Push Connect Notify Review & Bonus

Push Connect Notify is a cloud based software created by Jimmy Kim allows you to use the same groundbreaking push notification technology used by Facebook, Amazon and eBay.

Push Connect Notify enables users to create a list of all people who visits their website and use the list to send messages directly to their computers or Android devices without using retargeting ads or email. The software is very similar to an email auto-responder, but rather than delivering the message to prospects inbox; it delivers it straight to the visitor’s desktop or Android device.

The best thing about Push Connect Notify is that the message will be delivered to prospects even if they are not in their browsers or on your website. The message can be displayed either as an image or a text. They are delivered in real-time thus allowing prospects to take instant actions.

To get messages people don’t have to install anything.

All they’ve to do is a single click or tap, and they’ll be added to notification list.

Messages display both image & text, which subscribers can click to go right to the site or affiliate offer.

Those messages are delivered to prospects in real-time, so they can instantly visit the user’s web-site or affiliate offer.

All the user has to do is to copy paste a line of code once, and request web traffic to enable for push notification with single click or tap.

That is all it takes to build a Push Connect Notify list.

Until now there were only 2 methods to bring people back to a site, and they were either paid retargeting ads or e-mail broadcast.

Push Connect Notify direct message broadcast is a new method to reach site visitors, which can work alongside the other ways to skyrocket traffic & sales.

With ever increasing onslaught on e-mail inbox it’s really hard to get people attention to open e-mail, and click a link inside.

While e-mail communication with subscribers will remain important, all ways to boost traffic & sales should be used at the same time.

Push Connect Notify cut through distraction & enables instant messaging & response.

Users will get way more visitors, click through & sales after Push Response is added to the promo mix.

If you run webinars or have time limited special offer, push notifications do much better job than e-mail, which can be opened after event or special offer already ended.

With Push Connect Notify, it becomes possible to generate high volumes of traffic which converts to sales by sending messages directly to people’s desktop computer or mobile device

When it comes to connecting with your customer, being able to keep the communications open and clear is one of the quickest ways you can convert a skeptical visitor into a paying customer.

There are plenty of reasons to get it, but to name a few:

100% Cloud Based Technology- Nothing to Install
Requires Copy and Paste of just 1 line of code
Full Personalization – Customize Everything!
Send Unlimited Messages & Unlimited Contacts
Easy 5 minute setup
Use as many sites as possible
Schedule And Real Time Push Notifications
100% Message Delivery
Email Integration with the 9 Top Autoresponders
Easy to navigate interface
No monthly Fees

Bottom Line

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