that question. Karatbars, as I mention in the video, also gives you the opportunity to have your own Karatbars business. I currently support over 3000 customers and affiliates in many countries and can help you if you want to try the business.


Just watch my latest presentation at and get in touch with your questions if you have any.


Then simply register for your free account at and I help you get started.

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