Karatbars International – Urgent Update plus Valentines Cards

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Karatbars Hits Olympic Gold With Martina Sablikova

Karatbars International – Urgent Update plus Valentines Cards

**If you are forwarding my weekly update then please ensure you forward this one as its very important. If you don’t read on….
Good afternoon,
                       Many people have referred people into Karatbars but the nature of sales is that they may have decided to do other things and don’t keep in contact with these people.. fair enough.
I have 3700+ people in my group but I only have email addresses for the 500 or so I referred myself.
That leaves 3000+ that may need help and support and may not know I or my support office exist.
If you have referred anyone and are not supporting those people I can put them on my Newsletter list so they do get my updates, help and training.
Why bother if they weren’t interested the first time? 
Here’s why…

I send weekly emails and updates because professional sales people know the stats above are fact in ANY sales business.
I was told about Karatbars about seven times before I even registered. 
You still get the direct commissions and units and but I do the work so not a bad deal.
Here’s what you need to do 
1. Compose an email to info@karatbarsireland.com
2. Login at www.karatbars.com if you have forgotten your username ask me and Ill get it for you.
3. Click on the “personal referrals” tab under “team statistics”  http://karatbars.com/members.php?page=personal_referrals
4. Highlight all the emails as a bunch of text and paste them into that reply email to info@karatbarsireland.com .
I use this email extractor to sort them from the text http://eel.surf7.net.my/ and I can add them to my newsletter list.

Karatbars International – Urgent Update plus Valentines Cards

Why is doing this so important? 
1. I provide a free seven day help desk and can help them for you.
2. Gold is now at over €53 a gram and if you consider it was €47 per gram in October it is really on the move. (See list attached)
Why is it? 
Well you won’t see it on the news but the Swiss U-turn last week has seen billions lost by gambling bankers… Nothing has changed there then!!!
One hedge fund lost $830 Million Dollars of its clients money and has had to close.. REALLY!
If and when the dollar does collapse,(in my view it has to), having your own stock of gold might be the best decision you have ever made.
A 5gram Karatbars card today is only €215 (€41.70 per gram with 3% discount) and we are selling tens of thousands of euros of them. .
Our team has sold over €40,000 worth in the past two weeks with individual €7000, €10,000 and €4000 sales to name just three!!
Those people who registered may not know this but if they are on my list at least I can keep them updated.


New Karatbars Valentines cards released….  

On a lighter note….. As we all know Karatbars have a fantastic gift range and the Valentines cards are flying out this week.
Login at www.karatbars.com and have a look.

Remember to add me on Skype, Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber etc…
Most importantly…. You NEED to be on our global Facebook group… But you must be registered first at www.karataffiliate.com
Some great testimonials on there and its great to see so many happy Karatbars customers telling their personal stories.
Until next time.
Brian McGinty – Karatbars VIP  – Supporting 3700+ customers and affiliates in 100+ countries. 
Got questions?
Many many ways to get in touch….. 95% of all enquires answered within 30 minutes.
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Karatbars International – Urgent Update plus Valentines Cards

Karatbars 2015 – New Year – New Look Websites

Karatbars 2015 – New Year – New Look Websites


BMcG Consulting 
55 Ann Street, Ballycastle, Co. Antrim BT54 6AA
R.O.I Freephone: 1800 817 061 / N. Ireland Freephone: 0800 0988 331
Tel: 004428 2014 0004  / Mob: 00447511 650 427 


New Year – New Look Website for www.bmcgconsulting.com


As regular readers of my blog will know I have been with Karatbars International since 2013. What started off as an interest in buying gold has turned into a major business where I now look after 3600+ customers and affiliates in 100+ countries.

I have been in direct sales for nineteen years and have never worked with a more professional or well organised company. People buy gold, they have it delivered by Fedex, I earn commission and it is paid on to my company Mastercard.

Very simple and straightforward but extremely effective.

The great news is that Karatbars International is only five years into a ten year plan and so far they have hit every milestone along the way. When I registered in 2013 there were 60,000 customers and affiliates in 57 countries. As of today there are 250,000 customers and affiliates in 122 countries and growing.

The plan is to allow people in 194 countries the opportunity to own their own gold bullion and take possession of it so the opportunity is enormous for anyone who wants to get started today.


Karatbars UK and Ireland

Why join/buy gold with Karatbars International?


  • Solid 5 years history of delivery and commission payments
  • The best retail/delivered prices on 1gram, 2.5gram and 5 gram gold bullion. (SPOT price is NOT retail)
  • Solid partnerships with Mastercard and Fedex
  • Solid direction and company plans for the coming years
  • 250,000 customers and affiliates in 122 countries.
  • No sign up fee’s, monthly or yearly charges.
  • Seven day global support from www.bmcgconsulting.com



Karatbars 2015

New Year – New Look Websites

It really is time to get serious now and I have opened up new communication channels to facilitate the many different ways people like to communicate.

Below you can find email, Facebook, freephone, skype, telephone, whatsapp, viber contact channels which are now open.

If you use one add me on one… if you use all of them add me on all of them.

commitment karatbars



New Year – New Look Websites

Who wants to change their lives in 2015? Do you want to make an extra $100 Per month? an extra $500 or an extra $10,000?

Karatbars is a simple sales business but it requires work… There is no get rich quick without work. If you want to get rich by doing nothing the only legal way I know is the lottery. If you do not want to wait for the lottery I can train ANYONE how to get 2 /3 sales a week from today if they want to be taught.



Someone who buys a VIP Package today and gets just 2 vip sales per week will earn over €800 per week / $1000 per week from week one!

That’s just a simple as it is…

The secret is to be able to find the right people and knowing where to look. That’s my side of the deal. I know where to find the leads and how you can contact people pretty much for free!

If you would like the contact details of great lead sales companies or want to know how you can make free global phonecalls all you need to do is get in touch using the channels below.

Don’t delay another second….

karatbars 2015



If for any reason you have not watched my latest presentation you can see it below.


Now you have seen that you can register for your free account at www.karataffiliate.com and wait for a welcome email from me.

All new team members will receive my free 100 squares to success plan… an easy guide to making sales every week.

Thanks again…. And  Happy New Year!

Brian McGinty – Karatbars VIP  – Supporting 3600+ customers and affiliates in 100+ countries. 
Got questions?
Many many ways to get in touch…..
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Mobile 07511650427                                           Landline 004475 1165 0427
Email latestnews@karatbarsuk.com                      Email:  info@karatbarsireland.com
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