Lack of success online frustration?

Are you frustrated with your lack of success online?


Listen to what Joel Therien has to say about Now Life Style in this video.

Does it seem that everyone is making millions online except you?


So many people are showing their success on social media sites, it makes you wonder

if this is true.

Some shows adobe photo shop pictures making you believe that they went from

rags to riches.

Some shows videos about their success making six to eight figures income online.

Is this true?

Does this make you frustrated?   Wondering how others are making money online, and you are not…
It could be very frustrating sometimes, applying the trainings you get, and not seeing success as others.

You have to understand that Now LifeStyle can show you how to get rid of diabetes, and other illnesses.
It also shows you how to gain muscles lose weight.

This is a business opportunity, health and fitness business that you and your family, or friends could share.

Now LifeStyle is a trillion dollar industry…

We are launching to the general public very soon.

Don’t be afraid to get in on top with us right now, and click on the link below, before it’s too late.

See you on the inside… 



Quotes for the day!



Successfully yours,



Angela Maynard

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How to get into shape

Want to get into shape for the summer?

Summer is around the corner and you might be wondering what you should do to get into shape.

You may choose to go on a diet which doesn’t work for long, or choose to join the gym for a great workout.

All what you know is you have to get into your summer t-shirts, cute outfits, bath suits or  trunks.

You don’t want to show off your flabby arms, you want your chest and triceps to look tone and sexy.


Check out this awesome video with Joel Therien.

Which one will you prefer?


To go on a diet or join the gym to work out for long hours,  or to work out for a few minutes 3 times a day?

I want to introduce you to this 7 minute chest and triceps workout, where you can get into shape training for only 7 minutes a day 3 times per week.





Angela Maynard
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Now LifeStyle Live Webinar

Now LifeStyle Live Webinar…

Just in case you missed the Live webinar with Dave Gardner, Joel Therien, Mike Potvin and Blake Cohoe…
You are welcome to check it out here….

Dave Gardner was an awesome guest on the Now Lifestyle webinar he shared how he has built his
team up to 130 members and seeing success with Now Lifestyle while still in pre-launch.

You could use these tips in whatever business you are presently doing.

I would like to invite you to join our Facebook Now Lifestyle group for more great tips.

If you want to have a blog like this you could check out our free Fan Page System
on the right side banner. ==>>

Hope you enjoy this video with the top leaders tips about Now Lifestyle as I did.


Successfully yours,



Angela Maynard 🙂

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How to Get Started With FanPage System…

Setting Up Your Fan Page System…

FanPage Webinar


How to Set Up Your Fan Page System…

Setup at least one Follow Up Message (shared file folder)

Add other messages as you can.

Remember to use the broadcast feature regularly.

As a Fan Page member you can build a list, you can make

money with the Free FanPage System.

Advertising Your Fan Page System…

Daily Core Commitments

Facebook Groups

Your Timeline

Make New Friends

To become a member of Pure Leverage and make money
you need to upgrade…


When you upgrade to Pure leverage you are selling tools.

  • You’ll get the Pure Leverage Suite of tools for $24.95
  • PLUS $19.97 for the Reseller fee which pays you 100% commissions.
  • PLUS 50% residual AND 50% matching bonus!
  • FULL access to the Fan Page System
  • Build a list up to 10,000 subscriber
  • Lead Capture System (Fan Page System and MORE)
  • Video Hosting & Email AutoResponder
  • Authority Blog


*Pure Leverage FanPage System
Side effects

People taking action towards this have been known to experience
some of the following side effects:

[1] Quitting their JOBS!

[2] Increase Vacations

[3] Increase of owning beautiful homes

[4] Early Retirement

[5] Spending more time with family

[6] Increase of buying beautiful gifts for spouse and children

[7] Increase of more fun activities

[8] Increased gift buying

[9] Increase in Church tithes and Charity giving

[10] Recognition for FanPage System/PL Rock Star

[11] Increase in helping others achieve their dreams

[12] Increased Investments

[13] Having more confidence in yourself

[14] Gaining more affluent friends

[15] Buying of private boats

[16] Buying of private jets

[17] Increase in dining with family

[18] Increase in attending more motivational events
and business events.


Making Friends on Facebook:

Facebook makes this easy by suggesting friends to you.

Check their profile, find people involved in same niche as you,
home business or people with like interests.

Send a friend request…

Send a personal message (Hi name, I just sent a friend request
and look forward to connect with you)

When your request is accepted, post on their timeline and send
a thank you message…start a conversation!

Following UP and Following Through.

As new leads arrive, send a personal email to reach out
and make contact.

Include your business profile in your signature.

Setup follow up messages in your Auto-Responder to introduce
and recommend the products and services you are promoting.

Create a Fan Page and add a “Nice Profile Picture of Yourself.”
No cats, dogs, picture of your house etc…
Most marketers, doesn’t friend people with no profile picture.


How To Get Started As A Beginner…

Be consistent in your advertising and in your follow up.
The average subscriber needs to see your offer 7 to 10 times
before taking action.

Don’t make your email look like sales letters.
Be inviting…Create inviting headlines (Subject Lines)

Say I got something for you.
Have you tried this as yet?


How the Pure Leverage Group Works:

Do these at a minimum or 4 days per week.

1. Post in this group something each day.
2. Love and Comment on ONE post in this group each day.
3. Love, Comment and Share FOUR posts on the
Fan Page each day.


Here are how the points will be calculated each week.


Sales qualifications will start every Monday morning
at 12:01 am and will end on Sunday evening at 11:59 pm.
Each user will have to accumulate 80 points to qualify.
You must have points recorded at least 4 out of
the 7 days of the week.

I hope this make it clear for all of you!
Just make sure you stay consistent!

Stick together…we are an awesome team!

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FanPage System cure…

To Your Success,


~Angela Maynard~


How the FanPage System is Growing…

The FanPage System Is Growing…

  It’s amazing to see such improvement on how the FanPage System is growing. So many people are joining this business, I guess it’s because it’s simple with lot’s of offers.


If you want to own a  business, and not sure what to do… I think an online business is much easier and cheaper to deal with, especially a business like the FanPage System.

You could start with the FanPage System…

The FanPage System is free with upgrades to Pure Leverage and other programs.

Most of the hard work is already done for you!

The system is set up and your main task is to get traffic to your capture page, and to follow up with your leads, which is already done for you, at least the basics.

How much more easier can it be for you?

How to get paid to comment, love, like and share YOUR posts! You can too and it’s even free! Check it out before it’s too late!



See you on the inside,

Angela Maynard Skype: Nevawc

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