Karatbars Cash Gold Announced – Global Crash Predicted For 2016

Karatbars Cash Gold Announced – Global Crash Predicted For 2016



Karatbars Cash Gold Announced – Global Crash Predicted For 2016

Fantastic Announcements

What a time to have an account with Karatbars!

I had one day last week when over 100 customers and affiliates joined my Karatbars business in 24 hours! Over 5600 people now in 100+ countries! I made €480 in one day there is so much activity happening!


Karatbars keeps moving forward in its quest to bring real money to the people and the latest addition to this is the new Cashgold. (Picture above). Notes with gold bullion actually in them. We already have the cards with the highest security in the gold industry, coins and now notes.

Harlad Seiz has a clear vision of the future and since I came into the company in 2013 he has delivered on every stage of his plan and, most importantly, on time. (As German companies do).

There is so much happening I am struggling to keep up with it all in these newsletters. If you want to get the stories in real time as they happen click HERE

Below is my pick of what has been happening over the past week. 

There is now no logical reason for people not to be buying gold. There are enough signs in the public domain now for people to realise that their money in the bank is in a very very perilous position. Robert Kiyosaki’s video below will explain why.

If you want to get started buying gold or promoting Karatbars as a business simply watch www.thismightbeofinterest.com.

If that doesn’t answer all your questions just get in touch by Mobile/Viber/Whatsapp/Oovoo/Skype on +447511650427 or emailbrian@globalgoldbullion.com

Karatbars Moto GP team in action in Germany and Harald went along to show his support. HERE
Harald meets Audrey, Style magazines luxury blogger. HERE
You don’t need to use your affiliate link any more if you don’t want to. Just send people towww.karatbars.com and tell them to put your username in the sponsor box. The site will recognise your name and link the account to you. If you are reading this email you are registered and do have a username. See my video tutorialHERE
One of the worlds most respected financial analysts explains why you need to buy gold and why there is a massive financial crash coming IN 2016. Video – HERE
China calls for new global currency! ABC news story HERE

Karatbars Corporate Newsletter – 26th January 2015

BMcG Consulting 
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Karatbars Corporate Newsletter – 26th January 2015


Before discussing the latest updates, we would like to thank all our customers and business partners for your hard work and dedication over the last year. Thanks to you, the number of International customers and business partners steadily continues to grow. We are also truly thrilled and motivated by the fact that our products and one of a kind business model has touched and benefited the lives of thousands. Together we have achieved a lot in the past year. I would personally like to thank each of you because it is through your hard work, time and energy that continues to make Karatbars the most exciting business opportunity in the world. We are looking forward to achieving even more together in 2015. In order to contribute to furthering your success, we have developed a new innovative product line for our Karatbars business partners around the world.


New 3D Metal Cards Our latest edition to the Karatbars gold card product line will be designed and produced in a Stunning all new metallic finish with fine engraving causing a 3D effect to be created. These cards will be available in the all new 3D metal format:


3D Metal - I Love You  3D Metal - Congratulations


Karatbars Corporate Newsletter – 26th January 2015


The offering of our new 3 D product line will give new affiliates and current affiliates, a very unique earning potential within Karatbars. We understand that many families are struggling in the current economic climate yet they are looking for a way to increase their weekly income. Karatbars International has made it possible for all new affiliates to obtain a Business Package within the Dual Team system without using their own discretionary income to get started and earn an amazing income for their future.


Double Income You will have the option to purchase our newest 3 D product cards in the coming days. You will be able to sell the new 3 D product line to third parties, family or friends. The cost will be approximately 96€ (dependent upon the daily gold price) During the first six weeks of becoming a new registered affiliate with Karatbars, new affiliates will have the opportunity to earn double commissions (30€) from the direct sale of all products within our 3 D product line.


Commissions earned during the first 6 weeks of registration may be exchanged for a Dual Team business package. Shipping and country dependent fees will remain the responsibility of the new affiliate. Once the six week time frame has expired following the new registration, commissions on the sale of our new 3 D product line will revert back to 15€ in direct commission per 3 D card sold.


The sale of:

• 90€ Double Income Commission = Bronze Packages

• 270€ Double Income Commission = Silver Packages

• 600€ Double Income Commission = Gold Packages

• 1500€ Double Income Commission = VIP Packages

*** If you do not wish to have the commissions earned applied to the Dual Team business package, you will have the option to receive the payout.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have selected the option to have commissions paid out, you cannot undo this setting.

This strategy allows you to increase your earning potential and take part in the Dual Team pay stream by selling the 3D cards and working your way up to a package without ever having to actually take money from your own pocket!!!!


And now for the already existing affiliates!


All existing affiliates will also receive 30€ direct commission for the sale of a 3D card through midnight CET (Stuttgart time zone) March the 9th 2015.

Direct commission from the sale of the 3D product line will receive 15€ in direct commission after this date.

Please note however that if you already have a package, these commissions will NOT be able to be used for an upgrade. They will be paid out as regular direct commissions.


Karatbars Corporate Newsletter – 26th January 2015


***NOTICE*** World Call with Harald Seiz.

Our Leader and visionary, Mr. Harald Seiz will be kicking of 2015 with a personal World Call to ALL affiliates across the globe, where he will discuss the vision and plans for 2015. This call is not to be missed. DATE: February 9th 2014 TIME: To be announced…


Sincerely, Your Karatbars team

…………………………End of newsletter


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