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Buy Gold Online


There are many ways in which you can buy gold online but none are as, easy, safe, affordable or exciting as Karatbars. 


The new way to Buy Gold Online in 2013

Karatbars are not new but only recently have they been made available online.

Karatbars has made it possible for ANYONE and EVERYONE to own their own Gold Bullion for the first time.

No longer is it only the super wealthy who can secure their wealth with Gold.


Buy Gold Online

Anyone on over eighty five countries can now open a FREE Karatbars account and purchase Pure 24 Karat Currency Grade Gold in a matter of seconds. HERE


Opening an account is completely without obligation or commitment. 

The only thing the customer must do is upload a copy of their ID and address to comply with KYC money laundering regulations.


Buy Gold Online – What Are Karatbars? 


Karatbars are laminated with a certificate, which results in a bank card format and is delivered in this manner.

This packaging combined with a unique 3-D effect of the hologram, gives the gold bars their extraordinary design.


Karatbars gold bars are not only a popular investment, but they are frequently bought as a fascinating and distinctive present and are becoming increasingly popular.



Karatbars are available in sizes 1g, 2.5g, 5g cards.


Buy Gold Online

Karatbar Classic

Karatbars 5Gram karatbars 2.5Gram

The Karatbars differ from ordinary gold bars in that they have a hologram at the back. At the front they are embossed with the fineness and weight of the gold bars.


In addition Karatbars are equipped with the inscription “fine gold” and a assayer’s mark and a melting mark.

The clear advantage with Karatbars lies in the ability of resale. With the certificate, the hologram and the contained gold, which is exclusively produced by suppliers and refineries, that are listed on the LBMA, we offer our customers a high level of security for Karatbars gold bars.


Registration as a customer is completely FREE. Click  HERE


Buy Gold Online With Karatbars – Prices


When buying gold you want the best prices possible and that is also something you will find with Karatbars.


The price changes on the site daily but here are some examples. *September 2013


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Buy Gold Online – Various Payment Options


Karatbars make it easy to buy as much or as little gold online as you can afford.


You can choose to make a monthly payment, buy a specific amount of gold, eg €200 worth or make your purchases any way you choose.


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There are various payment processors which make it easy for people from all over the world to use the Karatbars website.


Karatbars make the process so easy so anyone can own as much gold as they want by simply logging in and making their purchase.


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A Karatbars Classic Card



Buy Gold Online With Karatbars – Storage and Delivery


Karatbars will store your gold completely free of charge in Switzerland or Singapore and it is stored with a third party security company called Prosegur. This gives all customers complete peace of mind.


If you would like your Gold delivered you can have it delivered securely by Fedex for only €13.50 within Europe and €18.50 outside Europe.


Buy Gold Online – Other Karatbars Products


Karatbars Country Cards – Karatbars are producing limited edition country cards and as the business grows these will expand to include many new countries and become great collector items.


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Special Gold Cards For Special Occasions


The Karatbars range is growing and already you can buy many fantastic cards which make excellent presents for friends and family.


These are some of the most recent special gold cards available.

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Buy Gold Online With Karatbars 


If you want 24 Karat 999.9 Currency Grade Gold choose Karatbars. 

If you want the best online gold prices choose Karatbars

If you want free gold storage choose Karatbars

If you want a fantastic gold product range Choose Karatbars. 


Register below for a free Karatbars Customer account or click HERE

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If you have any questions about Karatbars please contact or call 0800 0488 131 / Mob 00447511 650 427 

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