Buy Gold – Karatbars Must Have Products

Buy Gold – Karatbars Must Have Products

Buy Gold – Karatbars Must Have Products

Since 2013 Karatabars has grown from 60,000 customers in 57 countries to 350,000+ customers in 121 countries.

My personal team will pass 7000 today and as a group we have achieved over €100k in sales in the past month alone!

Sharing Success

I am always talking to successful Karatbars affiliates so I can share what they are doing with you.  

What I have noticed is that the people with the highest sales have two things in common.

1. They save at least one gram of gold per month themselves. (I buy one 5gram on the 1st of each month) 

2. They have a selection of cards which they can show to people or display in a meeting. (I always keep some cards and a coin in my wallet)

Karatbars purchases are completely optional but that doesn’t mean you should opt out. Its much easier to promote any product when you can show it to the person you are talking to.
If you can tell people you are saving 1, 2 or 5 grams of gold a month you will find promoting Karatbars as a concept is much easier. 
EG: If you were an ice cream salesman and you were saying..  “I’ve got great ice cream.. I don’t eat it myself but you should” .. Do you think that would work?

What you should keep in stock… 

I recommend that you should always have 1 x 1gram, 1 x 2.5gram, 1 x 5gram of the classic cards and 1 x coin.

Then, if you can afford to….1 x celebration card /birthday or Christmas and 1 x sports cards and 1x charity or Vatican.

If you can’t buy them one go collect one each month. Having the 1, 2.5gram and 5gram are the most important to start with.

A selection of cards 

  Purchasing Gold from Karatbars Is Easy

1. Login at

2. Click the product purchase tab

3. Click the product, choose quantity, free storage or deliver and checkout.

4. Pay by credit/debit card or bank transfer

Tutorial – I have made a short video showing you the process –

Product list – You can see the full product price list at this link

Thought for the weekend!
Owning gold is not about it going up in price..(If it does that’s a bonus) .

It is about securing the buying power of what you earn. Paper moneydecreases in value every day that you are in possession of it due to bank charges, tax and  inflation.

This map why Karatbars is a global success!

That’s all for this update… Please get in touch if you have any questions.



Brian McGinty – Karatbars VIP  – Supporting 6900+ Karatbars customers and Business Partners in 100+ countries. 
Got questions?  
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Karatbars Webinar – Live Februrary 2014

Missed this weeks live Karatbars Webinar?


 808 in our team now so well done on all your hard work!  




I can’t imagine how big my team could be if it didn’t have two other businesses to run, one launching and a heavily pregnant/ ill wife to look after…..
In case you or any of your team missed my live webinar last week here is a recording. 
*Please have a look and leave a comment underneath… (Helps with the Google rankings)

And here’s a stat for you….
Over 50% of people who have watched my webinar have upgraded!
*Maybe its because I explain the business with zero hype!
*Maybe its because I show exactly how you can earn $10,000, $20,000+ per week…
*Maybe its because they can see how safe, secure, long term and easy Karatbars is!
Either way over 800 have joined my team, 100,000 customers and affiliates have also joined Karatbars in 114 countries and the company is growing so they can’t all be wrong!
My advice is to watch my webinar and then email it to every single person who has registered in your team. Sending one email could make you some money today!
If they do decide to upgrade you can pass them to me for help and support…..
Remember to grow a Karatbars business you don’t need to sell anything except a webinar, ask people to watch a video…… leave all the selling and support to me.
If you have any questions or need any sales training I am at my desk if you need me…
I can’t make it any easier than that….
If you do want to get going and don’t know how I have, of course, made a 4 minute video which explains how….

Until Thusday……   My next webinar is at 7.30pm GMT at
Brian McGinty
Tel: 0044 75 11 650 427 
Freephone:  0800 0488 131
Karatbars price per gram