How To Use Telexfree VOIP in IOS, Android and Windows Phones & Tablets

Use your Telexfree VOIP Account with Nimbuuz App on Your IOS, Android & Windows Smart Phones and Tablets.

Telexfree 99 Software available for $49.90 for 1 month, Unlimited Calls in Over 40 Countries.


  • Step 1: Download Nimbuzz App For Your Device From
  • Step 2: Open & Register in Nimbuzz App for Free
  • Step 3: Goto “More” then “Settings”
  • Step 4: Add A Voip Account
  • Step 5: Enter Your Telexfree Customer Login Details, in the field “Domain” enter, Leave The Optional Field Blank.
  • Step 6: Save

Access Code Being used in India 0011 Then Country Code (91) followed by the desired mobile or landline number.