Top Ten Working From Home Tips – November 2014

Top Ten Working From Home Tips 



I have seen a lot of companies and people come and go in the past eighteen years but some things remain the same no matter what the business is.


I currently help over 13,000 people in 150+ countries with their home businesses and many people fail as they don’t know the basics.


Learn them with my Top Ten Working From Home Tips



1. Do not get sucked in by “pre-launches” or the next “Big Thing

If a business is good enough it will last. If a business is good enough there is no advantage in getting in first.  3500+ of these so called pre-launches didn’t last 12 months in 2013.

I could join Amway, Herballife or Organo Gold today and make money because there is a system. Join a business which has a solid history and if you must join a pre-launch be aware it has a 90%+ chance that it will fail!

If a business is free to join, has no monthly fees and free to build like Beepxtra , (Now in its second year), then there is no monetary risk and it shows the company actually has money to begin with.

Timing is nothing! The early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese!

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2. Do not join a business because of the compensation plan

Join a business because of the product. Join a business because you think it is a good product. Join a business because you think people will want the product.

Do not join a company because the compensation plan promises you will make a fortune! In an established business you can speak to existing affiliates and ask them how they made their money (Past tense)  Overspill and matrix’s are designed to fool you into thinking its easy to make money. Only hard work will make you money. 

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3. Make A commitment to your business

It doesn’t matter if you are selling Visalus, Amway, Kleeneze, Herballife, Karatbars or any other product… You MUST MAKE A COMMITMENT to doing it for at LEAST 90 days. If you can’t or won’t do that you will fail.

ALL successful person I know have the same thing in common…. They can commit to something!  80% of people will recruit 3 people and then give up!

This always happens for the wrong reasons too!  you don’t know the top reasons why people fail online they are HERE

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4. Get into good professional habits

Get out of bed every day and have a shower, get your business clothes on and keep a schedule of your work. If you are sitting in your pajamas then your brain is also sitting in its pajamas! If you opened a shop in the high street you would not go undressed.

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5. Learn your product/products

Imagine you worked as a mechanic… would you know how an engine worked? Of course you would so don’t treat a home business any differently. Companies provide websites for training and information. If you do not know your products do NOT attempt to sell them. I see so many people fail just because they don’t take time to learn what they are selling.

Spend one or two weeks learning your website/products inside out before you go telling anyone about them.

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6. Find a leader in your business and COPY them

Search the internet for a successful person in your chosen business, call them, join their team and do exactly as they tell you. In direct sales leaders earn from the business you create too so they will want you to do well. The best followers ALWAYS make the best leaders. This is because they listen and can learn.

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7. Follow the system exactly.

If the company your are working for has a 90 day plan or a replicated website or system then follow it. It is not up to you to create your own system. Many people I meet online insist on creating their own websites, capture pages and wacky ways of selling when there is a system provided. Its like mixing cement with a shovel when there is a mixer beside you.

Herballife and Amway have a sales system, If I joined them today and followed it I would make money… Fact. I’m not interested in health foods and i’m not overweight hence why i’m not going to. I live in the sun and eat healthy food. 😉

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8. Speak to people.

This is my biggest bugbear in 2014. If you don’t like speaking to people become an embalmer or something. Sales, Direct Sales, Network Marketing is about speaking to people. Even if you find people using capture pages you ARE going to have to speak to them.

ONE conversation will be more effective than 10 emails. If you ASK 5 people every day to look at your business 1 will register. Thats 1825 people you have spoken to and a team of 365 personal referrals.

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9. Learn your Numbers / Ratios

Many people give up on their home business only because they do not know their numbers or ratios. For example… If you speak to 10 people 1 may register so your sign up ratio is 1 in 10. Out of every 10 people who register maybe one will actually buy…. So your registration to sale ratio is also 1 in 10.

This also means that out of every ten people who register nine do not want to buy. That’s fine, normal, that’s sales!! You do not get upset by nine “No’s” you just celebrate the 1 yes.

N.O simply means Next One 

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10. Feed your mind every day! 

Working at home can be a solitary business! If you worked in an office you might have a manager to motivate you every day. You need to keep your mind healthy and focused. This is easier to do than you think… Just go to YouTube and type in Eric Worre or Jim Rohn and watch their videos. Spend at least 15 minutes every day watching a video or reading something positive.

Sales is 90% attitude and 10% aptitude

Write that down and stick it to your computer!


Working from Home Tips 2014

I hope that has been useful…. If you want to speak to me in person about anything above just give me a call on Skype ID  onlinecompanyreview

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I have been training people in direct sales for eighteen years and I love this business.

Every day and every year is different…. I help people now on every continent and love speaking to people from all over the world.

Choose a good business and get committed today…It will be the best decision you have ever made..

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