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Simple Instructions On How To Set Up, Write and Make Money Blogging.


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I have tried hundreds of different ways to try and grow my network over the years and NOTHING works as well as writing a blog.



Not Facebook Marketing, Using Hootsuite, Twitter, Linkedin or having the best SEO expert design your website.


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If you want to be found on Google on the first page set up a blog and write a few blog posts every week.


People search for everything on Google, and blogging WILL get you found!


I have 400 people in one business, 1600 in another and 200 in another ALL from blogging!


Its works for ANY business! Estate Agents, Restaurants, Online Businesses…..promoting ANYTHING!


Proof it works!

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Writing a blog post – Where do you start? 


You could use a Free platform like Blogger which I have used in the past. Problem is that it doesn’t rank well. was one I set up to test it against my paid platform. Its free but its free for a reason!


There are some paid platforms out there and I was using Empower Network for over a year until recently.

You can see my old blog at


My Empower blog ranked really well and I got a lot of business from it so i couldn’t fault it from that point of view.


The problem was that it was so difficult for novices to set up I couldn’t recommend it to anyone. If I did recommend it I would have to spend hours helping people set it up.



They would then get fed up with it and cancel their subscriptions!


Along came The New Pure Leverage Blogging Platform in June 2013

Pure Leverage is how Empower Network SHOULD have been!

pure leverage - make money blogging


Pure Leverage make it really really simple for anyone to have a website like this one set up in a few minutes and it only costs $25 per month.


You simply have to pay your $25 by credit card, choose a name and start writing about whatever you like.


Make Money Blogging


Click HERE to get started.



I chose “premierteam” so my blog is  I have always owned so I just “forward” that to my Pure Leverage domain.


Once you have paid and chosen your username you simple fill in your profile in the back office, chose whichever template you want, click “new post”  and start writing.



writing a blog



Custom Header For Your Pure Leverage Blog


If you want a custom header like I have I will make you one if you join my team. I have the software to do that and can create one for you.


Writing a Blog – What to write about

This seems to be the biggest fear people have. People seem to think they will have nothing to write about.



I can 100% assure anyone who starts writing a blog that this will NOT  be a problem. 


All you have to do is chose a business and write a diary of your progress in that business.


Eg: Join Karatbars, start in their 12 week plan and write about your progress. HERE


The first post may take you an hour to write but after a week or two this will go down to about 15 minutes.


If you were to chose or two of the businesses I recommend you will have TOO MUCH to write about!

Trust me… I could write ten post per day now but just don’t have time!


While you are learning….Just read my blog posts and take whatever information and inspiration you need.




The important thing to remember is that you also have my help and support every day to ensure that your blogging site is a success.


If you have any questions on anything in this article please send me a quick email to 


I will be happy to share screens with you and help you get your site up and running.


Make Money Blogging