Buy Gold Bullion – Karatbars International Review

Buy Gold Bullion – Karatbars International Review

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Buy Gold Bullion – Karatbars International Review

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No cost to register, no monthly fee’s subscriptions or charges. Just the best quality gold bullion at the best prices per 1gram , 2.5 gram and 5gram weights.

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So whats in this video?

Karatbars International is a solid five year old company which operates out of Stuttgart Germany.

Karatbars have over 300,000 customers and business partners in 121 countries and this number is growing by the hour.

All Karatbars Gold bullion is delivered by Fedex Insured courier. Should customers wish to choose storage this is also free.

Karatbars is not about gold investing, gold speculation or the markets. It is about the average person taking possession of their own gold bullion in their own homes.

Owning gold is more about the buying power of the dollar Euro or Pound going down than about the price of gold going up. Gold is a hedge against inflation. It is a store of value, a way to lock in the value of your time, labour and effort at work.

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Which other gold company has licencing agreements with The Vatican, Real Madrid fc, Moto GP, Olympic Atlelites etc etc!

Which other gold company gives you the chance to give a birthday, Christmas or wedding gift of 24kt gold?

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Buy Gold Bullion – Karatbars International Review

Karatbars Cash Gold Announced – Global Crash Predicted For 2016

Karatbars Cash Gold Announced – Global Crash Predicted For 2016



Karatbars Cash Gold Announced – Global Crash Predicted For 2016

Fantastic Announcements

What a time to have an account with Karatbars!

I had one day last week when over 100 customers and affiliates joined my Karatbars business in 24 hours! Over 5600 people now in 100+ countries! I made €480 in one day there is so much activity happening!


Karatbars keeps moving forward in its quest to bring real money to the people and the latest addition to this is the new Cashgold. (Picture above). Notes with gold bullion actually in them. We already have the cards with the highest security in the gold industry, coins and now notes.

Harlad Seiz has a clear vision of the future and since I came into the company in 2013 he has delivered on every stage of his plan and, most importantly, on time. (As German companies do).

There is so much happening I am struggling to keep up with it all in these newsletters. If you want to get the stories in real time as they happen click HERE

Below is my pick of what has been happening over the past week. 

There is now no logical reason for people not to be buying gold. There are enough signs in the public domain now for people to realise that their money in the bank is in a very very perilous position. Robert Kiyosaki’s video below will explain why.

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Karatbars Moto GP team in action in Germany and Harald went along to show his support. HERE
Harald meets Audrey, Style magazines luxury blogger. HERE
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One of the worlds most respected financial analysts explains why you need to buy gold and why there is a massive financial crash coming IN 2016. Video – HERE
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