How To Buy 100grams of 999.9 24kt Gold – Karatbars tutorials

How To Buy 100grams of 999.9 24kt Gold – Karatbars tutorials


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Why should you buy gold from Karatbars and not from another gold dealer or gold seller?

People need to know, where is it safe to buy 100grams of gold, how do you buy 100grams of gold, how do you know your 100grams of gold is real, is the gold 999.9, is the gold 24kt, how much is gold storage and can I have my gold delivered?

Buying gold from Karatbars International

1. Karatbars gold comes from an LBMA accrddditied refinery
2. Karatbars has the best prices for this quality of gold with the same security feature.
3. Each gram comes with a security hologram
4. Each gram comes with a certificate which is the card itself.
5. Karatbars gold has a serial number
6. The Karatbars logo is embedded into the gold during manufacture.
7. Each Karatbars card has a unique dna coating which is only machine readable with a Karatbars reader.
8. Karatbars offer free storage
9. ALL Karatbars gold is delivered by Fedex insured courier. €18.50 inside Europe and €18.50 outside Europe. Over 100grams and delivery is free.
10. Karatbars have been delivering successfully and without issue for six years.
11. Karatbars gold can be used to make purchases of goods and services around the world.

100 grams gold price

Many many customers are now buying gold in large amounts, 100grams, 500grams, 1000 grams is not uncommon as people race to get rid of their Dollars, Euros and other currencies.

People have realised that paper money is just not worth anything any more. It is printed out of thin air and backed by nothing.

Changing paper money into gold is probably the best thing people could be doing in 2016 to avoid the coming financial collapse.

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Karatbars gold

Karatbars gold

Sports Collector Cards From Karatbars International

Sports Collector Cards From Karatbars International



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Do you know someone in a sporting organisation who would like to raise the profile of thier club and raise revenue at the same time?

Karatbars International are a six year old company based in Stuttgart Germany who product fantastic collector cards for some of the top sporting people/organisations in the world.

In this video I show you three examples of companies who have licencing agreements with Karatbars.

All collector cards Karatbars produce contain 1gram of 999.9 pure gold bullion and the quality of the items is second to none.

sports collector cards

In this video I show you the Real Madrid FC, Moto GP and Martina Sablikova cards which are just some of those available.

If you would like to produce a similar item for your team, club or sport just register at and I will send you over more information.

Football, Ice Hockey, MotoGP, Athletics are only spme of the many sports represented right now and Karatbars has already launached in 120 countries.

For anyone with an entrepreneurial mindset there are endless possibilities and opportunties to grow a massive business just on sports branded cards.

Premiership Football, NBA, NFL, Cricket.. the list goes on and Karatbars can put any design on the card you wish.

The cards can even be numbered to be given out as season or membership cards.

Karatbars branded sports cards is also a great way for any sports club or organisation to raise money for their sport or cause.

Once registered you can get more information on how all that works from myself or the team at head office.

Feel free to get in touch on any of the media below if you have any questions.

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