Karatbars VIP Exclusive Package – Explained

Karatbars VIP Exclusive Package – Explained



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Karatbars VIP Exclusive Package
Lets Look At The Facts 
 I joined Karatbars International in 2013 when there were 60,000 customers in 57 countries. (If you have a look at my first presentations on www.bmcginty.com you can see the figures)
Only eighteen months later we have 250,000 customers in 123 countries and are on target for 194.
The growth is amazing!
The LBMA refinery is now putting the Karatbars logo IN the gold and its chemically fraud proof.
Rock solid contracts wit Master.card, The Vatican and Fedex go from strength to strength.
New contracts with Real Madrid FC & plans to open a bank in 2018 are taking things up yet another level.


Get Your Share Of  Karatbars
Make Money Without Customers or Affiliates
 The VIP Exclusive Package gives you the option of referring no one and still making a great return EVERY YEAR.
Perfect for people who want a share of the Karatbars business but don’t have time to find customers or affiliates.
The value of the products within the package exceed the cost but the added value of the World Pool Share make it a no brainer.
There are only a limited number available so don’t miss out. 
Watch my video opposite to learn about exactly what is in this package and how you can be paid from your shares every year. As the company grows so will your return.
As with everything in Karatbars it is a one of cost with no monthly or yearly fee’s.


I’m here to help


Brian McGinty – Karatbars VIP  – Supporting 4000+ Karatbars customers and affiliates in 100+ countries. 
Got questions?
Many many ways to get in touch….. 95% of all enquires answered within 30 minutes.
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My Trip To Karatbars Head Office – October 2014

Brian Mc G
Brian McGinty – Karatbars VIP 
Got questions?  That’s what i’m here for….
Freephone 0800 0988 331          Freephone 1800 817 061
Landline 028 2014 0004             Mobile 048 2014 0004
Mobile 07511650427                  Landline 004475 1165 0427
USA Toll Free –  +1 8888 029327
Skype: (Free text/chat) – Search for onlinecompanyreview
What a great trip to Karatbars Head Office!
Karatbars is getting better and better and my trip to Stuttgart only confirmed to me what I already knew. Karatbars IS the right business to be with and I am looking forward to the coming years with this company.
I arrived on Thursday afternoon at Valhinger Strasse in Stuttgart and was greeted in the office by Harald Seiz’s P.A. I was then given a personal tour of the offices and met Joshua and all the support staff who were busy training all the new recruits.
I then went to Thomas Schranners office. He is the Head Of Operations and gave me a fantastic overview of what is happening in the coming years and months.
He showed me the new cards and products which are being released in Las Vegas in November and explained about the new website which is on the way.

Once that meeting was finished we went to Harlad Seiz’s Office which I have to say was a very impressed suite! I’d love to have an office that looked like that!
Harald explained to me his vision and plans for the coming six years and showed me the new packaging on the VIP packs which look fantastic. My overriding impression is that he really wants to focus on providing quality products to every Karatbars Customer and a brilliant opportunity for affiliates around the world.
New website, clothing range, new cards, new marketing materials, intentions on owning their own mine and even setting up a Karatbars Bank! This company really is on the move and has a fantastic plan towards 2020!
I really don’t advise waiting another second on getting your business moving.
karatbars silver package
Moving Forward – What did I learn? 
In the coming months and years I am going to focus on building my Karatbars business more offline. The fact that many people “downed tools” over the AMF “warning” just goes to show how fickle and nervous home workers are.
For anyone who doesn’t know about it… A local authority in Quebec, (A small territory in Canada), The AMF, issued a “warning” against investing in overseas companies “such as Karatbars”.
This should be the easiest thing to overcome yet many people overreacted and got spooked by it. Bloggers, spammers and MLM websites picked up on what was a non story.
So what was  this “warning” about?
1. It applies to investment companies and Karatbars is NOT ABOUT INVESTING. Karatbars customers buy products and have them delivered. 
2. It only applies to you if you live in Quebec. (Not even a country! – Just a territory in Canada) If you or your customers live in any of the other 120 countries don’t worry about it. 
Karatbars have been successfully delivering products into, now 121, countries for five years.. To over 200,000 customers and affiliates so if anyone mentions Quebec to you just ask them 1. Where they live and 2.  If Karatbars is an investment company.
The internet is packed to bursting with tens of thousands of positive reviews from Karatbars customers yet sharing clicking of that report has pushed it to the top of the Google rankings!
“Bad news is half way round the world and good news is still getting his shoes on!”
Unfortunately human nature is to crave bad news, listen to gossip, watch the news and believe the negative. I find successful people are the ones who can wade through this and make up their own mind based on the facts.
Be very aware that your customers may come across this so be prepared to handle it.
Please read it… To me its just a great bit of advise if you live in Quebec and want to invest money overseas… Neither of which i do. 🙂
make money online
Karatbars is a real business
Karatbars is a “business in a box” a cheap Franchise opportunity.
For €99 / €288 / €588 or €1600 you can have a marketing pack, website, no stock to hold, no inventory and no overheads. Profitable immediately and paid weekly.
I am going to focus on looking for people who would like to own their own business and who will treat it as a business. People who would like to own a Franchise but can’t afford one!
Business for sale classified sites, local newspapers, not home business, mlm sites…..
“Business for sale, low cost, stock included, profitable. Call 07511650427” 
Once I get a call I will ask them to watch www.thismightbeofinterest.com
New Fast Start Presentation – Live Tomorrow…
With my move to Ireland, trip to Stuttgart etc I have not been able to do any presentations for two weeks. The good news is that they will be starting again from this week and I have redesigned it.
1. It still has all the essential information. 
2. It is much more product focused. 
I’m really fired up and ready for the next twelve months with Karatbars. I hope you have got some sense of that from my email and that you can join me on this journey.
I really have no intention of leaving my desk until Christmas so if you want help, advice, training get in touch.
You are getting this email because you already have a Karatbars account… That means you probably have team members under you already that I have put there to get you started!
Login now at www.karatbars.com and have a look. You might be surprised!
Have a great week…
Brian McGinty
TEL:  0044 7511 650 427