Karatbars UK And Karatbars Ireland

Karatbars UK And Karatbars Ireland


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Karatbars UK and Ireland


Karatbars International has been running successfully for four years and has amassed 200,000+ customers and affiliates in 120 countries. The reason for this success is that Karatbars is NOT AN INVESTMENT COMPANY…. Karatbars sell a range of products that include 999.9 pure gold bullion and are making the purchasing of gold available to the masses.


Karatbars is a straightforward sell products, earn commission business.

For the past one hundred years the public has been forced into owning paper money. We accept the fact that paper money devalues and we also accept the fact that pure gold (Which is real money), is something only owned by governments and the super rich.

Karatbars is a category creator… Karatbars are the Henry Ford of the gold world… Karatbars are creating a medium whereby any citizen with internet access can now buy their own gold bullion in AFFORDABLE, CONVENIENT quantities.


Karatbars card selection

Karatbars card selection


People say to me all the time… “I can buy an ounce cheaper…When really they can’t… They don’t have $1200 spare and wouldn’t know where to buy it if they did… Ebay??? 


Most people CAN actually afford €50 a week or a month and Karatbars allows these people the opportunity to buy as and when they can afford to.


Just while i am on the subject of price… a 2.5 gram Karatbars card works out at around €44 per gram and a 5gram card works out at about €39 per gram. I also have 3% discount codes for anyone who wants to bring that €39 down further… If you would like 3% off your gold purchases for twelve months just email latestnews@karatbarsuk.com 


This s only a sample screenshot… The price increases/decreases daily.

Karatbars price per gram




Karatbars UK and Karatbars Ireland


So, getting back to the point of this blog post…. Karatbars has been hugely successful in the USA and other countries but has not yet taken off as well in the UK and Ireland. There are three reasons for this.


1. Irish people think the only place you can find gold is at the end of a rainbow! (Not true really but it illustrates a point about gold ownership.. or lack of!)

2. The UK government protects cash deposits up to a certain level which makes everyone feel safe having their money in a bank. 

3. No one has really started promoting Karatbars in either country… Until now….


My first point goes to show the reality of the fact that governments have kept gold away from the public so well that ownership of it could only be achieved by finding a leprechaun at the end of a rainbow. Karatbars are blowing away this misconception and making gold available to the public again.

Karatbars UK and Ireland

The banks saying they will guarantee deposits is fine but then again you are also accepting the fact that the €1000 you put in this year will NOT buy you the same goods and services in 10 years time. Your money is the reward for your labour…. and you are basically agreeing that you allow it to be eaten away by fee’s charges and inflation by putting it in a bank.

Secondly, what if the internet goes down? What id there is a terrorist strike and you can’t get online or ATm’s don’t work. What if the banks shut up shop like what happened in Cyprus last year?

What do you physically have to buy goods and services if your debit card stops working?

Anyone in The UK or Ireland who thinks that’s can’t or won’t happen is definitely not living in the real world…. Just watch the news for an hour…


Karatbars UK and Ireland

Cyprus Banks Close Doors


Karatbars Uk and KARATBARS Ireland

Karatbars has a wonderful range of products at the best price and is offering the public protection for their savings so who is going to start spreading the word in the UK and Ireland.

There are over 60 million people in The UK and Ireland who do not know about Karatbars. They do not know that they now can own their own gold money. Karatbars are seeking sales people, agents, affiliates to spread the word about Karatbars in The UK and Ireland now.

I am personally seeking some leaders in Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland to join my global team of 2700+


Karatbars UK and Ireland


What you will receive by joining my Karatbars UK & Ireland group..


1. One to one personal training by telephone, email, Skype and Face to Face where possible. 

2. €100 discount towards your Karatbars VIP Package if you choose to start at that level. 

3. At least two paid package members in your Karatbars downline to get you off to a fast start. 

4. Regular new members added to your team from overspill I create. 

5. Online and/or Offline training depending on your existing skills. 

6. Membership of or private Karatbars Facebook group. 

7. My 18 years experience in this industry. 


My Karatbars support desk is open seven days a week because I realise how many people only can work at certain hours, weekends etc. My desk also runs from 9am -10pm as I have many team members in the USA and other countries as well as UK people only getting home from work.

It really is impossible to fail in Karatbars as part of my team. The fact that 20 of my guys have already gone one to build a group of over 2000 between them is testament to that.





Karatbars UK and Karatbars Ireland Fast Start Guide.

It doesn’t matter where you live. It could be Cork, Belfast, London, Manchester or Cornwall! You can get started with your Karatbars business today and in a matter of minutes.

Once you have purchased your marketing package there is nothing else to pay…. Ever! No weekly, monthly, yearly fee’s. Karatbars is unique as it doesn’t depend on subscriptions to keep the company going! Once you have a Karatbar in your hand you will understand what I mean.


Karatbars Delivery


To get off to the fastest possible start you need to register for your free account.


Karatbars Ireland     www.karatbarsireland.com

Karatbars UK   www.karatbarsuk.com


Once you have done that just go to www.karatbarspresentation.com to watch the latest presentation and to get the most up to date information. If for any reason you are having trouble viewing it there just go to www.bmcginty.com


If you have completed both those simple tasks you will now know which package you want and how to buy it. They start at only €99 so one there for all budgets. Your package bought determines your commission level… simple as that.  Bronze 5%, Silver 10%, Gold 15% and VIP 20%.


If you are purchasing a VIP Package you should contact me first for your €100 off bonus card code. Just email latestnes@karatbarsuk.com

Karatbars Vip Package



Karatbars UK and Karatbars Ireland

The people in the UK and Ireland have been hit hard by the recession and many scam businesses on the internet. (I’ve seen then myself unfortunately!)

Karatbars is a chance for people to join a successful company with a proven track record. Karatbars deliver all gold by Fedex and pay all commissions by Mastercard. Even the most sceptical of people know that they are major companies and would not be involved with any shady businesses.

The beauty of Karatbars is that no one is actually spending anything when you think about it… People are simply exchanging one currency for a better one!

Please get in touch if you have any further questions relating to Karatbars. it is a great company that has given me the chance to sell the ultimate universal product to everyone!

Skype ID  onlinecompanyreview

Email: Latestnews@karatbarsuk.com

Telephone 00447511650427

Your Top 5 Karatbars Questions Answered

Before joining any business people have questions….. These are the Top 5 Karatbars Questions I am asked. 





1. Can you buy 24 Karat Currency Grade Gold Cheaper anywhere else? 


A. If you can I don’t know where. I have checked goldprice.org, bullionbypost.co.uk and other sites and Karatbars is by far the best value.


Please feel free to let me know if you find 24 Karat Gold Bullion by the gram any cheaper anywhere else. 


Karatbars allows you to buy gold by the gram and gives you free storage or delivery. Brokers on websites such as goldprice.org want you to buy a minimum of 10 or 25 grams.


Buying more than 1 Gram With Karatbars


If you buy more than one gram at a time with Karatbars the price also comes down and I think most people do not realise that.



Karatbars price per gram



You do not HAVE to buy 4 x 1 grams per month.

You can decide how much, how often and when you want to buy gold. There are no rules saying you must do anything.


Anyone with a Free Karatbars account can buy gold whenever they like. When they do their sponsor makes some commission.



The Karatbars business is no more complicated than that. Its is simply a gold savings club. If you have more customers buying and saving gold you will earn more commission.




2. What if Karatbars stop operating? 


When you or your customer makes a gold purchase your gold is not stored with Karatbars. It is stored securely with Prosegur. A third party security company which operates all across Europe. This is an audited company.


Karatbars will have the gold stored here for customers FREE of charge for as long as they wish in Switzerland or Singapore.



If customers want their gold delivered they just go to their back office and make a delivery request.


EG: I asked for a delivery to my UK address. It cost me €13 and arrived after 6 days by Fedex. 


Karatbars shipping costs – Up to 100 Grams. 

€9 Germany   €13.50 Rest of Europe €18.50 Rest of World. 

Over 100 Grams is FREE. 

This is why I feel affiliates should fell comfortable promoting Karatbars as a business and customers can fell safe with their purchases.

monthly or weekly saving



3. How much does it cost to become an affiliate? 


Anyone can become and affiliate or customer for FREE. A free affiliate can build a customer base and earn commissions on his or her customers.


EG; A Free affiliate with 100 customers saving 1 gram of gold each per week would earn around €700 per month as they would be earning 3.5%  


As their customer base grows the commission level increases to 6% 


You can become a FREE affiliate HERE


Free affiliates get three affiliate links and their own replicated site with which to build their business.



Your Referral Link: http://www.karatbars.com/?s=premierteam
Your personal Shop Link http://www.karatbars.com/shop/?s=premierteam
Your personal Landing Link http://www.karatbars.com/landing/?s=premierteam

This is called the Unilevel system and these affiliates are paid every month.



Karatbars Dual System

Karatbars also reward affiliates for helping them grow the affiliate business and to enter into this side of the business you must buy a marketing pack.


Karatbars Pacages – €99 bronze pack,   €249 Silver pack,    €595 Gold Pack,     €1595 VIP 


With each increase in pack comes an increase in commissions and more gold, bonus cards and discount cards.



Anyone can start at any level and upgrade at any time by paying the difference.





4. How much help will I get to grow my business?


There is NO online business where you will get more help and support. If you join my team you will et my personal help whenever you need it.


Telephone:  0044 7511 650 427   Skype myshoppinggenieeurope  (24/7) 

Email: support@onlinecompanyreview.com  


Karatbars provide TWICE DAILY free webinars for everyone.  Just click this link at 12pm or 5pm EST (5pm & 2am London time)   www.karatbarswebinar.com


Karatbars has a simple affiliate program with a great product and its impossible not to be successful with my help.

Karatbars banner


5. How much money can I make with Karatbars?  


The clue to the answer for that question is the word “I”



If you, for example,  buy a Silver Package today and do nothing about promoting your business for the next 12 weeks you will earn nothing.


If you bought a Silver Package today, read all my blog posts at www.onlinecompanyreview.com and started on my 12 week program you would probably be making $4000+ per month by Christmas.


My personal aim and that for my team is to be earning at least $4000 per week by the end of twelve weeks.


We have a simple 12 week program which anyone can follow.


Watch this Karatbars video which explains the program



Karatbars will send you your own Pre paid Mastercard with which you can withdraw your commissions. Commissions are paid every Friday and ALWAYS on time!





You only need to dedicate a few hours per day and register for an account on IBO Toolbox. Its like Facebook but for internet business owners. Its also 100% free and this is where you will find all the downlines you could ask for!


The only knowlege you need for this site is how to write and copy and paste your links.



Top 5 Karatbars Questions – Summary

Karatbars customers have a great product at a great price and it is secure.

Once you buy your package in Karatbars there is nothing else to pay for. No monthly subscriptions or costs.

You get all your marketing tools included and IBO Toolbox is a free site where you can interact with other online business owners and grow your business.

You also receive daily FREEsupport from my for free to ensure that your business is a success.

Please get in touch if you have any further questions or need any help wit growing your Karatbars business.

Karatbars banner