Karatbars Mega Sales Training Update

**I know not everyone likes to ask for help so here is some training that I go through with people who call me. There is a lot of information in it so you may want to print it off to go through it. It’s usefull for any type of sales, not just Karatbars.

Advertisng For Customers / Affiliates

With Karatbars International you have two choices if you want to earn money.

1. Find Customers 

2. Find Affiliates 

The same applies  for any direct sales company with global ambitions such as Karatbars. The budget that normally goes on advertising with conventional companies goes to paying the affiliates in a direct sales business. They need customers, yes, but the first priority is building an affiliate network.

1. If you are looking for customers you earn up to 6% commission on every 1g card sold and 1 unit in the Dual System. Every time I hit 75 units I get an €80 bous payment on my Karatbars Master.card.  100 customers buying 1g per week, for example ,would pay me a minimum of €1000 (Could be from anywhere in my group. Doesn’t need to be personally sponsored people).

Anyone with a Karatbars account can promote their links and websites and it doesn’t cost a cent. If you are reading this email and haven’t bought a marketing package you still have an account website links you can promote.

Your affiliate link is:   https://www.karatbars.com/signup.php?s=premiertam


 http://www.karatbars.com/landing/?s=premierteam if you prefer to use a landing page.

*Change premierteam to your user id. 

  **If you don’t know your user id reply to this email and Ill tell you what it is. 

2. If I lived in America, Spain, Czech Republic where Karatbars has been for five years I would be more focused on building customer numbers. In my experience, affiliates in Karatbars always become customers anyway. They buy cards for loved ones, cards for marketing and/or gold just for themselves as savings.

I do however live in Ireland/UK and here, as with most countries, we are trying to build the affiliate network first. We want to introduce Karatbars to the country and build an affiliate team to do it.

You can’t sell BigMacs if you don’t have a McDonalds.

Building an affiliate team is like owning 10/20/50 McDonalds…. Working around the clock even if you are away.

My aim is to get 50-100 active affiliates up and running here and then we are going to invite Head Office to come over and do an event for us. Anyone can do this in any country and Head Office will support you. (As they are doing in Aruba soon)

See  http://www.karatbarsarubaconvention.com/

Advertising To Find Affiliates

This is my advice on advertising for affiliates. If you follow this you cannot go wrong. I Have built a group of 4000+ in eighteen months from zero so I know this works. It requires no special skills or training so there is no reason not to try it.

1. Remember first and foremost that Karatbars is a business. It is not a program, a cycler, a scheme or anything like that. If anything it is more like a Franchise. With a Franchise you buy everything you need to immediately start trading. A Franchise, by definition, is “a right to sell” You have a right to sell Karatbars products now you have registered on their website.

I actually think Karatbars is much much better than a Frachise as you have no targets or obligations to adhere to! I also know for a fact that there are people making $100,000+ per month in Karatbars in the USA and I don’t know of any Franchise which pays that! Most Franchise businesses also cost tens of thousands to buy into and involve stock, premises, staff etc etc.

With Karatbars a VIP Package buys you; your website, stock, marketing materials and everything else you need to start trading immediately. All this for a one of cost of just €1600 (€1500 with a €100 discount). Gold Package €637  Silver Package €285 Bronze Package €99

Karatbars is a business in a box, the business has been trading for five years, there are 250,000 customers in 123 countries. The product is timeless, scientifically unbeatable,your market size is enormous. (Anyone with paper money, anyone who has a birthday, anyone who would like to earn some more money, anyone who would like to own gold!)



Taking this into consideration this should shape your advertising and where you advertise. Posting links on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc and all that is a waste of time and effort. Don’t do it ever, Facebook is full of people wasting time. 

The clue is in the name “Soc.ial Media”, it’s not Business Media. The only people making money selling ads on Facebook are Facebook. I was a member of 2000 groups and used autoposting software to post around the clock for a month and got nothing from it.

Socially it is great and if you want to keep up with 5000+ other Karatbars people and share stories join our facebook group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/karatbarsworld/

These are my suggestions if you want to speak to serious people. Two good conversations per week is better than ten bad ones. Speaking to uninterested people, people with no money is reason most sales people give up. 

1. Advert Anywhere UK

Leads for £1 each or less. You can buy leads from this company and get the prospects number, email, etc etc. I have spoken to the owner and he is placing adverts looking for specific Karatbars affiliates for us. These are people who answered recent adverts about business opps involving gold.

Advert Anywhere place adverts on all the top boards and newspapers in the UK and the website is first class. You get your leads in an easy to use platform where you can write in notes and keep track. They can even give you leads by postcode.

If you do purchase leads from them you must follow this method of communication. 

A. Call the leads – One twenty second call is better than 1000 emails. Emailing is only for support AFER the person has joined. Email selling is another waste of time.

“Hello, My name is xxxx from Karatbars International regarding your recent business enquiry. Have you got forty five minutes spare to watch our online presentation?”


“Great…. The link is www.thismightbeofinterest.com  I will give you a call in one hour to get your feedback”. 

No, Whats it about?/don’t have time“… Anything other than a yes…

“Thats ok, When do you think you would be available and Ill call you back? It would take me hours to explain which is why we have the forty five minute presentation. If you don’t have time it’s probabaly not for you”. 

Karatbars is your business, not theirs and never let anyone dictate to you how your business operates.

I don’t live in the UK

If you don’t live in the UK thats fine, you can still buy leads from advert anywhere, call them, ask them to watch the presentation and Ill take over after that. They will be very impressed to know that There is a UK Office. Use the fact I am here to your advantage.

UK Calls – You can call all mobiles/landlines in the UK all day from any smartphone in the world for €10 per month using a company called Sonetel –  Click HERE for an account and to get the app. I use Soneteland I live in the UK. I get calls to 40+ countries for €10 per month. Brilliant company.

Register for an Advert Anywhere account HERE or click the image. 


2. Local Newspaper Advertising / Business For Sale Sites

Take a look in your local papers for “Business Opps”or “Businesses For Sale” sections and also do a Google search for “Businesses For Sale”. Once you find the right papers and websites you can start your campaign.

Cost Versus Reward

Fr.ee Advertising is fr.ee usually because its not very good.

I paid €49 for one advert in a paid site and got eleven enquiries. I found one new affiliate who bought a VIP Package and I earned over €400 direct commission. I now have a very good Affiliate who is out working building his business which I will earn a future income from.

€40 to earn €400 – Thats good business. €300 to earn €400 is good business. 

You will need some trial and error but thats no difference to any business. If your outlay is €20 on an advert and you get no responses don’t do it again.

If you want me to cast my eye over your advert before you pay for it thats exactly what i’m here for.

Placing your ads is something you need to do every week and the most important part of your week.

Text to use to get best response.

Copy this on to a word document notepad and keep it as you will need it

German Company, established five years, 250,000 customers in 123 countries, now seeking business partners in XXXXX. Unique Gold gift range, massive market potential. Cost of £1188 /€1600 /$2000 includes website, stock, marketing materials, ongoing training and support. Immediately profitable. Please contact XXXXX on 075 XXXXXX for more information.

Do not add anything, do not subtract anything from that text. If its not in there I didn’t put it for a reason. Mentioning things like commissions and affiliates may get you banned from good websites. 

If you are adding images, add generic ones that don’t mention Karatbars. If in doubt ask me first.

You are only trying to arouse interest and sell a phonecall at this point. If you get a call from someone it will be from someone interested in a business costing €1600.

Someone calling you is 100 times more powerful than you calling them.

The call: Step 1

Practice this with a family member or friend to get it correct and don’t deviate. 

Hello I’m replying to your advert, can you tell me a bit more? 

“Yes, No problem, Can I just take your name and email?” 

Its John Smith  jsmith@jsmith.com

“Thats great John, Do you have 45 minutes spare to watch our presentation, It contains all the information on the business?”


Thats great. Its at www.thismightbeofinterest.com and I’ll send it over by email now. I’ll give you a call in one hour again for your feedback if thats ok? 

“Yes, thats fine, thanks” or “give me an hour”.. or “Ill watch it later”. Either way its a yes and commit to a callback time. Ensure they know you are calling back.

or – “I don’t want to tell you my email?”/ “I don’t have time”

“I just wanted to send you a link to our presentation. Thats no problem, its probably not for you”. 

“Can you not just tell me about it now?”

“I’d love to but to explain the business properly and answer your questions takes a couple of hours. This is why we have the presentation online so you can see everything in 45 minutes”. 

The point in how you do it is that you are softly trying to qualify the person. You are trying to find out if he/she is open minded and can FOLLOW instructions. I have been in sales for nineteen years and the most important thing you can do is find out what type of person they are as quickly as possible.

If someone does not have 45 minutes to watch a presentation there is a 99% possibility he won’t have time for Karatbars. If he says Yes, no problem, watches the presentaion and “gets it” you will most likely have a great business partner.

My Story is a perfect example: A man called me on Skype in 2013 and said… “Have you got time to watch a presentation, its really interesting and about selling gold products” .. I said yes… He sent me the link… I loved the whole idea… I rang him back first… got his referral link, registered, bought my VIP Package and now I have a group of 4000 without any help from him. 


There are plenty more Brian McGintys out there.. You just don’t know if its the 1st, 9th or 999th person you ask!

After he/she watches the presentation – Step 2 

Hi, I’ve watched the presentation and have a few questions.

“No problem, Ill just get Brian McGinty to give you a call. He is the presentation presenter and my Support Manager. When is a good time for him to call you?” 

Anytime today would be fine on xxxxxxxxx 

You then email, call, Viber. whatsapp me with the details and I will call him/her. My number – 00447511650427

I know your username, I can register him/her in your team, get them set up with KYC, advise them on a package or gold purchases and put them on my newsletter list.

If you want to be in on the call we can do three way calls so you can hear me answering the questions.

After three to six months you will be confident enough to answer questions yourself. The important thing is that you don’t for the first few months.

This is why I am not answering calls from 4000 people…. 

Weekly, I take 15-20 calls from prospects from new affiliates. Affiliates who have been working with me for more than six months can take their own calls and duplicate my system with their teams.

Long term this is a great system because as new affiliates need help the longer serving ones are needing less.


Is This The Easiest Sales System Ever Created? 

In all my years in sales I have never had anyone close my sales, do my follow up and support my customers.

With my Karatbars System I do the presentations, I do the closing, I do the following up and you earn the commission. All anyone in my group needs to do is place the adverts and make the first phonecall.

If I had a Brian McGinty on call 24/7 I’d be feeding him clients by the boatload.

If you use this approach in conjunction with my 100 Squares to Success you can track your progress you can’t go wrong.

Just remember that if you purchase ten leads you might only get one sale, thats normal. If every lead was a sale everyone would be working in sales. The reason people don’t like sales is the nine nos to get one yes.


I, however, am prepared to listen to “nos” all day as one “yes” can make me €400+


The first call is the worst but one you get going it becomes second nature. A little effort now means you can be putting your feet up in 2016. You only need to do this for a short while until your get your team established.


Remember your Sales Statistics and you will never be disappointed by a no again. A salesperson who doesnt know there closing ratios isn’t an effective salesperson. 

“Karatbars International has developed solid long term partnerships with companies such as Master Card & Fedex for payments & deliveries!”
Not got started yet?

A Complete Karatbars Business costs a one -off payment of

Bronze Package – €99  (5% com)

Silver Package – €285  (10% com)

Gold Package  – €637   (15% com)

VIP Package – €1523     (20% com)

The only differences is in the amount of stock you receive and your commission level. Start on any package and pay the difference at any time to upgrade.

Credit/Debit Card or Bank Transfer – LoginHERE and go to the product purchase section.

Note: Call the number on your card and tell them you are going to make a transfer. If you don’t it might be rejected by YOUR card company. 

All packages are crammed with stock, marketing materials etc and are delivered by Fedex. See picture opposite for example.

Remeber to get in touch if you need any help with anything sales or Karatbars related.


Brian. 00447511650427


Ensure your success in Karatbars or any direct sales business with my “100 Squares to Success Plan” attached to this email.

Brian McGinty – Karatbars VIP
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