“How to build a Blog!”



Decide what you want to write about on your blog:
You will want to find a niche or a passion that you know a lot about!


Maybe parenting…. DIY projects, crafts, food, home decor, or business.


I knew that I wanted to write about all things related to being a Parenting and living a Stylish life on a budget.


You will fine tune your blog along the way! You cannot just start a blog and boom it is perfect. It will be a work in progress since our world changes so quickly!


My best advice is to be real and honest! Don’t copy others and always SERVE OTHERS! You want to share your knowledge to help others! You will also want to reach out to others to help answer questions or check YOU TUBE for a video tutorial. I have watched hundreds!!


Decide WHY you want to write a blog and write down all your ideas!
*To help others?
*To build a business?
*To Create and inspire?
The great thing about finding the motivation is that you can have as many as you think up! I blog for many reasons and so can you!



Choose a Blog Platform.


I started out on Blogger back in 2007. I have now switched to WordPress since my seo is much higher due to all the great plugins.


I recommend WordPress!
For hosting your site you will want to use BLUEHOST!
A lot of the top bloggers I have learned from use BLUEHOST!





This may take some time….think of a name that you LOVE! This will be your BRAND! It has to be appealing and you want it to capture an audience. If you choose something that only applies to small market then you are limiting yourself!


You want your readers and site visitors to come to your site and get a feel of who you are.
So come up with a blog title, color scheme and design style to use throughout your blog/social media.
If you are using your own pictures you will want to replicate those through all your social media channels also! So people start to recognize you! There are a ton of web designers that can help you build your site for a few hundred dollars. You do not have to have the deluxe site right away.
You will want a mission statement or tagline to capture attention! Be creative! I can tell you that you need to start out with a HORIZONTAL OPT-IN banner for your header! I wish I would have done this years ago. You will capture more email addresses and you can use MailChimp or Constant contact to send a newsletter to your readers!
You can either design your blog yourself or hire someone.
You can learn fun ways to make blog buttons also in PicMonkey.com.  Super easy to use!


I will keep adding to this page to share what works for me so you will be in the know! I have a tab for building a business…I recommend purchasing some of the ebooks that appeal to you!
I learned a ton and respect each of the individuals that I have listed.
So much so, I became an affiliate because their teachings helped me so much!
Once you set up your name and site you will be able to install code from stat counter or google analytics to track your visitors!


You will see where they are coming from…what pages and posts they like the most and insights on what is drawing them in.






If you invest in others and interact with them they will follow!


 USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA BUTTONS-These should be displayed up high above the fold of your blog!
Add a PIN IT BUTTON from Pinterest to all blog posts! Pinterest is taking the internet by storm and you will want to make sure your posts are pinned!
Everything on Pinterest I learned from Melanie! AWESOME!! She has Pinterest down to an art!


For setting up a contact page you can choose to add one to your blog or you can direct them to your facebook page to reach you! This way you won’t have email to check and be overwhelmed. You never know the questions someone asks you on Facebook could be one of your other readers questions! This is how you build a community via facebook! I just started mine in June 2013…yep, just a few weeks ago! Should have done it a long time ago!


Please come and VISIT!


Be Yourself. Serve others and help people!


Create a MEDIA Kit (later on)


When a PR company reaches out to you make sure you have a media kit or you can list your stats for them!
I also recommend getting on KLOUT.com. This will show how engaged your audience is and BRAND look for that!
Once your site is up and running start adding your content and sharing them on your social media channels! I hope this inspires you to start a blog! This has changed my whole life and it can change yours! The support alone from my friends and readers has been wonderful!