World GMN Review aka World Global Mobile Network

World GMN was launched in 2010 by CEO and Presdient Fabio Galdi, if you don’t know Fabio, he is an ITALIAN COMPUTER EXPERT

 In 1994, he founded and developed the second largest ISP in Italy and  the fifth largest in Europe, riding the wave ahead of its time.

In 1997, he founded Mecotek International, an IT Company headquartered in Singapore.

In 2002, presents to the market one of the first LCD Multimedia-PCs with Touch Screen

In 2005, developed one of the first VoIP platforms with mobile retail solutions, landlines and mobie, launching one of the first VoIP applications in Italy and Russia

In 2012, Fabio Galdi was voted among thetop 5 CEOs of the Network Marketing companies in the world.

Today He is President and CEO of WOR(l)D Global Network PLC, driving thestart-up of this multimillion-dollar enterprise

The Wor(l)d Global Mobile Network (GMN) provides customers with a MLM business opportunity that is second to none.  The forward thinking company allows you to make money while also working towards a planet where green energy is the norm.  While the website might be a little difficult to navigate and decipher, we’ve put together this World GMN business review so you can decide whether or not the Global Mobile Network is a good fit for you.

The World GMN Products:

Through World GMN, you will have access to a number of products, including the Diamond Pad tablet PC and a mobile advertising delivery app call AdKash.  These products will allow you to generate a steady stream of income, right on your mobile device.  Every time you receive a call, a SMS text message or a MMS, you will get paid through the AdKash app—a revolutionary step in MLM mobile businesses.

You’ll also have a World GMN VOIP communication app that will allow you to interface with the GMN website to optimize your profits.  The following price points are given:

•    Diamond Pad – $360
•    Unlimited calls via VOIP (monthly) – $45
•    Video Comm Suite (monthly) – $45
•    VOIP Airtime – $6, $12, $25 or $65 as required

On the Power Cloud network, you also have access to purchase Power Panels, doing your part to provide the world with clean energy. 

The World GMN Compensation Plan:

So how do you make money with World GMN?  Well, it’s your basic MLM setup with a few modifications.  The goal here is to recruit new affiliates, mainly at the Master and Master Power levels, with the additional add-ons of retail commissions and bonuses based on sales volume in each affiliate downline—there’s nothing too groundbreaking here.  But that’s a good thing because this system has been proven to work time and time again.  Here’s a few of the key elements:

1.    World GMN—Commission Qualifications.  Affiliates have to purchase at least 20 PV/CV from the stock center every 30 days to be classified as active (i.e. commissionable)

2.    World GMN—Retail Commissions.  You can gain commissions on product sales through the replicated online storefronts.  Your retail commission is equal to the difference between the retail price the customer paid and the wholesale price of the unit

3.    World GMN—Recruitment Commissions.  When you recruit and affiliate to the Power and/or Master Power plan, you will earn a recruitment commission based on how your own affiliate membership plan and how much the new recruit is paying for their membership.  If you are a basic affiliate, you receive nothing for recruitment.  If you are a Power level affiliate, you receive $60 for ever Power and Master Power recruit you bring in.  If you are a Master Power affiliate, you receive $120 for each Power and Master Power recruit you sign up.

4.    World GMN—Binary Recruitment Commissions.  World GMN also offer binary compensation payments through which you earn residual income on recruitment commissions.  This means that you receive commissions for sales and recruitments two positions down your downline.  Since each level down has two levels below them in the binary columns, you theoretically have an infinite number of levels, all fillable through direct recruitment or recruitment through your upline and downline. 

5.    World GMN—Brick Commissions.  Bricks are when one of your Master or Master Power recruits recruits two Master or Master Power recruits of their own, earning you $20.

6.    World GMN—Binary Volume Commission.  The sales volume that is generated from product sales and affiliate membership sales all combine into an overall sales volume for World GMN.  This larger volume is tracked through the same type of binary MLM system mentioned above.  The binary is split into a left leg and right leg, with affiliates making up the legs.  Each affiliate’s sales and recruitment volume counts towards their binary leg and then the leg that earns more money gets 20% of the volume created by the weaker leg.  This 20% BVC is paid out to each affiliate in the successful leg, thus creating motivation to sell more product. Binary volume commissions are capped at $50,000 per week per business center, but Master Power affiliates can three business centers simultaneously operating. 

7.    World GMN—The Money Box.  1% of the losing affiliate leg’s volume goes into a money box and all affilates are paid out equally after 12 months of proceeds are gathered as a yearly reward.

8.    World GMN—Matching Binary Volume Bonus.  You can also gain a further bonus if the two legs match each other based on a unilevel compensation structure, placing the affiliate on top of the structure and then running the legs down based on personally recruited affiliates.  These are level 1 affiliates.  If your level 1 affiliates recruit people, those people become level 2 recruits on the unilevel.  This goes on all the way down to 7 levels of recruitment affiliates.

9.    World GMN—Power Unit Commissions.  These pay out on a monthly basis at$1 per Power Unit purchased by your downline.  Only available to Master Power affiliates and tracked through binary compensation.

10.    World GMN—Power Unit Residual Commissions.  Every Power Unit that your recruits purchase generates a residual commission for Master Power affiliates.  These are tracked by binary compensation structure and pay out as follows: if your Power binary team member purchases a Power Unit, you get $60; if your Master Power binary team member purchases a Power Unit, you get $160. Residual Power Unit Commissions are capped at $150,000 a week.

11.    World GMN—AdKash Commissions.  Finally, you can get $1 weekly commissions for each of your active Master and Master Power recruits that install AdKash onto their mobile device. Inactive recruits who have installed AdKash earn twenty cents per week and regular affiliates earn you five cents per week.

How to Join World GMN:

As you can see, there is a ton of earning potential at every level, though you make more as a Master Power affiliate, especially when you are recruiting Master Power affiliate level people.  To find out more about how you can join the World GMN family, click here right now and help make the world a better place while you earn cash.

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