Top 10 Online Businesses To Avoid In 2014

This is my Top 10 Online Businesses To AVOID in 2014


I have been in the direct selling industry for eighteen years now and have seen a lot of businesses in that time. I have worked for companies like ACN, AON, Combined Insurance… even Kirby where I had my first summer job.


I help over 9000 people in one business, 3000+ in another and have built countless downlines in multiple companies! I know exactly what it takes to build and to lose a downline!


It has only been in the past seven years however have I started to see the rise of so called online businesses which is why I started doing this review column. Little did I know that calling it was going to be a huge mistake for my mental health.


Let me explain…. 90% of what you do in sales is positivity! I thought writing a review column on online businesses would be a positive thing but no… It has taken me to literally the blackest parts of humanity and the more I see the more sickening it is!


Most Online Business are indeed 100% rubbish… Sad but true!


People send me new businesses to join every day and there is a pattern in most of them. Hype, timing and the same bunch of crooks seem to be peddling them all. They are the same thing being churned out over and over again.


Think about this for a second……


There is actually a list of 3500+ of these “businesses”, scams and schemes which didn’t even last twelve months last year


Does that make you stop and think for a second? Why is this “next big thing” you are about to hand money over for going to work?


An online business doesn’t just need a good product… I’ve seen many great products never get off the ground…


To survive an online business needs: huge money, international lawyers, accountants, experienced people, a business plan, support for members, software to cope, security from cyber attacks, a growth plan, a fair compensation plan, training for members, correct marketing, payment processors that work, contingency money, targets, staff to handle growth, easy duplication, steady growth, stay ahead of competition, delivery of product, logistics sorted, no negativity online and finally successful people building it…


Just one of these things failing can mean the whole thing collapses overnight! Which is why 90%+ fail every year!


So anyway… Getting back to the topic of this post… I am not interested in writing ten blog posts about businesses I don’t recommend to get traffic… that’s not what I am about.


I don’t need to write negative reviews to get traffic.. that’s what idiots do.


On the other hand people are sending me these ten businesses over and over again and to save myself endlessly repeating myself I thought I would write this post.

The site is called Online Company Review after all and I have reviewed these companies!

I also want to get this burst of negativity out of the way so I can get back to writing positive things about good businesses I have discovered.


So lets begin…… ***I have opened accounts in all of these businesses and tested them…. None of the following is guesswork! I have reviewed over 100 businesses and have accounts in many online companies……This is just my top ten….


1. Flexkom – I bought a “franchise Licence” from Flexkom in November 2012 as did tens of thousands of others across Europe and The World. They have invented a history of their business in Turkey which never existed. They do endless recruiting meetings where they ask people to part with thousands for something they never deliver. By the time people find out everything they say is lies they move on to another country.

They have taken millions from people across the globe and delivered nothing. Just do some Google searches on this one and you will soon work it out. Latest I heard they are trying to open in America. The SEC in the USA and The Daily Mirror UK are currently investigating them.

Easily the most sophisticated scam I have seen in eighteen years. Ten out of ten for wool pulling… They caught me out and many more experienced people with me. Never too old to learn!

So much negativity online that duplication is near impossible!


2. Chartfords – I opened an account with Chartfords in February 2013. I bought a piece of art/ a point for $250 and was told I would earn and interim payment and then $1250. I was also told I didn’t need to recruit.

I did however recruit someone who bought 5 x $250 of points and guess what…. I’ve earned nothing and neither have they! The “Giclee Art” you can pick up on Ebay for $10 too. If you do the maths on Chartfords you need to sell $7500 worth to earn $1250 or thereabouts… If you don’t recruit or not a lot you lose your money. It’s a member funded scheme which is the best name I can use to describe it.

Possibly one of the most complicated and elaborate compensation plans i’ve ever seen too. Good luck building a team in this as duplication will be a nightmare.

Chartfords Gallery

“Premierteam” is my point near the top…. I hasn’t even generate an interim payment in 12 months!

3. Adhitprofits – This one is very simple. You buy advertising and the money you pay they use to pay someone above you who paid for theirs last month. I bought $1000 in advertising, used Google Analytics to track the ads and the clicks were not real. I confronted Charles Scoville, (The owner) on Skype and email and he closed down my account! Do yourself a favour and avoid these promises of free advertising and money back! I lost another $1000 on this one and many other people are locking money into it for nothing… I did  a full report on it HERE

Not a business anyway but declining so building a downline difficult.

4. Myadvertisingpays – This one appeared in January and at very best is a really bad version of adhitsprofits. Site is awful, doesn’t even have a proper SSL certificate and people are being railroaded into it as if it is the next big thing. It will last for a few months and if you time it wrong you will lose a hell of a lot more than you think.

Sites like this are also a sure fire way to lose all your friends and contacts. You might make money but how unhappy will your friends be when it suddenly stops paying? I know people who have lost wives/husbands and families over sites like this!

Even if you do put 50 people in your downline when it goes belly up that’s 50 people who won’t trust you in your next venture. 

There are much better genuine ways to advertise your home business which I cover in this post

working from home tips


5. MMO Cashout – This is a perfect example of hype over substance. The basic idea is that there are loads of gamers out there so “getting into” the gaming market will make you a fortune… WRONG!  Gamers are not business people. Gamers play games. People who have homes businesses work hard and don’t have time to play games. I have written a more extensive review on this one HERE


6. DSDomination – This stands for Dropshipping Domination and the idea is that you find items on Amazon and dropshipping sites and sell them on Ebay at a profit! You never actually hold the products or spend money on products… you use the customers money to pay for the item and keep the difference. The dropshipper sends it out as if you have sent it. (I have owned my own Classified site for four years so know how this all works by the way)

So DS Domination sounds legal, sounds like a great idea and should work!  Except for the fact that this same system was called Ebay live and this was tried six years ago. I remember it the first time around.

So why did it fail? The simple answer is that people do not have enough discipline and they will forget to keep an eye on their orders. Why the dropshipper doesn’t have your item and you have been paid for it your customers will also get really annoyed! Then people start giving you negative reviews on Ebay and people start getting their Paypal accounts locked. Then people start complaining on forums and the whole thing collapses! Just like it did the last time.

So what i’m saying is…. If you are the sort of person who can manage/maintain accounts, complaints etc then DSDomination or Dropshipping can work for you. DsDomination can work for some people…. but it is NOT a business you should try and build a downline in.

99% of the population can’t which is why I think DSDomination will soon unravel and fade away just like it’s predecessor did the last time.

Like a lot of these you can ride the wave for a few months…. Build a downline and then watch as everyone cancels and moves on to the next big thing



7. Pennymatrix – This is one of the most awful things I have seen in years. People have been paying this company money to buy their downlines on the promise that they would get signups. They have also been peddling the idea that all this is because they want to solve world hunger.  No company can sell you sign ups and no company should ever take peoples money fronting charity as the reason. This company and what they have been doing makes the whole industry look rotten.

I have been warning people about this since last June and finally, finally they are starting to wake up to whats going on.  A quick check on will show you the decline..


8. Worldventures – Worldventures is basically a recruiting platform which is using holidays as its selling point. Dreamtrips they are called. Unfortunate thing about all this is that there is no market of holidays in the MLM world and just like Myfunlife and Wakeupnow I feel it is doomed to failure. The product sites get little or no traffic.

Norway only last week outlawed the business as being a recruiting scheme.

Here is the maths….  If you join and bring in $2400 by signing up 6 people of business you get $650 or so.. simple as that. Most people in any direct sales business never recruit more than three people so hardly anyone can make any money.

I spent hours on the phone with “leaders” of this business trying to pitch me into doing it and not one of them could tell me about the products…. They just rattle on about how much money you can make by building a downline. They also can’t explain the awful Alexa ratings for their sites.  (Which are complicated and confusing).

If you want a terrible product, overpriced fee’s, complicated websites, difficult duplication and endless conversations explaining it… then World Ventures is for you. Wink


9. Viral Angels: Viral Angels are saying they will take your monthly fee… From €39 to €990 per month! Yes really…. Then buy shares in companies like and and when they float them on the stock market in May they will pay you a dividend.

There are thousands of people paying monthly fee’s into this on the hope that they will get a payout. They have no history, no track record yet people are willing to part with hard earned cash on a promise. I have researched both and on and these companies websites don’t even get traffic!! If there is zero interest in these companies now where is the stock market interest going to come from?

I really hope I am wrong on Viral Angels but why doesn’t everyone just wait until after May before recruiting people into a business like this! Madness!

I have an account and will watch it with interest. Am I going to recommend it to anyone… no…. if it is still going and paying in twelve months I may change my mind.

**Update for all the Viral Angels affiliates who are contacting me and asking me to remove this post… 04/10/204.. This post is not being negative about Viral Angels… Please read it again. I am simply saying why not wait for 12 months. I have no problem with Viral Angels, the program, the people running it etc…My issue was the clamour of people asking me to join something when they didn’t have a clue what it was themselves

Trig is now on the Frankfurt Stock exchange… I know nothing about the Stock exchange… it means nothing to me and to 99% of the population… but hey it sounds good! Is being on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange good? Better than the London one? How do you get on it? Could I do it? No idea…  Hence why I am still not promoting Viral Angels… I know nothing about it. Hope that is Clear 🙂  

Another good tip is to join a business that makes sense and that you 100% understand.

10. Any business that asks you for money upfront. 

Forget what someone tells you on a stage or in a webinar. You don’t have to take anyone’s word for anything in 2014. Any genuine business will be able to provide everything upfront.

Business who are in “pre-launch” might as well just be saying we need your money to pay for the software!  If it is in pre-launch it should be free… end of.

If its not 100% live and asking you for money avoid it like the plague… It will probably not last 6 months!

Timing is nothing! Tattoo that on your hand! Getting in early is a load of nonsense…

Early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese… Remember that!If any direct sales business works after 1 year you will still be able to join it and make money!


working from home tips

I could join Amway or Herbalife tomorrow and make money because they work, they have done for years and will for more years…. I’m just not interested in cleaning products or health drinks! I join businesses that interest me.

Check every single business you are thinking about joining on and  If it is getting declining numbers of pages views month after month you know it is failing regardless to what someone on a webinar says! Alexa and Stascrop are the truth! I look at them first before anything else.


Conclusion – Common Sense

My father always says that the trouble with common sense is that it isn’t that common! Spend a day doing research on whatever business you are thinking about joining and speak to people already doing it! Thats how you find the truth!

The other unfortunate fact is that every year millions of people turn 18 or retire and get access to credit cards or pensions. The people who dream up these rubbish online businesses know that and know they have an infinite supply of lemmings to take money from!

I hope this post has at least saved someone some money! I don’t want to have to write anything negative for another twelve months now… this has drained me enough.Crying

On a positive note….

As you will know from this blog I do have positive things to say too about companies. If I find something good I prefer to talk about that.

Karatbars has been a joy of a company to be involved in as has Beepxtra. Both offer people the chance to build a business for free. I have only good things to say about websites like IBOToolbox and Safe-Swaps as ways to grow your businesses.

Companies like Herballife, Amway, Visalus and many others stand the test of time and are great businesses if you like that sort of thing. I don’t do health and wellness as i’m healthy and well and it doesn’t float my boat!

Support is the key….

If you have any further questions on anything I have written here please feel free to get in touch.

You are never annoying/disturbing me and i am pleased to speak to take calls anytime.

My support desk is open 24/7 worldwide as I help over 10,000 people with their online businesses in over 100 countries. (I must be doing something right!)

TEL:  00447511 650 427 

Skype: onlinecompanyreview  

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