5 Things You Need To Know About Karatbars

5 Things We All Should Know

Many people miss out on buying gold from Karatbars or the business opportunity simply because they have misunderstood the business. People don’t know gold is money, they don’t understand spot v retail prices…. Fair enough, we are not taught this in school.
Hundreds of thousands of customers in 120+ countries must know something you don’t otherwise Karatbars wouldn’t still be growing as a company after five years… right? 
The easiest way to understand it properly is to watch www.thismightbeofinterest.com but many people don’t have the “time” to watch a 45 minute presentation. Game of Thrones, Facebook or Candy Crush Saga may get priority! lol


Here are my top five important points you may not know about Karatbars…

1. Karatbars is NOT an MLM. There is not cost to join or register and no monthly or yearly fee’s for customers or affiliates. No targets to hit, no minimum orders, no hoops to jump through to be paid, no losing commissions for stupid reasons, no flushing away of units, none of the stuff that goes on in MLM, pyramid, network marketing companies.
Promote your website, when people buy something you get paid.. End of story. 
You only have ask people to register at www.karatbars.com and enter your username in the “sponsor” box. They don’t even have to commit to buy anything. Buying a marketing package is completely optional for business partners and not necessary to earn money either. Everything is optional.

This is a real company selling real products with fantastic offices in Germany and an ultra professional support team.

Your Head Office Support team +49 7111 289 7000

2. Karatbars cannot be beaten on prices – Karatbars gold today can be bought for $43, €39, £28 per gram. (If you buy the 5g cards and factor in commission and discount). It is only people who haven’t watched the presentation who don’t understand how to get this price.

Karatbars also offer free storage, a buy back facility, no handling fee’s, the chance to buy products with Karatbars in K-exchange and it is 999.9 pure, LBMA certified bullion. There is NOT another company in the world that can compete with all this.

3. Business Partners do not have to sell, explain or convince anyone to buy from Karatbars –  Karatbars has developed a system which means the worst salesperson in the world can succeed. Leaders such as myself present live presentations daily at 12pm and 9pm EST atwww.karatbarswebinar.com or 24/7 at www.thismightbeofinterest.com if the times don’t suit. Your only job is to get people to watch them.

We will speak directly to your prospects, answer questions, help them get set up and will manage all subsequent support and training. The person who invites the most people to daily webinars will make the most money. Leave everything else to me and your support team.

4. Karatbars is not new  – Karatbars us a five year old private company which has been trading solidly without issue. The company has already attracted 250,000+ customers in 120+ countries. Customers and buy today and get their products delivered by Fedex. Business Partners can start earning today and be paid next Friday. Why would anyone bother risking their time or money on an unproven business?

95% of online businesses fail within the first year so my advice is stay away from new companies. Scratchcards and travel are the hot mlms of 2015. I have been working in direct sales for twenty years and these waves are normal.

Hoprocket, Viral Angels, Lucky5, Golden Scratchie, and all these other pre-launches have less than a 5% chance of lasting a year even if they get off the ground.  There is no such thing as “first mover advantage” or getting in early.

5. Karatbars is creating millionaires – Many business partners who started in 2011 are now earning $20,000+ per week in commissions. I have only been with the business for two years and have reached $2000 per week. Keep asking people to watch the webinars and your customer numbers grow. You have no targets to meet and every commission you earn you keep without exception.

The key thing to remember is that there are no subscriptions so 0% cancellation rate. Unlike MLM which is like a bucket with a hole where you need to keep recruiting people. You could introduce two good people who go on to build two great teams and you would never have do any work ever again.
The reality is you probably need to introduce 20, 50 or 100 to find your superstar builder… But that’s the fun of building a business.
If you want a true passive income without limits then I don’t now of any other company that offers you this for the price of a Karatbars marketing Package.

Bonnie – Karatbars Affiliate
Its not as if its only the people at the top of the business are doing well or certain countries. We have people in Australia, Singapore, Ireland, USA, Canada, Thailand Spain, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Sweden, the list goes on… Anyone can become a successful promoter regardless of their skills or background.
If you want to buy gold there is no better place to buy it. If you want more income or a business to run there is nothing better, easier or more lucrative than Karatbars. 
You have already registered so just start sending people to the webinars and you will be surprised at the results. If you need any help both myself and your support team are always available. brian@globalgoldbullion.com   or  +447511650427

Have a great week….


Brian McGinty

Brian McGinty – Karatbars VIP  – Supporting 6000+ Karatbars customers and affiliates in 100+ countries. 
Got questions?  
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Karatbars Review – 12 Week Plan – Week 2 Results

Karatbars Review – 12 Week Plan – Week 2 Results

Good morning, I hope you are enjoying your Saturday and looking forward to the rest of the weekend.

I started in Karatbars a few weeks ago and two weeks ago I started on my 12 week plan to make at least $4000 per week in 12 weeks. My results are below so keep reading….

Karatbars is a simple business where people can exchange their money for gold. In the past this was never possible because..

1. People didn’t know where to buy 999.9 Currency grade gold.

2. They could only buy it in ounces, bars or large amounts.

Karatbars have made gold accessible to the masses by providing one grams amounts in a beautiful Karatbars card. These cards have been certified by the LMBA, London Bullion Market Association.


My Karatbars Card

Once you join Karatbars as a customer or as an affiliate you can have your Karatbars card delivered to your home. My delivery to six days to Ireland.

I have been working in direct sales for eighteen years and have been involved in many different types of business. Never EVER before have I found a business which appeals to so many people on so many levels.

No one needs to ask “What is Gold?”

The sign up rate in two weeks has been fantastic!

Gold is was and always will be exactly what it is! Everyone knows what gold is by the time they are two years old. Gold does not have a product life cycle! Another company isn’t going to come along and offer you a better 999.9 grade of gold.

The timing for Karatbars is brilliant.

Just at a time when people don’t trust the banks and are looking for safe ways to invest their money along comes Karatbars. A safe, easy way for people to own their own gold in a manageable monthly savings plan!

What about Karatbars as a business? What do promoters, affiliates get out of it?

Karatbars need people to promote the business and have set up seven different ways in which you can earn an income. These are explained in this video…


Karatbars – Earn by helping people save. 

All affiliates earn commission on all the gold saved by their customers. The more customers you have the more you can make. This does not involve you recruiting anyone as affiliates. Just customers who save.

You can use the marketing material in your back office and you will get your own personal website address. This is a simple business which anyone can run full or part time both online and offline.

Karatbars 12 Week program

Karatbars have designed an easy 12 week program in which you can firstly help build the distributor network and in turn share in the revenue of your sub-affiliates. This only involves finding two affiliates per week for a period of twelve weeks.

I started two weeks ago and the most common question so far is… “What happens if I don’t get two?”  lol… such a negative pessimistic world we live in!

Nothing happens is the answer…. its just a plan… a target. Its like a weight loss target. If you don’t hit it one week you can try next week!

The Karatbars plan is simple… which makes it easy to duplicate.

1. Register, buy your package, set up a weekly savings amount. (I bought a silver €249 package which meant I got a gram in the post too!) The bronze €99 package is and online package and you don’t get anything in the post. You can also upgrade any time you like.

2. Find two people per week to copy you. This is where most people worry! Well you don’t need to with Karatbars because you don’t need to do any selling yourself.

There is a live webinar EVERY day at 12pm and 9pm EST. (Google EST for your own time). Its 5pm and 2am UK. www.karatbarswebinar.com  Just ask people to watch it.. it last about 30 minutes.

I also have a Karatbars webinar recording on my YouTube channel HERE

If your prospects have any questions after watching just ask them to call me on landline, skype, gmail, email, whatever… support@onlinecompanyreview.com (00447511650427)

After a few weeks you will be able to answer questions yourself. There sn’t anything complicated about Karatbars.

What happens if you stick to the plan…

This is the good bit, if you.. with my daily help, find your two people per week to copy you this is what will happen…


Karatbars Bronze Plan

That’s correct… by week 12 you should be making $4,485 per week… not per month. By buying a bronze package for €99 / $130 and sticking with the program. Yes… by week five you will have made €39.. and this is where people give up!

But by week six your weekly gold will be free of charge and all money after that is cash you can spend! I don’t know about you but I could certainly use an extra $4000 per week!

My results…. Week 2 Karatbars Plan

I started two weeks ago but I started with the silver package.. this is because I wanted a gram delivered and a marketing pack.


My Karatbars Marketing Pack

I have asked about 100 people to watch the webinar… about 25 have…  18 have registered and 4 have bought silver packages and are following the plan!

My total team is now over 60 people… Because people are just getting on with it… Its a simple straightforward business which easily duplicates.

Two affiliates joined my team in week one… two this week….  And just for you non believers…. lol


Karatbars Downline

Karatbars – What’s the risk?

The risk is almost zero. For the customer the only risk is in how much gold they would like Karatbars to store and how much they want delivered.

For the affiliate the risk is a one off payment to start and once you earn that back in a few weeks your risk is gone. You aren’t actually asking people to spend… just save!


Karatbars Packages


You don’t have to worry about gold going out of fashion, you don’t need to worry about a “better” gold coming on the market! And best of all the timing, training and support is fantastic.

To get started as a customer just click HERE


To become a Karatbars Affiliate – www.partnersingold.com


Karatbars UK – www.karatbarsuk.com


Karatbars Ireland – www.karatbarsireland.com


Karatbars Portugal  www.karatbarsportugal.com