Lack of success online frustration?

Are you frustrated with your lack of success online?


Listen to what Joel Therien has to say about Now Life Style in this video.

Does it seem that everyone is making millions online except you?


So many people are showing their success on social media sites, it makes you wonder

if this is true.

Some shows adobe photo shop pictures making you believe that they went from

rags to riches.

Some shows videos about their success making six to eight figures income online.

Is this true?

Does this make you frustrated?   Wondering how others are making money online, and you are not…
It could be very frustrating sometimes, applying the trainings you get, and not seeing success as others.

You have to understand that Now LifeStyle can show you how to get rid of diabetes, and other illnesses.
It also shows you how to gain muscles lose weight.

This is a business opportunity, health and fitness business that you and your family, or friends could share.

Now LifeStyle is a trillion dollar industry…

We are launching to the general public very soon.

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See you on the inside… 



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Angela Maynard

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Important to Know Your WHY…

It’s Important to Know Your WHY…


This is interesting….I just had one of the most profound moments in my life.

Have you ever met someone so positive that you think they must have just the truly”Perfect Life?”
Well… it happened to me today.

Over the past 7 days I have come to know a little bit about top leader Daniel Kump.

[+] He is super super fun and positive
[+] He is super knowledgeable and helpful
[+] He is just awesome!!!
[+] He knows his stuff!
[+] Loving father!

Today on the NowLifeStyle live webinar I found out that his “WHY” is his family, but more
specifically his son because he has a very rare genetic disorder 🙁

Right then and there I was SHOCKED!

I wonder how could someone so energetic, so positive, someone with such an amazing outlook on life
could have a 3 year old child with so many unknowns…?


Daniel is AMAZING…

I got lots of nuggets from the live webinar training.

I took notes and I liked when he said…

If your WHY doesn’t make you cry, then go get another Why

Take action and live on the edge of your comfort zone.

Have a 90 days traffic game plan

Focus on your follow-up

I just had one of the most interesting moments in my life.. truly.

Not to mention…

The practical advice he gives on how to grow your NowLifestyle business is EPIC!!!

Do me and yourself a HUGE favor.. click on the link below to watch the replay and use
the same link and share it with the world!


Get this out to your lists… Daniel has some AWESOME stuff to share. He has made
more in his first month with NowLifestyle than most people will make in 1 year!!


Successfully yours,


Angela Maynard
Skype:  nevawc
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