New design Newsletter – 6 Step success Plan

January 5th 2016

New Design Newsletter For 2016!

Welcome firstly to all our new business partners and customers! 7480 in 100+ countries.. and counting!

If you have missed previous Newsletters you can read them HERE

The Plan For 2016?

December is over!!! No more quiet months now until August so full steam ahead!

Customers – Tens of millions of people around the world do not know that gold is money, they also don’t know that they can buy gold from Karatbars for as little as $44 / €40 / £30 per gram.

Our mission is simply to show them!

Business Partners – My personal financial goal was always to earn €5k per month and I have long since done that.

100% of my time and effort now is helping my team reach their own goals. 

If your aim is an extra €1k / €5k or €20k per month then Karatbars is where you can achieve it in 2016.

It has been proven over and over now for six years by thousands of partners in dozens of countries. Its a level playing field, a simple business and anyone can do it.

Six Steps To Guarantee Success

Since I joined Karatbars in 2013 I have tested every marketing system and lead generation system available. I have tried every sales techinique that I have learned over twenty years in direct sales!

I have spoken with thousands of other business partners in order to learn what works for Karatbars and what doesn’t. *Social media works for health products but not for gold for example. 

The result of this research is the six steps opposite! ->

Six steps that anyone in any country can follow. (This is important as Karatbars is a global business and I work with partners in 100+ countries).

It is important just to follow them even if you don’t know why you should. Trust me, the reasons will become clear if you do.

Here is brief overview of each step and why it is important to follow it. 

1. I update the presentation every week or so with the latest information. If the last time you watched it was a month ago you will not know about the latest products. Watch it over and over until you know what im going to say next!

2. I don’t invite people to watch the webinars now because that phase of my work is finished. In the beginning I was asking 5-10 people every day to watch the presentation. It is all about making a habit of it.

Remember anyone over eighteen can be a customer or business partner so ask anyone and everyone. Your minimum in the beginning should be three per day until you get some momentum going.

3. Facebook is a terrible place to try and grow your Karatbars business but it is great socially and a great way to connect with others in the company.

We have 7000 members in our private group and it is vital that you join and share in others success every day. Seeing others doing well is great motivation and we can share ideas, tips and good news.

4. I have been a direct sales trainer for over twenty years and I offer all my experience to my team for free. You can call me every day for a year and I will answer the phone every time! I love training people.

I cannot call 7000 people every month so I rely on you to contact me. I make it easy via telephone/skype/text/ email/whatsapp/viber or however you prefer.

A five minute chat every month or every week is vital so I can guide you personally.

Newsletters are general.. Only by reaching out to me can I help you based on your time, budget and experience. 

5. If you are trying to sell food you have never tasted you cannot sell it. How can you ask people to buy something you don’t buy yourself?

Even just one gram of gold per month will mean you are a regular gold saver. I buy 1 x 5gram at the start of every month and I can 100% say I believe in my product and in saving in gold. Just 1 gram per month is €54 but will change everything about how you present your business. I now have one of every card Karatbars sell and it feels great to have the products to show people.

6. Every great sales trainer was taught by someone… Eric Worre was taught by Tony Robbins… Tony Robins was taught by Jim Rohn! I try to watch one of their videos once a day. Its food for my brain and what I learn I can pass on to my team.

We need constant education. They will teach you how to become a better direct salesperson. Every one of us needs to improve, make ourselves better.. Nourish our positivity!

Sales is 10% aptitude and 90% attitude Click the links in step six and subscribe to those three channels for the very best sales training on the planet!

That’s loads to digest for this week…. We are now in thee best six months of the year so make hay, get started or get active again.

Look out for some great new videos tutorials on Youtubeand looking forward to seeing you on my live webinar today.

To your success… Lets have a great 2016!

Brian McGinty

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TODAY – Jan 5th, 12pm EST (5pm UK)
Global Team Count – 7480
Welcome to all our new customers & business partners

Six Steps ToGuaranteed Success

If you want to build a successful business you must follow these steps.

1. Have I watched the presentation at www.thismightbeofinterest.comin the last two weeks?

2. Have I invited people to watch Brian’s live weekly webinar (Tuesday 12pm est) or arecording today?

3. Have I joined our private Facebook group?  HERE

4. Have I spoken with /emailed/ whatsapp/viber/skyped Brian this month at least once? +447511650427 

5. Have I saved at least 1 gram of gold myself this month?

6. Have I done anything to improve my sales skills? What have I learned this month about building a successful business?

Have I watched some videos fromEric Worre or Jim Rohn or Tony Robbins *(Click names for videos)

Follow the steps above every week and it is impossible not to have a successful business in the next six to twelve months.

Never miss out a step

Don’t do five of them and miss out one. If there is something you don’t understand about a step then step 4 takes care of that when you speak to me.

Got questions?

Contact me 24/7…  Many ways to get in touch….. 95% of all enquires answered within fifteen minutes.

Global & Instant Reply –  Cell/Viber/Whattsap –  +447511650427

USA Toll F.ree  +1 8888 029327

Skype: (F.ree text/chat) – Search for onlinecompanyreview

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Karatbars Earning Example – VIP Package


Karatbars Earning Example – VIP Package 


Karatbars Earning Example VIP Package

Karatbars Earnings Example

How much would make you happy?

Lets imagine, like me, you bought a VIP Marketing Package for €1500 / $1700  / £1074.Its worth pointing out that it’s a one off payment with no weekly/monthly costs.  I bought mine in 2013 and Karatbars has not cost me a single cent since. 

Then let’s imagine you managed to sell just one per week…. (If you send three people per day to that’s what will happen).
That will earn you £22,000 / $35,000 per year!! 
That’s if every single business partner you introduce drops dead just after he/she buys. That’s if every single person you introduce never buys a single gram of gold. 

Ok, that’s a bit dramatic… but that really is worse case scenario… Wouldn’t you say?!

I make €500 – €1000 per month in just gold sales alone… before package sales or units are taken into account.
This is why some Karatbars affiliates are already earning $50,000+ per week, this is why the comp plan allows for €1 Million euros per week. 
The stone cold hard truth is that even if I went fishing for the next twelve months anddidn’t log into my Karatbars account thousands of euros would still be hitting my account every month.

This is because affiliates I introduced are building, creating units and my customers are buying gold regularly every week and month.
This number will increase as our focus shifts from building business partner numbers now to customer sales in 2016/2017
Two “good/active” introductions and you can put your feet up.. That’s a fact with Karatbars. (There are no targets to hit, nothing to pay, nothing to do to keep your account active. It’s unique in direct sales companies)

Is it easy at the start.. No…I had to listen to people saying “i’m not interested” all day to find the ones who were. That’s just sales.. Its numbers… Nothing personal. 20 years in sales has taught me that.

Will the “good/active” people be the first two you register.. of course not…It’s possible, yes, but so’s me winning the 100 metres at the next Olympics.  They could be the 11th and 118th…. If you keep going you will find them. If you stop after 5 or 10 you won’t.

Has it been worth it?…

Getting to spend every day with my daughter, seeing her first steps, helping her with her first drawing, getting her up, putting her to bed and missing nothing is priceless in itself.

Not to mention our new house, taking sunny days off work, going on holiday when and where I like and being 100% in control of my life is also priceless.

Why buy VIP? – Buying any package is a good move but if you buy a bronze package your customers will buy bronze, if you buy gold you will sell gold packages. Its called attraction marketing. People like to copy their sponsor / introducer.

I have 5000+ in my group and I see this phenomenon happening over and over.

You also get 20% commission on package sales and €80 every time you hit 75 units. Silver would give me 10% commission and €40 every time I hit 75 units.

In simple terms I earn about €5000 per month now as a VIP, If I was on Silver I would be on €2500 for doing the same work. €2500 is great… €5000 is better.

What do you get in the package? 

In the video below I show you what you actually get in your Karatbars VIP Package. Many people don’t realise that the value of the bonus cards, discount cards and gold is more than the cost. You get great vaule in every package, no matter which one you buy.

You are simply buying a fully functioning business with no overheads.


That’s all for this update on the VIP Package. It’s probably the best business decision I have ever made and really is the gift that keep on giving.

Make sure to subscribe to (My Youtube Channel) for more videos, tutorials and my latest presentation.

Until next week…

Brian McGinty – Karatbars VIP  – Supporting 5000+ Karatbars customers and affiliates in 100+ countries. 
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