Karatbars International – Team Update

Karatbars International – Team Update

Wednesday again!!   Got a nice delivery from Karatbars…. 
Karatbars Delivery
As you know I joined a company called Karatbars twelve months ago which had 60,000 affiliates and customers in 57 countries.
In the past twelve months my personal group has grown to 2600+ and the company total now stands at over 200,000+ in 120 countries.
Someone said to me today… “I don’t really get it”   My advice was to stop trying to get it and watch my live presentation tonight.
What I get is that dozens of people I know are earning $10,000+ per week including Bonnie in this picture….  I will be doing the same by the end of this year….
People spend 4 years in University earning nothing in the HOPE of getting a job at the end of it….
All you have to do in Karatbars is watch one 40 minute webinar once a week..and follow what I show you….
No one has to do any reading, learning, explaining or selling
I prepare and present these every week so NO ONE in my team needs to do any answering questions, recruiting, explaining or selling.
Just ask people to watch the webinars…..
I am live tonight as usual at www.karatbarspresentation.com  (Times/past recordings are on there)
Want to hear other Karatbars presentations?
You also have the choice of watching any one of two live USA webinars every day at 12pm and 9pm EST    Every day by different leaders in the company.
Karatbars Explained For Friends And Family
How would you explain Karatbars to a nine year old? I hope you enjoy this short video which does just that…

Karatbars is a business you could recommend to friends and family because it is a business that anyone in any country can do. No one is actually buying anything so no one can loose anything. 
People are simply trading one currency (paper), for a more stable currency (Gold) and doing it through a company with a solid four year track record who have never ever missed a delivery…
Pretty simple really…  make sure to invite a friend or two to tonight’s presentation…
Brian McGinty  - Global VIP Karatbars Team Builder
Email:  latestnews@karatbarsuk.com
Tel: 0044 75 11 650 427
Karatbars card selection

Karatbars card selection

Karatbars Review – Update – 6th May 2014

  World Championship Soccer Card       5g Karatbars Card

**Remember 24/7 Global Support Desk on Skype - Just search for Skype ID  onlinecompanyreview

Not Joined Karatbars Yet? 

1600+ Customers/Affiliates in our Karatbars group now in 10+ countries. If you would like to join us just click   www.karataffiliate.com
Karatbars Team
Did you realise as part of my team? 
I help you build your business 
as a Karatbars member…..
You do have a Free account and a complete business at your disposal. 
You have a free replicated website and free online shop. 
You can be making money today and it will cost you nothing.
I only started this business in August, am now making a great income each month and really want to help you do the same. I am now at a great monthly level so my attention is turning to my team…
I’ve proven it so with my help you cannot fail in this business.
Karatbars is the easiest way to make money I have seen in 18 years in direct sales. 
Just follow these easy easy instructions..
1. Watch this video which explains everything –  https://vimeo.com/93423063

Karatbars Gold Live Fast Start Presentation 30th April 2014 from Brian McGinty on Vimeo.

2. Watch my fast start live presentation every Wednesday 2.30pm EST / 7.30pm (Uk Time) www.karatbarspresentation.com  
3. Repeat 1 & 2 
Prove me wrong!…. Watch the video and tell me you don’t understand it now…. 
It’s the same presentation every week, its the same process every week, I just repeat it every week.
If you or your customers watch the live presentation or the recording you/they will join Karatbars. Over 60% of people who watch it do!
Prove me wrong……Ask 1 or 2 people to watch my webinar tomorrow and just watch what happens…
Because after you/they watch it you/they will quickly realise…
Karatbars is not about investing in gold
Karatbars pays commissions in CASH every Friday at any ATM 
Karatbars HAS the best buy/sell prices in 24karat 1/2.5/5gram bars, (See pdf attached too)
Karatbars is not a pyramid scheme, binary or MLM 
You/They don’t have to do any selling or need any new skills to build a successful business.
That once you/they start all support for their team is done by me….. I provide all the support and training. 
Karatbars has over 120,000 customers and affiliates in 116 countries because it is safe. 
Whether anyone thinks Karatbars is a good idea or not Karatbars is growing daily as an online/offline business and here is independent proof….  http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/karatbars.com
There is a huge demand so don’t miss the boat…
Karatbars has proven itself over that past 4 years for a reason, Mastercard, Prosegur and Fedex work with Karatbars for a reason, Karatbars sold 54,000 grams of gold last year for a reason, record numbers of people are making record incomes in Karatbars for a reason!
Karatbars is working for me, it is also working for many members of my team now too. My support is free, my training is free…. All you have to do is ask…
If you want to be successful I promise I will help you…. I do this full time.
I’m looking for a few new people to mentor over the next few months…. Please let me know if you would like to be one of them.
P.s If you would like to get set up before you contact me I have made this 4 minute video showing you how… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vlJ8qRTLHI
Brian McGinty  - Global VIP Karatbars Team Builder
Email:  latestnews@karatbarsuk.com
Tel: 0044 75 11 650 427 
*More information on Karatbars at: