Karatbars VIP Exclusive Package – Explained

Karatbars VIP Exclusive Package – Explained



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Karatbars VIP Exclusive Package
Lets Look At The Facts 
 I joined Karatbars International in 2013 when there were 60,000 customers in 57 countries. (If you have a look at my first presentations on www.bmcginty.com you can see the figures)
Only eighteen months later we have 250,000 customers in 123 countries and are on target for 194.
The growth is amazing!
The LBMA refinery is now putting the Karatbars logo IN the gold and its chemically fraud proof.
Rock solid contracts wit Master.card, The Vatican and Fedex go from strength to strength.
New contracts with Real Madrid FC & plans to open a bank in 2018 are taking things up yet another level.


Get Your Share Of  Karatbars
Make Money Without Customers or Affiliates
 The VIP Exclusive Package gives you the option of referring no one and still making a great return EVERY YEAR.
Perfect for people who want a share of the Karatbars business but don’t have time to find customers or affiliates.
The value of the products within the package exceed the cost but the added value of the World Pool Share make it a no brainer.
There are only a limited number available so don’t miss out. 
Watch my video opposite to learn about exactly what is in this package and how you can be paid from your shares every year. As the company grows so will your return.
As with everything in Karatbars it is a one of cost with no monthly or yearly fee’s.


I’m here to help


Brian McGinty – Karatbars VIP  – Supporting 4000+ Karatbars customers and affiliates in 100+ countries. 
Got questions?
Many many ways to get in touch….. 95% of all enquires answered within 30 minutes.
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What Is Your Pension Really Worth?

What is your Pension Really Worth?




Open your free gold savings account at http://www.karatcustomer.com and protect your wealth. Many people around the world do not realise that GOLD is true money and currency is just IOU’s.

How much money do you have in the bank?

Is there even any money in the bank?

Do we really just own digits on a screen?

What happens if the internet went off and/or your ATM stopped working? Have you even thought about that?

People really need to think about securing what wealth they have and also protecting their future. One way to do this is to buy gold.

Gold is a secure long term store of value and protection against inflation.

Where can you buy gold? Surely it’s too expensive?

One place is Karatbars International. Karatbars company mission is to allow the 99% of the population that cannot afford ounces and kilos of gold the opportunity to own physical bullion.

Karatbars do this by offering 999.9 1gram, 2.5 gram and 5gram pure gold in an easy to buy format. The great news is Karatbars have been doing this for five years and deliver into 123 countries.

The company has attracted over 250,000 customers and has seen steady growth over the years. Karatbars is based in Stuggart, Germany and is a privately owned company.

Karatbars fish

Want to find out more?

You simply need to follow these steps to get started.

1. Open your free account at http://www.karatcustomer.com

2. Upload your KYC, (Know Your Customer), doc’s. ID and utility bill for proof of address.

3. Purchase as much or as little gold as you want when you want.

The five gram cards offer the best price per gram and Karatbars also offer the option of automatically transferring a fixed amount of per month for convenience.

Over the past five years Karatbars have developed fantastic business partnerships with Fedex for delivery and Mastercard for payments.

In the past few weeks new associations with Real Madrid FC amd Moto GP have been announced with more on the way.


Karatbars_Real_Madrid motogpsmall

If you have any questions on Karatbars International or buying gold please get in touch on any of the numbers below.

Although based in Ireland I run a global support desk which helps over 4500 Karatbars customers from around the globe.

Brian McGinty – Karatbars VIP – Supporting 4500+ Karatbars customers and affiliates in 100+ countries.

Got questions?

Many many ways to get in touch….. 95% of all enquires answered within 30 minutes.

UK Republic of Ireland
Freephone 0800 0988 331           Freephone 1800 817 061
Landline 028 2014 0004              Mobile 00447511650427
Mobile 07511650427                    Landline 004428 2014 0004
Email latestnews@karatbarsuk.com    info@karatbarsireland.com

USA Toll Free – +1 8888 029327

Global & Free Cell/Viber/Whattsap – 00447511650427

Skype: (Free text/chat) – Search for onlinecompanyreview

You Tube Channel http://www.bmcginty.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bmcg3

WEBSITE – http://www.karatbarsireland.com