Let Patrick Stewart Teach You How To Moo In A British Accent

Actor Sir Patrick Stewart spent a good right minutes teaching listeners how to “moo” in several different British accents on the podcast, How To Do Everything last Friday. A listener of the podcast called in, and said she always wondered what it sounds like to moo like a cow with a British accent. She moos with an American-Nevadan accent. So naturally, the hosts called upon Stewart, who provided extensive background for why cows in different regions of England moo differently, and did his own impressions. He said: ”In England we’re dominated by class, by social status and by location. So, for example, a cow that is in the field next to my house in West Oxfordshire would moo in one kind of way, and a cow in a field in the semi-industrial town I grew up in in the North of England would moo in another kind of way.” You can listen, here. [NPR]

Source: NewsFeed | TIME.com