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Hi again,
             I never usually write on a Saturday but this is important.
Karatbars are doing 3.5 million turnover per month, have  200,000 clients in 120 countries and the plan is 194 countries.
In order to facilitate this Karatbars are implementing a major new credit card provider for payments in (Purchases of gold and packages etc)
The one they have used for years is no longer suitable for the growth of the business and this is great forward planning by the company.
This does not in any way affect your Mastercard. That is payments out and carries on as normal.
Whats does this mean to you
If you or anyone in your team has been trying to buy anything for the past 14 days or so you may be getting error codes. The IT department are sorting through these error codes and eliminating them as they happen.
There have been dozens of purchases in my team this week from classic cards, gift cards to bronze, silver, gold and vip packages and marketing system packages so it is definitely  NOT happening to everyone. 
I’m sure that won’t make you or your team members feel any better if it is you having the issue but please bear with the IT team as they resolve the remaining error codes.
I personally cannot imagine the size of the task as there are 200,000 clients in 120 countries and 3.5 million per month turnover so this is no mickey mouse processor!
If you or anyone in your team really really don’t want to wait to make you purchase the bank transfer option is always there and only takes 2/3 days to clear.   
Personally I would keep going as normal, keep registering my affiliates and customers as most people accept that a business in such growth needs to make operational changes which take time. Happens in any business. A restaurant might close for two weeks for a renovation!
Support also sent this message so it is worth reading it…
“Please note, we integrated a new Credit Card provider last week. 
Due to these changes some difficulties regarding payments occurred and still can occur.
Before making a purchase, please make sure to double check with your card provider or your local banks Fraud Department in order to confirm that they have not placed any restrictions or limits because of an international purchases. It’s the most common reason why a purchase does not go through.
So BEFORE you make the purchase, please make sure to:
1.            Check the balance of the Credit Card and ensure there is enough money in the account. Please note, our prices are marked in Euros which is a lower amount than US Dollars.
2.            Inform the Credit Card Company that you are attempting to make an INTERNATIONAL PURCHASE and that it will be in a FOREIGN currency.
3.            Inform them that the recipient’s name is currently set as “OTGM” (Bank of China), not “Karatbars” and they should authorize transactions using the “OTGM” merchant name.
(this should be changed to “Karatbars” as the recipient’s name within about 3 weeks)
Please note, if you try to make a purchase more than three times in one hour, you are automatically blocked from our system for 12 up to 24 hours. Also, we only accept MasterCard, American Express and Visa Credit Cards.
Karatbars Delivery
Have a great weekend…
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Karatbars card selection

Karatbars card selection

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Over 60 people on last Sundays alone so well done to all of you who invited people….
Thanks again for all your hard work, it is appreciated…Until next week.
P.s Some images attached you might like…. 🙂
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