Karatbars Live Webinar Tonight 7.30pm

Karatbars Training

**Remember 24/7 Global Support Desk on Skype – Just search for Skype ID  onlinecompanyreview
In under 2 hours I will be doing my weekly live online Karatbars presentation…. 
No hype, just facts…. Make up your own mind about Karatbars. 
7.30pm GMT   /  2.30pm EST Thursday (Tonight) 
Just click www.karatbarspresentation.com  and watch it…  
Its really is as easy as that! Just watch and listen….No chat, no questions.. just an honest presentation. 
*Find out why people bought 9 VIP’s, 3 Golds, 7 Silvers and 2  Bronze packages in my team alone in the past week spending over $20,000 in the process. 
*Find out why over 100,000 happy customers and affiliates have joined Karatbars in 116 countries. 
*Find out why I think this is the easiest business I have seen in eighteen years in this industry!
*Find out exactly how and why people around the world are earning $10,000, $20,000+ per week…. week in week out. 
These webinars are the secret to building your Karatbars business. If you can get people to watch them your business will grow…FACT
Call, ring, text, skype everyone you know and tell them to get to their pc and click www.karatbarspresentation.com at 7.30pm.
Can’t wait,  make it, can’t watch it, missed it today!!….. Don’t worry…..
I have just finished making a Pre recording and it is on Youtube now…
Watch it at your leisure… 🙂
Make sure you do watch it and make sure everyone you speak to watches it. It will explain everything you need to know about the company and how you make money.
See you later…..  www.karatbarspresentation.com
Brian McGinty  – Global Karatbars Team Builder
Email:  latestnews@karatbarsuk.com
Tel: 0044 75 11 650 427 
Freephone:  0800 0488 131
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