Karatbars Earning Example – VIP Package


Karatbars Earning Example – VIP Package 


Karatbars Earning Example VIP Package

Karatbars Earnings Example

How much would make you happy?

Lets imagine, like me, you bought a VIP Marketing Package for €1500 / $1700  / £1074.Its worth pointing out that it’s a one off payment with no weekly/monthly costs.  I bought mine in 2013 and Karatbars has not cost me a single cent since. 

Then let’s imagine you managed to sell just one per week…. (If you send three people per day to www.thismightbeofinterest.com that’s what will happen).
That will earn you £22,000 / $35,000 per year!! 
That’s if every single business partner you introduce drops dead just after he/she buys. That’s if every single person you introduce never buys a single gram of gold. 

Ok, that’s a bit dramatic… but that really is worse case scenario… Wouldn’t you say?!

I make €500 – €1000 per month in just gold sales alone… before package sales or units are taken into account.
This is why some Karatbars affiliates are already earning $50,000+ per week, this is why the comp plan allows for €1 Million euros per week. 
The stone cold hard truth is that even if I went fishing for the next twelve months anddidn’t log into my Karatbars account thousands of euros would still be hitting my account every month.

This is because affiliates I introduced are building, creating units and my customers are buying gold regularly every week and month.
This number will increase as our focus shifts from building business partner numbers now to customer sales in 2016/2017
Two “good/active” introductions and you can put your feet up.. That’s a fact with Karatbars. (There are no targets to hit, nothing to pay, nothing to do to keep your account active. It’s unique in direct sales companies)

Is it easy at the start.. No…I had to listen to people saying “i’m not interested” all day to find the ones who were. That’s just sales.. Its numbers… Nothing personal. 20 years in sales has taught me that.

Will the “good/active” people be the first two you register.. of course not…It’s possible, yes, but so’s me winning the 100 metres at the next Olympics.  They could be the 11th and 118th…. If you keep going you will find them. If you stop after 5 or 10 you won’t.

Has it been worth it?…

Getting to spend every day with my daughter, seeing her first steps, helping her with her first drawing, getting her up, putting her to bed and missing nothing is priceless in itself.

Not to mention our new house, taking sunny days off work, going on holiday when and where I like and being 100% in control of my life is also priceless.

Why buy VIP? – Buying any package is a good move but if you buy a bronze package your customers will buy bronze, if you buy gold you will sell gold packages. Its called attraction marketing. People like to copy their sponsor / introducer.

I have 5000+ in my group and I see this phenomenon happening over and over.

You also get 20% commission on package sales and €80 every time you hit 75 units. Silver would give me 10% commission and €40 every time I hit 75 units.

In simple terms I earn about €5000 per month now as a VIP, If I was on Silver I would be on €2500 for doing the same work. €2500 is great… €5000 is better.

What do you get in the package? 

In the video below I show you what you actually get in your Karatbars VIP Package. Many people don’t realise that the value of the bonus cards, discount cards and gold is more than the cost. You get great vaule in every package, no matter which one you buy.

You are simply buying a fully functioning business with no overheads.


That’s all for this update on the VIP Package. It’s probably the best business decision I have ever made and really is the gift that keep on giving.

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Until next week…

Brian McGinty – Karatbars VIP  – Supporting 5000+ Karatbars customers and affiliates in 100+ countries. 
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New Karatbars Live Presentation – 7.30pm

New Karatbars Webinar Presentation Announcement



I am now going to make growing your Karatbars business even more simple.


 Karatbars Presentation – Live


From tomorrow night, Thursday, at 7.30pm UK/GMT time I am going to do a live Karatbars presentation for you and for all your prospects and team.



There will be no links to me or my sites so tell as many people as possible about it. At the end I will simply say get back to the person who told you about the presentation.



All you or they have to do is:



1. Click  www.karatbarspresentation.com at 7.30pm on Thursday evening.



2. Make a list of people now, contact them and tell them to click www.karatbarspresentation.com tomorrow night at 7.30pm




I am trying to make Karatbars 1000% impossible for you NOT to make money with. 



 karatbars presentation


There will be NO hype! Just all your Karatbars questions answered.


I believe in straightforward honesty and Karatbars does not need to be hyped.




  • Karatbars has the best prices for both buying and selling 1 gram, 24karat currency grade gold online – FACT! (Product list attached)



I will personally give $1000 to anyone who can find me gold cheaper than I am getting it with Karatbars 




  • Karatbars has a solid 4 years history, 100,000+ customers/affiliates in 100+ countries – FACT!





  • Many people around the world are making $10,000+, $20,000+ per week – FACT!





  • Its the easiest and most secure business on the internet – In my opinion! Laughing (And i’ve seen 1000’s of businesses)  




100,000+ other people in over 100 countries over 4 years can’t all be wrong.



karatbars presentation




Why is Karatbars easy?



It’s easy because all you have to do is buy any package from €99 / $130 upwards and then ask people to register on your site.  Once you buy your package its all profit. No monthly fee’s or subscriptions.





I have now made 4 videos explaining each package in simple terms: Pick the one you can afford and remember it’s a one off payment.





Bronze €99  5% commission / €10 er cycle –   WATCH VIDEO



Silver €230  10% commission / €40 per cycle – WATCH VIDEO 



Gold €595  15% commission / €60 per cycle  – WATCH VIDEO 



VIP €1595   20% commission / €80 per cycle – WATCH VIDEO 



The videos explain what you have to do. Everything can be done in under 5 minutes. 


karatbars presentation




I don’t like answering questions/I don’t have time/I don’t understand Karatbars



Luckily for you I do… and if your prospects have questions you pass them to me or ask them to watch a free webinar.


I will answer all questions from all your team… and their team. My seven day support desk is always open.



Wheres the catch?

The catch is in human nature. 90% of people give up on things within 3 weeks! 


90% of people can’t remember to ask people to register on their Karatbars website. 


90% of people then give up when someone says no to them. 


 karatbars presentation


I have 104 direct referrals in my team…That’s about 1 every 2 days…  I think i’ve had to listen to 1000+ “nos” to get them. 




It’s impossible to fail….



Karatbars also have 2 daily webinars at www.karatbarstv.com  12pm and 9pm EST which will do all the explaining about the business in 30 minutes.



I am now going to add a third “Brian McGinty” UK style webinar at 7.30pm every Thursday.  www.karatbarspresentation.com




All you have to do is ask some people to watch it. 




If all goes well with this one I will add a second one maybe in the morning? … Your feeback on this would be appreciated.



Lots of new updates, downline building ideas and help on my blog…





That’s all for this update… You will receive a reminder of the webinar tomorrow so please help me make this a great weekly event.



I am at my desk if you need me to speak to anyone for you or need any personal help/training.


Brian McGinty


Skype ID – onlinecompanyreview  (9am – 9pm Mon -Sat)





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