Karatbars New Corporate Video – November 2014

Karatbars New Corporate Video – November 2014


If you ever were in any doubt about the professionalism of Karatbars International this peak inside head office should make it evaporate pretty quick. 


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Karatbars New Corporate Video – November 2014

A few weeks ago I decided to get on a plane and go to Stuttgart in Germany to see the new Karatbars International head offices. I have spoken to the staff there many times but still wasn’t too sure what to expect.

The experience was nothing short of fantastic. I was greeted by the CEO’s PA who took me on a tour to meet the support staff, IT and the other departments. I then met with the Head Of Operations MR Thomas Schranner who invited me to his office for a chat. He breifly went over the company vision and plans before taking me to see Harald Seiz, the Owner and CEO of the company.

Harald was extremely positive and clear on his vision for Karatbars as a company in the next six years and was glad to share that with me. He showed me some of the new products and offered me any help and support I needed to take the business forward.



Karatbars Head Office



Karatbars New Corporate Video – November 2014

In the new corporate video released today you can get a sense of what I experienced while in head Office. The offices are immaculate, the staff as as they seem in the video. Young, professional and dynamic. There are no actors in that video.

Karatbars is the business of the future and the future is in gold. Whether you decide to become a Karatbars customer or not we are heading towards a massive financial crisis and you really need to be changing as much devaluing cash into gold as you can. If you want the best prices on 1 gram, 2.5gram or 5 gram bullion then Karatbars cannot be beaten.

I have made another video which shows exactly why Karatbars cannot be beaten on price HERE


Karatbars UK and Ireland


Karatbars New Corporate Video – November 2014

If you are wondering how to get involved with Karatbars is is the simplest system I have seen in nineteen years in the industry… Just two steps…

1. Register for an account at  www.karataffiliate.com

2. Watch my latest presentation at  www.thismightbeofinterest.com   (Updated weekly)  or below… November 11th 2014



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Karatbars Newsletter – Webinars, Comp Plan, Events And More…

Karatbars Newsletter – Webinars, Compensation Plan Explained, Nashville Event and Much more…October 9th

**Please read this update in full…. some great information included…


Karatbars banner


Karatbars Live Daily Webinars

Click Here to enter the “live” webinar room

List of Presenters  :  Subject to change

“LIVE” at 12 Noon Eastern (USA) Webcast

Monday –  Joe Norman (Click Here – Joe’s Last Webinar)
Tuesday –  Robert La Riviere
Wed    –    Lloyd Merrifield (Click Here – Lloyd’s Last webinar)
Thurs –    Kevin James Brown (Click Here – Kevin’s Last Webinar)
Friday –   Selina Brantley (Click Here – Selina’s Last Webinar)
Sat  –      Dan Girolmo  (Click Here – Boomer’s Last webinar)
Sun.   –    Kevin James Brown

“LIVE” at 9 pm  Eastern

Monday –   Myles Smith &  Pastor Larry Dye
Tues    –     Selina Brantley
Wed   –      Dan Girolmo  aka:  Boomer
Thurs  –     Tammy Morrison
Friday  –     Robert Payne
Sat    –       Dan Girolmo    aka:   Boomer
Sun  –        Pastor Dye / Robert Payne / or Cherylanne Gober

12 Week Plan
Weekly Compensation
Leverage Gold and Gold Prices
Learn the correct way to move money

Daily – Live Webinar 12 noon eastern time zone (USA)
Internet: http://karatbarswebinar.com
Telephone: 213-416-1560 | Attendee Access Code: 542 635 231
Nightly –  9pm eastern time zone (USA)

2 webinars each day

We set people up with a Gold accumulation Plans andearn weekly income from that activity!

It is a Gold savings program that offers each participant the opportunity to exchange paper or digital money for gold, direct, without a Bank or Broker.

The Company pays Affiliates, referral rewards each Friday, for telling others that also use the system to protect and multiply capital.


karatbars training


Simple Plan Qualifications

1. Set up a FREE Account
2. Bank/Save/Move 1 gram, each week, into Savings
3. Find 2 people willing to do the same thing

3 min Sizzle Call 1-218-844-3182  pin: 3010 8646

The Correct way to “save money” – Exchange paper money into gold money, then save it.
Thousands of people, all over the world, do the same thing each week.
Each transaction (movement of money) creates earnings that feeds the commission pool.

Your First Steps:

Step 1: Order a Package (You Select Earning Power)
Step 2: Upload KYC Documents (To Get Paid)
Step 3: Order Gold (Move Money)
Step 4: Share Your Landing Page
Step 5: Attend a Webinar and/or Live Event
 (See above Webinar Schedule)


A FREE Karatbars Account gives you:

  1. Asset Class (That is the Best Quality Collateral that is portable)
  2. Vehicle to Preserve and Multiply Capital
  3. Income Producing (Great history of price & performance)
  4. Ability to “Spin Off” Weekly Cash Flow (unencumbered, no debts or debt payments required)
  5. De-Couple from Banking System, Interest Rates and Fiat Paper Currency
  6. Leverage Gold and Gold Prices
  7. No repairs or maintenance costs
  8. Affiliate Rewards Program nothing short of incredible
  9. Earnings and Profits can be taken in cash and/or 999.9 Gold Grams called Karatbars.

NO!  This is not an illegal pyramid or another MLM program.



make money online

Company Facts:

Karatbars International is based in Stuttgart Germany.

WTO registered as an e-commerce Company, with an Affiliate Program (like Amazon).
All components of the program are optional. No requirements or purchases.

Karatbars International offers savings and money moving strategies, as well as,
the free software to do it with.
 Thousands worldwide are joining this movement.

Karatbars International expedites metal goods sales, secure storage,
delivery, payment processing and innovative money moving strategies.

Germany has extremely strict Business Laws.
Karatbars has met or exceeded German Business Standards for over 3 years.
Karatbars International has met or exceeded International Commerce Laws,
with a 3 year track record of successful, compliant operations.
Does Business in over 70 Countries, shipping 999.9 LBMA stamped, 1 gram units to 60 Countries.



My Karatbars Card


Karatbars International has a 4 year history that is impressive.
Affiliates have developed a 12 Week Plan you need to see to believe.

You can set up an account at no cost. Free to set up and even use.
There are “Free strategies” to multiply earning power and ROI.



Karatbars International’s Affiliate Rewards Program

What do we do at Karatbars International?

“We set people up with a Gold accumulation Plans and earn weekly income from that activity!”

It is a Gold savings program that offers each participant the opportunity to 
exchange paper or digital money for gold
, direct, without a Bank or Broker.

The Company pays me, referral rewards each Friday, for telling others that
also use the system to protect and multiply capital. It is NOT an MLM program.

The price of Gold is immaterial as the program is based on dollar cost averaging over an extended period of time.
Karatbars is NOT for speculators!

What it is not ………………..

It is not a short term profit generating program or a speculative investment.
Buying Gold low, and sell high later for a profit, is NOT a part of this plan!

Active Affiliates that follow the plan are making money.
Profits can be exchanged for 999.9 currency grade gold.

The 12 Week Plan is a mathematical example of what can
happen when you follow the plan over a 12 week period.

Week 4 – 6 – The 12 Week Plan – starts a perpetual gold acquisition
from commissions not your pocket. Weekly cash flow is happening
from the system.

Hundreds and thousands of people, all connected by a referral,
exchanging paper money (gold substitute) for gold money.

When this activity occurs, commissions are paid from the system.

Record MONTHLY Commission(s) – paid out from FREE TEAM SYSTEM
Record WEEKLY Commission(s) – paid out from DUAL TEAM SYSTEM

  1. Record Number of new Affiliates making over $1,000 a week.
  2. Record Number of Affiliates making over $5,000 a week.
  3. Record Number of Affiliates making over $10,000 a week.
  4. Record Number of new Affiliates getting their Gold for FREE from commissions.

The action plan uses mathematical examples, that are dependent on, following the plan as described.
Results can vary based on your activity and the activity of your team.




Affiliate Leaders have developed an income strategy that works when you follow the plan. 

Learn why thousands of people all over the world are taking advantage of this incredible program. 

When it comes to a free Karatbars account, It is best to “have and not need” than to “need and not have”.  


Learn why


Karatbars International is in the midst of …….


Record Breaking 

  1. New Client Account Enrollments
  2. Package Sales
  3. Direct Commissions
  4. Gold Gram Sales
  5. Multi – Cycle Days
  6. Weekly Residual Income(s)
  7. Incentives Reached
  8. Gold Global Pool(s)
  9. Unilevel Residual Income
  10. Fun, and excitement


Affiliate leadership has developed a 12 Week Plan (Strategy)



Karatbars Bronze Plan


The Result (if you follow the plan for 12 weeks)
Passive Residual Income

$4,000 – $30,000 per week


The difference in weekly income is because you select your earning power:


4K if you start and stay with a Bronze Marketing Package;
30K if you start and stay with a VIP
 Marketing Package


With our system, when money moves correctly, commissions are paid.


People that work the plan are making money!


2 Major Things 
Separate Karatbars International from other opportunities.


1. Free Accounts
Money Movement – Paper Money into Gold Money
Finally, we have a Company that does not have to “nickle and dime” people
with enrollment fees, website fees, annual renewal fees.


2. No Spending
Karatbars rewards Saving not Spending.
Simply exchange “move” fiat paper “money”
into 999.9 currency grade gold money, one gram at a time.



Next Live Event:
Nashville Tennessee


Karatbars October Newsletter



Karatbars Freedom Celebration Nashville USA

Date: October 24th – 27th, 2013

Go to registration

Registration Information


Come join Karatbars International as we join together to “Celebrate Our Financial Freedom” at Nashville’s premier hotel, the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center.

The hotel offers guests all the excitement and energy of Music City under one spectacular roof. Beneath our climate-controlled signature glass atriums and nestled in a bend of the meandering Cumberland River is an extraordinary selection of dining, shopping and recreation options that create the perfect setting for a complete getaway. Enjoy 9 amazing acres of indoor gardens, cascading waterfalls and indoor river with our very own Delta flatboat. Within this lush landscape, you will discover remodeled guest rooms and suites, a completely redesigned Cascades lobby featuring a VIP check-in area, and a 20,000 square foot spa and fitness center.


Our Grande “Karatbars Freedom Celebration”   will be held on Saturday, October 26th, 2013.  Join us at 6 pm cst for light refreshments.  The meeting will begin at approximately 7 pm cst.

Come hear words from several of our Founding Leaders:   Cherylanne Gober, Joe Norman,  Dan Girolmo (Boomer),  Pastor Larry Dye, Myles Smith,  Kevin James Brown and traveling from Stuttgart, Germany,  Mr. Thomas Schranner,  Director to the Americas,  & our beloved CEO & Founder,  Mr.  Harald Seiz!


Recognition & Awards to Follow.   We will round out the evening with Entertainment for all.


If you need any further information on this please get in touch with me at:


support@onlinecompanyreview.com  or   0044 7511 650 427


Skype  onlinecompanyreview



Karatbars Introduction Video